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Satsumas and Chocolate... just because you can vegan style!

Satsumas and Chocolate… just because you can vegan style!

Munch munch munch! :D I love satsumas! Don’t get me wrong, I love oranges, tangerines, clementines and mandarins too but there’s something about the easy peel, the delicate orange fragrance, the subtle way the segments just separate on their own and disappear into my mouth! 458 more words

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Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup 

I think this is the easiest soup I’ve ever made. It also tasted pretty darned great as well. Although Heinz tomato soup can never be beaten, if you want a fresh tomato soup, this is the one. 128 more words


How my child gets her five a day, but I probably don't. 

Healthy eating and reducing obesity levels in young children is a big issue in western countries and particularly here in the UK where the stats seem to be rising quite dangerously. 583 more words


What I´m cooking Wednesday - Organic Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

My pregnancy this time around has been a lot more complicated and therefore, my plans to exercise regularly and to keep off the pregnancy weight ended up going out the window. 434 more words


Part of My Five A Day

So I have been working through my to-do list and got my fruit trees pruned. I didn’t realise how big a crop there was until I actually went out searching through the grass for ends of branches.The apples were weighing the branches down to the ground on some of the trees. 506 more words

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The five a day myth.

No I am not talking about fruits. I am talking about eating five times a day. It sounds like it makes sense right? Eat five small meals a day continuously stimulating your metabolism, which eventually burns more calories. 319 more words

Flo's Five-A-Day

Hello all, it’s Flo the guest blogger again.  The Missus is in a slight depression because she is on some sort of ‘fast’ – something to do with not buying any fabric for a year or something – so she said I could do the post today. 520 more words

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