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The Downpour - #FiveSentenceFiction

The dark clouds came swirling, rather ominously, across the sky. On the parched soil, a feeble sapling raised its head, looking above, waiting for rain. The street children danced gleefully with the roar of the crashing thunder. 75 more words

Short Story

Rants of a stifled tear! #FiveSentenceFiction 7

She will object, but she did invite me in. No one ever looks out for me, yet I am there for her, always.

She doesn’t want me now, though, I’m the lone witness of her suffering, her companion when the world turns its back on her. 73 more words


Her Sacred Hideout

Her time was coming to a close once again. She placed her pen on the desk and closed her notebook. For a few precious moments and in a notebook page’s worth of carefully chosen words she released all of the cares of the previous weeks. 38 more words

Daily Prompt

Anniversary - #FiveSentenceFiction 6

“Today marks the 4th anniversary of the day we met, and of all other days, I cherish this one the most as this day is the reason behind all other happiness that followed. 97 more words


Quiver for Sale

Cupid’s decision did not come lightly. But after eons of endless prods to the heart, he was ready to retire. Indeed, with all the online dating¬† and a thing called speed dating his efforts were no longer necessary.¬† 36 more words

Spoonful Of Wisdom

Deception - #FiveSentenceFiction 4

“Aww, honey, you look ravishing in this picture!” – said the comment notification on facebook for her photo followed by three hearts and kissing emoticons. 104 more words


Two Jobs

Opening her tired, heavy eyes, she took in the view of the ceiling. He told her that he loved her without any prompting. Did he really mean it? 164 more words

Daily Prompt