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Five Questions for GAIL DEVINE

Artspan sits down with eclectic artist Gail Devine

Your work is so varied in subject and medium–as you yourself say, you “jump all over the place”–but it all has the sort of strange perfect honesty I associate with outsider art. 981 more words


Five Questions for SUSAN SORRELL HILL

An interview with painter and illustrator Susan Sorrell Hill.

When I was little, the illustrations in certain books gave me so much pleasure I would pore over them for hours, and the characters became almost as real as friends. 1,071 more words


Creating Shadowruns on the Fly: The 5 Questions

Last year, one of our players decided to try his hand at DMing a Shadowrun game. I was fairly ecstatic at this announcement, and told him that I was onboard. 1,057 more words

Table-Top RPG

Five Questions for KAREN CALLAN

Artspan sits down with photographer Karen Callan.

Frost and Fan

I once described your photographs as “painterly,” because they’re so remarkably layered and textured. Do you have any background in painting? 1,050 more words


Drucker: Enduring Wisdom for Today's Leaders

I mentioned to an associate that Peter Drucker’s’ teachings seemed to be linked to my own personal brand.  The response, fearing that I would be deemed obsolete in today’s rapidly changing world of Millennials and hipsters, was “you don’t hear much about him lately”.  1,001 more words

Peter Drucker

Five Questions for LINDA ADATO

Artspan sits down with Brooklyn-based printmaker Linda Adato.


I love the lines and angles of your work, which are distinctive of urban art, but I love the sort of warm glow that suffuses it as well, that gives it life. 567 more words


Five Questions for KATHERINE MINOTT

“With my abstract style of photography, I explore the beauty hidden in everyday objects, the sacred hidden in the mundane” – Katherine Minott

The Touch… 640 more words