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Five Things: In My Purse

I’m a firm believer in being prepared- nearly as firm a believer in my “only-plan-when-necessary” life. Looking into my purse the other day, I made a mental note to stuff more pens, grab that other empty notebook from home, pick up an extra pack of Kleenex at the dollar store, and switch out my lipstick.  801 more words

5 things I've done on the "most romantic day of the year"

  1. Woke up alone, because the husband was away overnight with work
  2. Hunted high and low for missing paperwork (losing stuff in your own home is so damn stupid)
  3. 226 more words
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Five Things: Ships I'll Go Down With

Blessed be! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m going to be putting in a ton of hours at the day job. Which, naturally, means my body has decided it’s time to get sick. 539 more words

Five Things

Five Things...a Ramble.

Happy Monday!

I’ve missed these posts! So I’m going to jump right into kicking off our Monday with this weeks Five Things

ONE: This weekend, we took the girls to see the local high school’s theater performance of… 484 more words


five things brightening my days

If you are living in a blue bubble like I do in the PNW, it has been a dark couple of weeks. And I am not talking about the weather. 414 more words

Five Things

Midwinter Lifesavers

It’s that time of year. January and its resolutions and catching up is over, February the longest shortest month of the year is ahead. Tax season is looming. 616 more words

Five Things- RECAP!

Hey, hey!

…cue Eminem *Guess who’s back… back again…*…

I can’t believe I let you guys slip away from me for so long! I’ve finally decided to get back into it, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. 392 more words