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Are You Going To Eat.....Chard?

I remember seeing chard mentioned on Masterchef increasingly frequently and assuming it was about to become the next go-to-food-twat ingredient taking the supermarket by storm. That was a while ago, as it’s been at least two years since I have paid any attention to Masterchef and I am still yet to recall a single incident of seeing… 847 more words


How Many Veggies a Day to Keep the Grim Reaper Away?

Is it three, four, five or ten servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day to ensure a longer life? Researchers seem to conflict with their findings but when you actually add it up, it’s pretty much the same. 891 more words

August 2017 News Round-Up

Pharmaceutical side effects kill thousands each year

In the US as many as 40,000 patients per year are killed by side effects of their drugs, but the recording system is inadequate.  963 more words


Running with Roots

Zippin’ up my boots. Goin’ back to my roots. Yeah!
Ok, so this is not about the Odyssey dancehall classic.
In this case the boots are trainers and the roots are the newest vegetable blended drink from… 353 more words

Get your five a day!

Disclaimer- Please remember that all of the comments which I make are based upon my own opinions and experiences. I do not wish to cause offence through any of my comments nor do I wish to negatively influence anyone in anyway.  2,222 more words

Veg Smuggling 101 - Carrot Goujons

Before you start thinking we’re all going to batter and deep fry a load of carrots, that’s not going to happen. While most kids will only eat things that are swaddled in bread crumbs, most will draw the line at carrots clearly in disguise. 323 more words


Skipping Meals - fasting or foolishness?

It’s super unusual for me to not be hungry.  It’s no secret that I like food, I talk about it enough and think about it near enough all the time.   556 more words

Emotional Eating