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Mystery #writebravely #Writetribeproblogger

She knew life was not just a bed of roses. Count the blessings more often to get the prickly thorns out, she learned that early on.  63 more words


Colours of Friendship

‘You draw a red arc like this,’ said Sita, taking Anjali’s index finger in her hand and tracing out the shape on the drawing book, ‘and then inside it you make an orange one, then yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and Voila! 102 more words

The Gift - #SaturdayShortStories

(This post was written in response to the Saturday Short Story prompt on the Write Tribe WhatsApp group.)

When she got back from school that afternoon, Anjali was very surprised to see a little boy sitting alone, hunched up in one a corner of the kitchen floor.  86 more words


Sign #FiveSentenceFiction 11

“You should ask her.”, advised Harry.

“What if she says no?; I’m waiting for a sign.”, answered Toby.

“Don’t wait too long, I heard Dylan saying that he is her friend”, warned Harry. 80 more words


Hurry #FiveSentenceFiction 10

“Imagine that you have only six months to live; what do you do?”

“Then I will live my life to the fullest, checking off things from my bucket list, without thinking what others might say,” Mia replied as blindly as she was posed with the question. 99 more words


Friendship - #FiveSentenceFiction

You can always catch him hunched on the floor, by the window, staring wistfully. His little frame, hunched over, wishes for someone he could call a friend. 58 more words


Wish #FiveSentenceFiction 9

“You look ravishing.”

“Really? You do know that we are not going to happen, don’t you Dave?”, smiled Kate teasing him.

“I know. But I wish I didn’t!” sighed Dave. 55 more words