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Greased Bearing 

Perhaps it was never about the time or location

You know what I mean

A place that grabs the soul and

Drags it through the mud… 157 more words

Five Seven Five

Blakk Starie Knight

There the volcano blows, rupturing at the fissures as the question blows

bellows below the balancing acts of sequence, showing light as night envelopes the sky… 136 more words

Five Seven Five

Suns Ablaze

A rage radiates from the molten surface of this star

looping and leaping, burning and blazing,

never with intent as its light crashes

into other bodies. 78 more words

Five Seven Five

2-in-1 Book Review: The Boy With Words by C.E. Wilson // in which I try a new review format and changed my header font

This post has been sitting in my drafts section since Tuesday. I’ve already posted it on Goodreads but I continued to leave it in my drafts, collecting pixelated dust as I think about when I should post it. 1,226 more words

Book Review




To exist in a space of aborted beginnings is not a sign of never beginning

it is also the continuation of excellence moving silently past a place that never was… 154 more words

Living Hard, Loving Hard

Child Star

Beautiful bloom on the verge of death
sequences and full of life
dancing with the streaming radiation
of endless fiery tears falling in
every direction           in every direction… 108 more words

Five Seven Five


My hand went up and fell back to earth
and what wasn’t there flourished once again
overtaking every transparent scene
as it returns to the original upside down state… 35 more words

Five Seven Five