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The Apparition

The Apparition

The air is closing in, rolling like mossy rocks to invade the space I set aside. This is my one last chance to breathe, to find peace in the chilly damp air. 255 more words

Five Seven Five

REVIEW: Five-Seven-Five by C.E. Wilson

Five-Seven-Five by C.E. Wilson
Published: 16th November 2015
E-book, 206 pages
Genre: YA, Dystopian, Adventure
Rating: 9/10
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I received a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of Five Seven Five by C.E. Wilson

White Frost has only known the darkness.

Luckier than most, White’s cousin provides her with what seem to many as little more than scraps of paper, but they hold deep secrets.

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Female Protagonist

Improbable Cycles

Every time we meet I see that smile

and I know that the door I found

the one that was bolted closed

with a chain obstruction and sight hole… 116 more words

Five Seven Five

First Words of Hope

Today is the day that I fall into myself

      recede into the places that store ambition

      bring about questions I hate to ask

      receive me, O’ cave of Introspection… 95 more words

Five Seven Five

Wings of Liberty

Little person on a perch

Judging, judging, Judging

Being critical of my moves

You know not that

I am a Free Bird

My eyes are closed… 71 more words

Five Seven Five

Book Review: Five Seven Five

I was given the opportunity to read this in return for my honest review, thanks to C.E. Wilson. Thank you so much!

White’s only relative is her cousin, Shade, a Chosen One. 462 more words