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Five Sentence Fiction: Stranger than fiction

Ron always had the knack of being at the right place at the right time. Despite, being born and brought up in one of the most violent neighbourhoods in the city, he was used to cheating injuries and even death day in and day out. 76 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence fiction: Xenophobia #AtoZChallenge

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“It seems as though we are all becoming xenophobic to the world around us. All we seem to be thinking of is ourselves.” 98 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence fiction: Malice #AtoZChallenge

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“You deserve this for all what you have done to me.” And he walked off leaving him bleeding on the road.

While they were the best of friends since childhood, Bobby was way ahead of Ronnie at every step in life be it at work, in making women fall in love with him or making lots of money. 68 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence fiction: Help #AtoZChallenge

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“I just want you to know that I love you.” And he held her hand tight as they knew that they were in this together. 121 more words


E is for Escape - #atozchallenge

Here is a FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) piece based on the word Escape. This post is also a part of 3WW.

 The old man hovered over the faucet, washed his knotted hands and slapped some water on his face as well. 66 more words


Five Sentence fiction: Comeback #AtoZChallenge

Source: http://fabiolevi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Strength-in-Numbers-copy.jpg

“These guys seem to play the game ‘without their brains’.” A former player himself, he had made a name in the world of commentary over the years with his insightful analysis and forthright views. 104 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence fiction: Banished #AtoZChallenge

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“You deserve to be thrown out of the community and this village forever for the sin you have done of falling in love with a guy from another caste.” 127 more words