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Five Spice Grilled Malaysian Chicken

Indian Garam Masala is one of my favorite ingredients that you will always find in my kitchen but then one time I was reading about other countries and the spices they use. 221 more words


Five Spice Slow roasted Pork Belly

I Couldn’t wait to share this with you. A great change from all things turkey.
I think Asian is pretty much the opposite of turkey and I really needed that. 518 more words

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Five-spice carrot bread

I know it’s cool to hate on pumpkin spice these days. Honestly, whatever. It’s a classic for a reason. I’m not mad at pumpkin spice. But if you are, I can suggest a spunkier substitute. 669 more words

Doing It The Hard Way

In case it’s not clear what she’s doing, she’s eating.  By hanging off of a cat tree rather than getting on it and crouching at the dish like a normal cat would.  9 more words


5 spice-ish turkey and tea eggs

I know this looks bland but this is actually the most legitimately aromatic thing I’ve cooked this year so catch the tea on that…

For your information I emerged from home this week with a ziplock baggie containing cinnamon, 花椒, star anise, cloves, and that big seed thing that looks like a peach pit. 561 more words

Count the Cats - Expanded Edition

I hope you already did your counting, because I can’t help but spoil it with my delight at achieving this: I got ALL the cats in one photo!  48 more words