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Hurry #FiveSentenceFiction 10

“Imagine that you have only six months to live; what do you do?”

“Then I will live my life to the fullest, checking off things from my bucket list, without thinking what others might say,” Mia replied as blindly as she was posed with the question. 99 more words


Friendship - #FiveSentenceFiction

You can always catch him hunched on the floor, by the window, staring wistfully. His little frame, hunched over, wishes for someone he could call a friend. 58 more words


Wish #FiveSentenceFiction 9

“You look ravishing.”

“Really? You do know that we are not going to happen, don’t you Dave?”, smiled Kate teasing him.

“I know. But I wish I didn’t!” sighed Dave. 55 more words


Lost #FiveSentenceFiction 8

She ceased to exist long before anyone realized.

Bit by bit, she changed – her humming, playfulness – it’s all part of maturity, concluded everyone. Her monotonous smile – oh, that’s just how it is, as you grow up and get busy with life, trivial things are lost and forgotten. 84 more words


The Downpour - #FiveSentenceFiction

The dark clouds came swirling, rather ominously, across the sky. On the parched soil, a feeble sapling raised its head, looking above, waiting for rain. 87 more words


Rants of a stifled tear! #FiveSentenceFiction 7

She will object, but she did invite me in. No one ever looks out for me, yet I am there for her, always.

She doesn’t want me now, though, I’m the lone witness of her suffering, her companion when the world turns its back on her. 73 more words


Thirst - #FiveSentenceFiction

A woman limped across the road in the scorching sun, to reach the temple gates. Outside, the angry mob was ready,  armed with sticks, ready to strike. 62 more words