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Mindfulness is the Road to a Better World for All

Mindfulness extends into all areas, from the smallest concerns of life to the greatest decisions on the world stage with global consequences and effects. Sadly, the world’s leaders are not always keen on mindful actions and the results are all to plain to see. 284 more words


Advayavada Study Plan - week 7

To continue with this quarter’s 13-week Advayavada Study Plan (ASP), this week we shall again take an appropriate and timely decision to adjust our course. This task is based on the 2nd step on the Noble Eightfold Path: samma-sankappa (Pali) or samyak-samkalpa (Sanskrit), in Advayavada Buddhism: our very best resolution or determination; in Dutch: onze beste beslissing (de tweede stap op het edele achtvoudige pad). 93 more words

Advayavada Buddhism

Rid Yourself of Confict & Negativity

Throughout my life, I have been influenced by conflict and negativity but over the last few years I have discovered a great way to disconnect from these influences. 879 more words


About the Five Precepts in Advayavada.

question You say that ‘man’s observance of the five fundamental precepts in his daily life gives him the moral strength required to embark upon the Buddha’s Middle Way…’ I think you’ve missed the point of the precepts. 454 more words

Advayavada Buddhism

Confessions of a Buddhist hunter

One should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should one incite another to kill

– Sutta Nipata 2.396… 1,244 more words

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My Introduction to Buddhism

I met a female Buddhist monk who was very intriguing. She taught me that Buddhists do not necessarily pray to Buddha, but rather follow his fundamental teachings.   206 more words

Who Will Johnny Find Approachable? - By Susan


Little Johnny has perceived his world to be hostile.

He didn’t like sports, but he was forced to do sports. His cousins would come over often and tease him about his math hobby. 312 more words