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Five Sentence Fiction: A day in the life of a rag picker

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“Sir! Though our life would seem like torture to you, this is all I have seen growing in a society which didn’t have any luxury so to speak of.” 150 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Scorching

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“How can they make you work such long hours under the scorching sun? This is totally inhumane.”

Raj had come over to the city with dreams of giving his family a better life in the village considering the salary he was being offered would help him enroll his children in the best of schools. 59 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

The Sins - Five Sentence Fiction

“You’re just like your mother.”

My skin burned, with fear, with anger, but most of all, with the shard of white-hot hurt that found its target like an arrow, straight and true. 161 more words

Creative Writing

Too late

Five Sentence Fiction

Prompt: Scorching


Too late

She could feel the scorching heat against her face on the wind.

The farm was almost entirely engulfed. 40 more words


Shedding His Skin

Jan Matulka’s Hopi Snake Dance #2

Under the scorching Arizona August sun, Deputy David Chua saw the diamondback rattler sidewind across the trail between his position and the dugout shack ahead where Wink Dugan, the killer of Sheriff Bones McClure, was holed up and he knew his grandfather and grandfather’s grandfathers were watching over him. 227 more words


The Sting of Truth

Five Sentence Fiction – Scorching

She knew her story would raise eyebrows and stir controversy.

The story needed telling no matter how many people might squirm; the truth had a way of doing that. 69 more words

Stories In Flash

She didn’t want to even step out, but she knew there was no such option to save herself from the villainous rays of sun in hot summer days. 106 more words

Five Sentence Fiction