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9 ways to encourage children to eat vegetables

Children and Vegetables

The five a day campaign has done a great job at informing most of us of recommendations about consumption of fruit and vegetables. 966 more words

Healthy Food

Eating mindfully: Getting those fruits and veggies in!

Hello there, how is it going? Hope you’re having a fabulous week so far.

Life has been pretty crazy around here recently. Not only do we have a puppy to contend with, my colleague is off for three months following shoulder surgery. 649 more words

One of your five a day?

If it has vegetables in, does that mean it counts to one of your five a day?

Well at least its healthier, right?

I love carrot cake, they do make me feel like I’m being ever so slightly healthy while enjoying one of my favourite food (cake!). 221 more words


Poorer children more likely to be obese than a decade ago, report says

Guardian article saying rising food prices, low wages and social security benefit cuts have left poorest families unable to access healthy food – here. 39 more words


Newsround food survey: children missing out on five-a-day

A new survey by Newsround has found many children still aren’t getting enough fruit and veg, and that half of families don’t get the chance to sit down and eat together every day. 218 more words

School Meals

Not so secret, not so sauce

  The word ‘sauce’ is probably a little misleading for this recipe as it’s more like a base for lot’s of other dishes. I love knowing that on those days when my daughter might not be in the mood to eat lots of vegetables I can feed her this and she’s none the wiser. 557 more words

Dinner Ideas