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Five Sentence Fiction: Steamy

I remember that October when you first came into my life.
I thought “Who is this man who demands my attention?”
Our lives became an adventure full of erotic laughter and joy.
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Dawn M. Miller

Daily Journey Journal #336: last impression

From April 28, 2015

A purple dress, that is the only thing anyone could remember about the girl. Her height, hair color, approximate age were all lost, inconsistent, changing from witness to witness. 34 more words

Daily Journey Journal


This week’s word:  STEAM

Daphne kissed her parents goodbye before leaving them on the train platform and then reminded herself as she climbed the steps to the passenger car: … 220 more words


Kansas Pacific

Killing buffalo – circa 1875. A group of men hunting buffalo from the top of a railroad train. (photo by MPI/Getty images)

The great bull the Cheyenne called  319 more words



James sat on his beach chair, the sand surrounding him. It was his only day of the week off from his minimum-wage job, and he and his children were making the most of it. 53 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Preventative measures

A single drip of sweat runs down a neck reddened by my kissing, a rivulet from our passionate exertion working past her shoulders her to flow down her back as she fossicks through her bedside drawer. 161 more words



Rabhya and Ramya were the two twin-sisters who ever since childhood have been spotted together anywhere and everywhere.

One day they saw their parents had some bitter arguments as regards the lack of time their father has and that he keeps too busy for the family and so they decided to sort the differences that had cropped up. 164 more words

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