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The Cycle

We fight and we love.
Equally excellent. We
Fight to love to fight.


Nothing More, Nothing Less

Love is nothing more,
Than the beauty of giving (all you can)
So that they can live.



Walking down the bicycle path

With bits of sand blowing by

Thinking about the beautiful setting

And used panties on the sand

Shades of white, blazing orange as… 43 more words

Random Thought

That Time/The Dandelion

You remember that time when I thought I was a dandelion?

When I closed my eyes, raised my arms and wished

Like a tree branch struggling to grasp the sun just out of its reach… 116 more words

Five Seven Five

Blood Lines

We groom for succession

Of ideas

Of people

Of ourselves

To live a history

Alternate to reality


We condition for succession

By tales

By story… 28 more words

Five Seven Five

Earth, Wind and then Fire

I’ve waited for time to pass

It has

It looks old and smells like sparkles

Green leaf, would be dangling

All carefree from the

Watershed moments like… 70 more words

Living Hard, Loving Hard

Don't Look

Don’t miss the lights

The shiny, monstrous lights,

That renews hope

And devours

The plague of truth.

Don’t look

Or brave the frontier

The imaginative place… 52 more words

Five Seven Five