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Passing Gas Giants (Jupiter)

I never wanted to leave, you or the place that we stood

Sun shining down apart from the stars and shores we loved

I could have walked away but instead I stood to watch you… 226 more words

Five Seven Five

I Saw a Leaf Fall

One time ago I saw a refrigerator tree standing in a park surrounded by blankets and fleshy vessels

they stood around with bassy tones dripping of the the days dealings… 266 more words

Five Seven Five

Change Has No Losers

There is no winner

Because there is no battle

Just a catalyst

Five Seven Five


Leaves tell my future

Smells of the past take me back

The taste is gone now

Five Seven Five

I Always Wanted to be Strong

Deadlifts feel alive

Not to pick up someone else

But, to hold myself

Five Seven Five

Don't Say It

Don’t call me that name

I’m not a spaz, you idiot

I’m sorry, don’t go

Five Seven Five

Wind Chimes

Rattles with the wind
Hanging skeleton of us
Shatters with whiskey

Five Seven Five