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Five Questions for Brenna K. Murphy

Artspan sits down with Brenna K. Murphy

Silhouettes (Rocking Chair II)

You use human hair as your medium, which seems surprising and unusual, at first, but actually has a place in art history. 1,846 more words


Five Questions from New Friends - Charlotte and James

Jake and I thought it might be fun to start posting a new Q&A here on the blog. Introducing, Five Questions from New Friends, where new buddies can ask us whatever they want and we’ll answer them here. 483 more words


Four Questions for Roger Aslin

Artspan sits down with Roger Aslin.

Your work reminds me almost of film stills…the sense that you’re glimpsing one moment of a story, and it will continue in another scene elsewhere. 371 more words


Why would anyone join? My Father's Story

A little while back I ran my piece on the five questions I’m commonly asked by people when they find out I was raised in Christian Science. 1,273 more words

Christian Science

Five Questions: My Answers

In collaboration with my fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger at Kindism, I’m posting my answers to five common questions that many of us as former Christian Scientists are asked in one form or another by those who’ve never been Christian Scientists. 1,099 more words

Leaving Christian Science

Five Questions

In the last month or two I’ve started being more open with some of post-Christian Science friends about my Christian Science upbringing. Often, the people I’ve shared with have been people who never knew me while I was still “in Science” — or people who were not quite aware of my background and upbringing. 841 more words

Christian Science

Five Questions for GAIL DEVINE

Artspan sits down with eclectic artist Gail Devine

Your work is so varied in subject and medium–as you yourself say, you “jump all over the place”–but it all has the sort of strange perfect honesty I associate with outsider art. 981 more words