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Kitchen at the End of the Universe: Five Spice Pork Belly

Noble Savage (he said):

So this one is ridiculously easy. Seriously, if you fuck this one up, maybe you should stay away of the kitchen/society in general. 429 more words

The Art of Waiting

I’m not a very patient person by nature. I just want things to happen now! This same story goes for food. I generally can’t wait for a meal to be ready, or the tea to finish brewing or the cake to cool. 606 more words

Foodie Thoughts

Five Spice Grilled Malaysian Chicken

Indian Garam Masala is one of my favorite ingredients that you will always find in my kitchen but then one time I was reading about other countries and the spices they use. 221 more words


Five-spice carrot bread

I know it’s cool to hate on pumpkin spice these days. Honestly, whatever. It’s a classic for a reason. I’m not mad at pumpkin spice. But if you are, I can suggest a spunkier substitute. 669 more words

Doing It The Hard Way

In case it’s not clear what she’s doing, she’s eating.  By hanging off of a cat tree rather than getting on it and crouching at the dish like a normal cat would.  9 more words


5 spice-ish turkey and tea eggs

I know this looks bland but this is actually the most legitimately aromatic thing I’ve cooked this year so catch the tea on that…

For your information I emerged from home this week with a ziplock baggie containing cinnamon, 花椒, star anise, cloves, and that big seed thing that looks like a peach pit. 561 more words