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Five Things I August

Where is this year going? Feels like it was just the start of August and I was sitting at home panicking about everything that had to do with beginning school again. 398 more words

Five Things

Five Things: Career Goals

Ever since I moved back to working in the ICU, there’s this sudden impulse (or desire, if we can put it that way) of wanting to get my career goals straight. 328 more words

Five Things

Five Things 08-28-15

Josh Duggar in rehab for, um, porn, Chaka Khan & Paula Deen on Dancing with the Stars, Burning Man (or AshleyMadison.com client?) starts Sunday, and the VMAs are Sunday, The Weeknd will perform. 19 more words


Friday Five Things: Weekend

I was late to work all five days this week. Our environment isn’t one where I’m going to be written up for being a minute late, and mostly I was later than my target arrival time (which in a perfect world would be like 15 minutes before my target start time, so as to get settled in without the guilt of being on the clock). 926 more words

Farm Wife

Author, speaker and inspirational truth-teller Glennon Doyle Melton came to town yesterday and let me tell you, seeing her is like waking up to the warmth of the spring sun after a long cold winter of gray clouds. 1,021 more words


Five Things

Because it’s Friday and Jessica inspired me to blog.

I have not had major issues with what I call my stomach ulcer in years. Until now. 452 more words