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Five in a Row: Roxaboxen

Five in a Row: Roxaboxen Week 

It was the spring weather and this unit study that made this week of our school a blast. Five in Row Curriculum is working for my family becauseI can combine all the kids together for a time, its relaxed and enjoyable, and it is creating wonderful family memories. 857 more words


The Beginning, The Everything Room, and a High Maintenance Crayon Roll

I’ve been asked a few times how all “this” started. How did I go from being someone who had only ever touched a sewing machine in a high school Home Economics class to THIS, nearly 20 years later? 487 more words


Homeschooling: The Wise Man and Saving to Build

These past couple weeks we have been going over some different things; all related to being wise, saving, and spending. Matthew 7:24-27 says the wise man builds his house upon the rock. 490 more words


2014 in Review

I didn’t get around to typing up a Christmas newsletter to accompany our annual card. It’s difficult to walk that fine line between highlighting the wonderful parts of family life and bragging about the children’s accomplishment in a plastic way. 1,540 more words

November 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

We had a very cold and snowy November. The Denver area hit record lows, so we spent much of the month finding fun things to do indoors. 698 more words


October 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

We had another fun month of homeschool and family. We did two weeks of Five In Row studies and then had family in town for two weeks so we minimized our school activities. 766 more words


How To Make Apple Pie and See The World

Today we took what we learned yesterday and put it to good use…baking apple pie!!  It was not nearly so glamorous as these pictures make it appear.  188 more words