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Five Sentence Fiction: Changes

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She loved stability in everything she did in life.

But life’s course doesn’t run on our whims and fancies, does it?

On her wedding day, her fiancee who she had been dating for 6 years left her in the lurch just because her family couldn’t afford the huge sum of dowry the groom’s family demanded. 68 more words


A Message From Last Year

Even as it seems everything is suddenly in bloom I gathered these stiff and worn parts left from the blooms of last year’s garden, both domestic flowers and the wilder sort who volunteer where they will. 261 more words



Five sentence Fiction

Prompt: Changes



Three days passed and on the morning of the fourth there came a knock on the door that pulled me from uneasy sleep. 64 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Changes

Before I get to my prose this week, I want to invite my fellow writers to join me in a quick challenge. I’m going on a camping trip in a few weeks and am looking for some short campfire stories to… 73 more words

Dawn M. Miller

#4 Five Sentence Fiction : Changes

Robin sat the foot of his mom’s bed, holding her fragile hand tenderly as she did not take his dad’s abandonment the same way he did. 93 more words


My Changes, the Reason I’m Still the Same

“You’ve changed,” she said, and not in a sing-song “Oh, Sugar, look at you!” southern lady kind of “You’ve changed,” as the reunion well-wishers filtered away from the bar to the circular dining tables. 213 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Isolated

I remember when I used to visit friends and family for holidays or just because.
I remember the monthly luncheons and annual outings and vacations with friends; rituals that fell away with each passing.
30 more words

Dawn M. Miller