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Mandatory Dare

She’d been here for years; dare she leave now? Her tears had flooded the house in which they lived, yet she stayed afloat due to the life-preservers known as her children. 38 more words

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Unit 1354

“So, Mr. Jones, you’re storage space is down this corridor, unit number 1354. As specified in our brochure each of our units is adapted to contain a maximum of four adults. 87 more words

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Handle With Care

The thought frightened him. He would no longer be alone, as there would now be an extension of himself roaming about. Just like an egg, his seed would need to be handled with care. 18 more words

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Five Sentence Fiction: Flowers at the door..

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It had been a few days since she had started getting those flowers at the doorstep. Though there wasn’t a name or a message, her initial reaction was of utmost happiness and delight as she seemed to have an inkling on the sender. 107 more words

Five Sentence Fiction


It was almost finished. She had spent hours preparing it just the way she thought he’d like, putting her heart and soul into every step of the process. 44 more words

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Ferocious Consumer

He ferociously consumed every crumb of food on his plate. There was always something on his plate. He had a family to provide for and protect. 21 more words

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Who Knows?

“Just keep calm and let me handle it,” he said. The argument could’ve ended long ago, but neither was willing to budge. Compromise had been out of the question, but now she was weary. 28 more words

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