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The Window

Eyes. Telling stories.
Enough to fill a thousand
Pages. Let me read.


A Call to Stand Up, to Live!

“Set down your pens, friends!”

They all looked up at the voice

“And let us be off!”

Five Seven Five


The moon takes its place
in the night sky. Shining bright.
Alone. Beautiful.



Memories live on.
No one ever really dies.
We are forever.


Crying Game

Beginning here first

I cried today, without tissue paper,

Because there was no tear. Only a rip.

fuck what this day has brought

because I cried today… 109 more words

Five Seven Five

Three Words

Vast sentiments are
Expressed through the simplest
Of words: I failed you.


Pantheon of Friends

It was once a place of worship to the pagan

moments of life. The awkward teenage years where

every pin drop is just a reminder of how lost I was. 180 more words

Five Seven Five