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Five Sentences on the Treacherous Heart

That night you fed me lies and I ate out of your hand.

I knew they were lies, but still, I voluntarily chose to ignore that knowledge. 37 more words


The Unwanted World

“Don’t let go of my hand and don’t open your eyes until it’s peaceful”, her elder sister desperately cried out mustering all her strength amid the deafening sound of bombs and cries. 161 more words


C - Friday Fictioneers - Jetsetter

Hello everyone. My name is TRG and I am a FriFicaholic. It’s been a week since my last FriFic, and it’s been three and a half years since my first. 241 more words


Navras -9: Santam (Peace) FSF

He headed home with his little heavy bag and reluctance on his shoulder after a tiring day at school.

He stepped in his home ruffling the deafening silence with his footsteps and slipped into his room. 150 more words


Navras - 8: Amazement (Adhbutam) FSF

Under the blanket of stars both jumped onto the cot, sliding into the warmth and comfort nudging their father to tell a new tale.

Succumbing to their request, he called for the story teller inside him while caressing their hair. 141 more words


Five sentence fiction: I am special because..

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From the time, I was born, I have been addressed as this special kid who has become used to being wrapped in cotton wool. 159 more words

Five Sentence Fiction


We’re OK, Mom

“Still out there. Don’tcha think that they woulda at least changed vehicles?”

“Guess they don’t care that we know that they’re there.” 113 more words

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