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Giving in for five-a-day

Over the holidays, we were talking about making improvements to our diet. One of the areas to work on is by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat. 202 more words


Summer Garden Stew

This dinner came about after one of those weekends when we were too busy enjoying ourselves to get to the shops and thus ended up with something of a Monday night fridge famine of old veg and older halloumi cheese. 375 more words


Easy Quinoa Salad

It’s summer. It’s hot. Hot summer life is far too fleeting to spend ages in the kitchen but also one of the worst times to resort to cruddy over-salted convenience food too. 512 more words


Eat fruit to keep you hydrated...

Fed up with guzzling litres and litres of boring water in hot weather?  With temperatures in excess of 30 degrees in my part of the UK, I’ve been looking at food alternatives for rehydration – that will also help with getting your 5 a day!  340 more words


What's in my smoothie?: The perfect ten smoothie

Hello and welcome to my blog. I recently made a smoothie which had ten ingredient in it. It was actually quite tasty. I initial bought the fruit to have at work and they were for to ripen at home however I left it for too long so I decided to make a smoothie out of them. 112 more words

What's in my smoothie?

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blogpost is about this week’s smoothie. Thankfully I found kale on my visit to Asda today so I bought a pack. 131 more words

What's in my smoothie?

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week’s smoothie is a repetition of last week’s.

The ingredient is as follows:





Beetroot… 62 more words