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Recipe: Cabbage and Kielbasa

To begin, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. I have been working on making a video series to accompany this blog so that people who learn better visually can also make these recipes and crafts. 317 more words


Slow Carb Curry

I’ve found myself sofa bound the last few days due to being unfit in ways I couldn’t imagine and subsequently presenting myself with a grade II gastrocnemius tear. 397 more words


Smoothie #9

Gardener’s Rescue- a quick filler in a break from battling the weeds when I’m also on damage control from some mass over indulgence yesterday. Really refreshing on a warm day, jazz apple gives it a pleasingly sharp zing. 65 more words

Five A Day

Grow Your Own- The Salad Days

I can’t imagine that I would have ever believed that the day would come to pass that I would find the lack of the need to buy lettuce so utterly thrilling. 821 more words


BBQ Bananas

As the late May Bank Holiday draws to a close I’m sitting back to enjoy the plethora of expected instagram shots of late night pub selfies, painful sunburn shots and of course BBQ updates. 695 more words


A Healthy Eating Cheat Sheet. Perfect For Your Travels.

I’ve been away the last couple of weeks.  A family beach holiday, followed by a trip to London. Lucky me!

Two small, sick children, followed by a sick hubby meant that our beach holiday wasn’t as restful or as fun-filled as I’d hoped.  891 more words


Meat, the real five a day

Mrs G will tell you that I have a varied diet, as long as varied means “heavily biased towards meat”. If the average human is an omnivore, and about… 422 more words

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