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Right Action

The fourth step in the Eightfold path is Right Action. For followers of the path Right Action guides what we do in this world. Right Action asks us to follow an ethical approach to life that considers how we treat each other. 124 more words


2016 Refuge and Precepts Ceremony

If you have been practicing for a year or longer and wish to formally reflect your commitment to the dharma path, I will be offering this opportunity through One Dharma. 461 more words


Esoteric vs. Exoteric Analysis of Liber OZ


From a previous post titled “Karma & the Ethics of Thelema” – “the nature of ethics lies firstly in the differentiation between acts and intentions, secondly in the evaluation of whether an act aligns with a society or culture, thirdly whether an act aligns with intent, and lastly whether an intention aligns with one’s Great Work.” 2,877 more words

Dualities, Assimilation Of

Advayavada Study Plan - week 33

In week 32 we again honestly reviewed and took stock of our personal situation at this time, and to continue with this quarter’s 13-week Advayavada Study Plan (ASP), this week we shall again take an appropriate and timely decision to adjust our course. 136 more words

Advayavada Buddhism

Sat Talks - Renunciation

Last Saturday’s talk was by Bro Jerry.

When we hear the word “renunciation”, what may come to mind is monks and nuns who give up their worldly lives to do their spiritual practice full-time. 622 more words


Buddhist Ethics

Summary: Buddhist Ethics for RST3G

  • Not deontological
    • “A fixed attachment to ethical precepts and vows is seen as a hindering ‘fetter’” (Peter Harvey)
    • No ‘oughts’ as ethics should be able and allowed to change, in accordance with…
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Shosan's Five Points in Buddhist Practice

Suzuki Shosan, the samurai who became a zen monk in the 1600s in Japan, said that there were five points in Buddhist practice.

He listed five reasons why we should engage in the Dharma. 728 more words