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Five Sentence Fiction - Forgotten

Flash fiction in response to Lillie McFerrin’s prompt.

He remembered their first meeting, their awkward kiss, what a relaxed fool he’d made of himself, embarrassment and elation. 56 more words

Short Story

And You Are?

The policewoman took me gently by the arm and asked, “What’s your name sir?” A simple enough question I thought, not difficult and certainly worthy of an answer.

74 more words
Flash Fiction

Old Forgotten Box

“Mommy, what’s that box???”, asked Raima in her innocent voice.
I looked up from the box I was unpacking to see what my little one was inquiring about. 82 more words

Short Story

And then, he flees..

He arrives, enriching my mind, during the most unexpected moments. With his presence, I just forget myself and fall for him so shamelessly, so happily, over and over. 62 more words


Blame Game- #FiveSentenceFiction

“How exactly you manage to forget a minimum of three items every single time is frankly beyond me, Geoff!”

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Hailey thrust her hand into the paper bag and started pulling out the items and slamming them onto the kitchen counter, watching Geoff all the while with a look that implied complete doom. 129 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/Forgotten_umbrella.jpg

“Don’t you even remember me?”

It had been more than 3 years since the best of friends had passed out from college with promises of staying in touch in the years ahead. 66 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

Joe came to work each day, brown bag in hand.
He saved his whole life, for retirement.
He planned to travel with his wife to all fifty states…
22 more words

Dawn M. Miller