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Mr. Cornelius

Mr. Cornelius was a Dutchman, who left his home for that of the American. On a ship he sailed to a far shore. However he never arrived, for that land would have cost him a bit more. 304 more words

Outside in the Rain

Outside in the rain I sit, listening to it endlessly falling to Earth into the puddles besides me. Even in the darkness I can see the sheen of lakes of water from the porch light, a moment like this takes me back to another storm long ago. 459 more words

If Spring Don't Come

Outside the wind hath blow
Piled high are the glistening hills of snow
Now I sit at the fireside with the coals to warm my feet… 206 more words

Dark Waters

There is a place where the sun doesn’t shine and the moon doesn’t glow. A place where the clouds don’t rain and the sky doesn’t snow. 304 more words

The Death of a Peacock

The night before I returned on the goose’s highway. In the eerie darkness I returned wrongly anticipating that things we be the same as when I departed to the city of our great founder. 533 more words