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A Healthy Eating Cheat Sheet. Perfect For Your Travels.

I’ve been away the last couple of weeks.  A family beach holiday, followed by a trip to London. Lucky me!

Two small, sick children, followed by a sick hubby meant that our beach holiday wasn’t as restful or as fun-filled as I’d hoped.  891 more words


Meat, the real five a day

Mrs G will tell you that I have a varied diet, as long as varied means “heavily biased towards meat”. If the average human is an omnivore, and about… 422 more words

Daily Post

Smoothie mixers

Gorgeous Green and Radiant Ruby smoothie mixes were a find this week in the waitrose freezer section!

Green: Spinach, Mango, Kiwi & Kale.

Red: Beetroot, Blueberries, Mango & Carrot. 103 more words

Eat Your Emeralds

Healthy living is pretty fashionable at the moment, and a good way to appear as though you are eating lots of vegetables is to wear plenty of green jewellery. 131 more words


Unintentional Pesto

Delicious accidents are some of the very best accidents.

Possibly ‘delicious’ is over-selling this. And maybe claiming this is like pesto is also a bit of a stretch. 94 more words

Just For Fun

Smoothie #7

In The Pink.
I must confess to a slow start this morning but when Carlsberg make hangovers they are swiftly defeated, with this soothing sugar hit. 85 more words


5 a day

Maybe it’s because the benefit of ‘5-a-day’ when it comes to fruit and vegetables is so well-accepted? Or is it that those interested in informing us – or promoting themselves and their offerings – assume that our attention span is so limited that we’ll only be attracted by ideas expressed in 5 groundbreaking bullet points? 746 more words