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Ten? We are all Doomed-

Smug about your diet? Getting your five-a-day in? Well don’t be, because now you are advised that this is not, has never been enough and you should be cramming ten…yes… 502 more words

Want to Lose Weight and Feel Better? Then Ditch the Fad Diets

The secret to weight loss and healthy diet is that there is no secret. Your mother’s advice, “Eat Your Vegetables!” is still the predominant wisdom when it comes to eating right. 499 more words

Diuretic Diet. What I Ate Day Three.

I really enjoyed day three even though there were a couple of temptations which I’m glad I resisted because it allowed me to have a nice treat at the end of the day … 796 more words


Easy Kale Chips

Following recent dietary requirements and a constant glut of the superfood-that-we-aren’t-allowed-to-call-a-superfood-anymore Kale recipes, I have had several bashes at making  my own kale chips at home. 1,271 more words

10,000 steps and fruit and veg

There has been a bit of a fuss in the media about two health reports which have come out. In one a scientist says the idea of having a goal of 10,000 steps a day has no basis in actual science and could do more harm than good. 798 more words

Bits And Pieces

Ten portions a day? Yeah right...

Last night my wife and I enjoyed a delicious dinner consisting of baked plaice, carrots, cabbage, broccoli with cheese sauce and a single potato. Healthy, huh? 509 more words


Bandwagon Salad

Happy New Year, everyone.  Apologies for not posting sooner.  Lots of drama happening and I have had neither the time nor emotional energy to blog anything at all.  482 more words