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Static bonds pull me to the brightness (an irony that the same attraction is what killed you). Previous seconds dropping upward toward the midnight rendezvous, counting on a waking nightmare : what was hated was how much of Me was seen. 78 more words

Five Seven Five


The bite of the winter has subsided, oh how I miss the cold. The chilling truth that underneath it all, the fragility of wisdom would keep us together for just one more night. 120 more words

Five Seven Five

The Night Sky

Standing on the hill as the crescent moon wanes and rolls, is a person born of bulbs; staring up to see the future that is absent of the sun… 211 more words

Five Seven Five

First Touch

Delight creeped across
his heart the first time she grabbed
his hand. This is joy.


The Cycle

We fight and we love.
Equally excellent. We
Fight to love to fight.


Nothing More, Nothing Less

Love is nothing more,
Than the beauty of giving (all you can)
So that they can live.



Walking down the bicycle path

With bits of sand blowing by

Thinking about the beautiful setting

And used panties on the sand

Shades of white, blazing orange as… 43 more words

Random Thought