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What's in my smoothie?: The perfect ten smoothie

Hello and welcome to my blog. I recently made a smoothie which had ten ingredient in it. It was actually quite tasty. I initial bought the fruit to have at work and they were for to ripen at home however I left it for too long so I decided to make a smoothie out of them. 112 more words

What's in my smoothie?

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blogpost is about this week’s smoothie. Thankfully I found kale on my visit to Asda today so I bought a pack. 131 more words

What's in my smoothie?

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week’s smoothie is a repetition of last week’s.

The ingredient is as follows:





Beetroot… 62 more words

Vegetarian Meatballs

Hello dear readers,

for my first post since my blogging resurrection, I considered writing about beauty products – like face creams, cleansers, masks – but then I thought the subject to be a bit too frivolous. 705 more words

Lost in the Desert: Nutritionists and Fresh Produce Professionals Discuss How to Get More People to Eat Healthy

Two hundred and forty dieticians, fresh produce farmers and shippers descended upon the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona last week to talk about how to convince you to save your life. 1,460 more words

Fresh Produce

If You Think Celery is Boring, Think Again!

March is National Celery Month and so we take time to highlight this vegetable that seems so utilitarian but was once a symbol of wealth for the likes of the Astors and Vanderbilts. 1,697 more words

Fresh Produce

Recent Meals

Have a look at this selection of my¬† healthy meals from the last week. You’ll notice that they all include good mix of lean proteins, healthy carbs and plenty of colourful vegetables. 411 more words