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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

I know. It’s been a week. And today is no more promising. So instead of waxing about all that’s going wrong in the world, here are a few completely unpolitical and not-relevant-at-all things that are bringing me little bits of joy: 330 more words

Five Things

Five Things: Illness, Injury, and Medicine

Blessed be, all! Next week will be our final check-in for the month, but tonight’s topic comes from my favorite and most diligent research bug: my wife. 590 more words

Five Things

Five Things: New Year's Edition

I’ve always loved the Five Things series from Cupcakes & Cashmere, plus I’ve been attempting to improve my photography lately, so I figured it was time to do another installment. 134 more words

Five Things

5 Fun Photo Finds

It can be hard for a GM to come up with something new, to feel inspired, every time his group sits down for a game session, and sitting down at a desk to write a new RPG product is possibly even more difficult. 382 more words

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Five Things

Happy 2017, Cyclones!

Here are five things to put on your Cardinal & Gold radar this week:

1) School is back in session today as Iowa State’s record-sized student body returns to campus for the spring semester. 304 more words

Five Things

Five Things: Music to Write By

Blessed be! This week, my wife and I went to see Moana at the theater. This was a good thing because it’s a brilliant movie and we enjoyed our night out. 373 more words


five quick things in December

Happy holidays you guys!  I hope your Christmas was full of love and laughter ♥  We spent our Christmas at home, relaxing with just the 3 of us (no baby girl yet!) 663 more words