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The beginning

Five sentence fiction – Entrance


The Beginning

The cold was beginning to numb the deepest parts of me. Trying to communicate with the Ice men were of no use; they simply ignored me and carried on. 87 more words


Entrance; exit

The lights spark and sparkle, split and swirl; multiplying like amoeba and collapsing like stars, they dance for me – just for me.

You are asleep you are asleep now tell me what you see; 273 more words



“Teddy, are you guys sure all the embers from your campfire have been drenched?”

“Two complete buckets, Dad, and then we stirred and added another bucket. 111 more words

Flash Fiction (under 250)

Five Sentence Fiction: Engulf

Billy had never had a woman love him
He was 32 and his prospects didn’t look good.
Billy didn’t know what to do so he let his loneliness engulf him.
21 more words

Dawn M. Miller

Engulfed - Five Sentence Fiction

As Sophia stood there and watched the cars crash into each other, the metal and fiberglass breaking and bending, becoming one tangled mess, she prayed for the occupants. 85 more words


I'm Sorry. So Sorry.

I watch from the edge of the forest, feelings of guilt engulf me. I hadn’t meant for this to happen, for you to get hurt. It was a dare, a silly piece of nonsense, nothing more.

27 more words
Flash Fiction


Gavin leaned over the sandcastle: it had turrets, a flag and even a small Lego man at the lollipop stick drawbridge.

Paul had done well, but Paul had also eaten the colour blue. 79 more words