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Chinese Chicken Curry

There is something wonderful about Chinese chicken curry with rice. I suppose it takes me back to my childhood. Of course I suppose there is nothing authentic about it, but that yellowish creamy sauce, with onions and mushrooms makes it my favourite. 300 more words

Quick Suppers

Cantonese Roast Duck

There are times when I have an idea that gains momentum as rapidly as a growing snowball does when rolling down a snow covered mountainside in a cartoon. 1,085 more words


Tea eggs recipe

This week I made and with ramen you need to have a tea egg or a boiled egg marinaded in soy sauce, that is what I normally do but I really wanted to try out his recipe. 173 more words


Placeholder Cats

I have various sets of photos edited to put in posts and keep forgetting the actual posting part.¬† As it’s quite late and I need to clean litterboxes before I go to bed, they’ll have to continue to wait, but here are a few standalone cat pics so I don’t entirely forget how to do this. 59 more words


Herbed Meatballs and Stuffed Onions with Cherries

Meatballs cooked with cherries, are known in the Persian, Bukharin and Georgian cuisines. Stuffed onions are also known in these cuisines, and in the Turkish and Greek ones as well. 548 more words


Chicken with prunes and pomegranate molasses

It’s a sign of getting older when wandering around supermarket aisles aimlessly gives your heart joy.¬†Little things, I suppose. The aisles of Waitrose yielded exotic pomegranate molasses and yuzu, and determined not to let them languish in the cupboard, I looked up ways to use them in dishes. 352 more words


Kitchen at the End of the Universe: Five Spice Pork Belly

Noble Savage (he said):

So this one is ridiculously easy. Seriously, if you fuck this one up, maybe you should stay away of the kitchen/society in general. 429 more words