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In your.
We; the team
Gateway to the soul
In your.
Glaring; breaking locks
Speaks without words
In your.
In your.
In your;

Living Hard, Loving Hard

Significantly Insignificant

I stand alone until I close my eyes; together forever separated by space-time.
Peace found in the endless possibilities of plausible connection, we’ve now got isolation.

Thought Of The Day

Five * Seven * Five

Five. Seven. Five. That’s the typical length of a haiku. Five syllables make up the first line, seven make up the second, and five again make up the third. 106 more words

On Life

Letting Go: Bay Area Edition

I saw it once before, but only once. A day much like today, the sun lightly dancing around the cool, swirling breeze – – it felt like I was being hugged tightly and being told that everything was going to be alright from here on out. 452 more words


A Love Letter

My Trouble Incarnate,

I inexplicably like and dislike enough about you that I know I love you. That’s why I’m promising to spend the rest of my life finding out the rest, to have and hold, to be with without fear. 104 more words


Dreaming from Behind the Bars

My goal is to live free of external oppression, free of the mental prison created from internal doubts; culminating in the disease that is self-suppression. Breaking the wrists of those who want to hold me down, to live in a glass house so I can see the world for what it is. 467 more words


An Interview: My Weakness

An interview question that I believe we should ask ourselves much more often: what is your greatest weakness?

For far too long, due to my rationalization, I’ve chosen weaknesses that were also strengths. 229 more words