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Be alive, not just a life.
My time is arriving
Peace sheathing the tension
Breaking the surface
Through it all. Still, I rise.


Looks Matter

Looks Matter

I caught myself again, looking at you from the corner of my eye

Not because you radiate, glow and embody a goodness I’ll never have… 292 more words

Living Hard, Loving Hard


I saw it with blurred vision
Raw, without foundation
Blemished like nature
This is my view of you

Stand up, stay strong
Cold world will try to tear you down… 45 more words

Living Hard, Loving Hard

Capital Punishment (My Crimes)

Eyes diverted, full of energy to fulfill the billboard that line the road of life

False wishes like the bottom of the drawer, unspoken truths widening the acceptable gaps of instinct… 147 more words


I'm Missing You Already

I don’t get it, I don’t understand why this is happening

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault

But I still don’t get why you have to leave… 104 more words


Poetry, Thought Blurbs and a Message


I have always loved who you were

appreciate, care for and will preserve who you are

Excited, anxious and out of breath waiting, patiently… 372 more words


First Impressions

First Impressions

sleep well

New but not afraid

Insightful, but always observing

Gave up in order to give back

Here is chaotic order

There, elegant simplicity… 22 more words