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in five years time, revisited

Ideas formed in the heat of summer and with lust in the mind may burrow themselves when the weather spins cold until the ideas exist only to provide padding in the head that desperately needs filtering. 573 more words

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It's five years since I wrote a five-year plan

Today I am feeling like this meme; just replace 2016 with 2012.

I have another blog, which I’ve kept up for ten years now. At this point it functions more as a private journal than a public site.  1,102 more words

Inspiration & Encouragement

What's Next?

Per a notice from WordPress, yesterday was this blog’s fifth birthday, Modern Philosophers.

And all I can think is…

What’s next?

The blog was supposed to be a temporary distraction.  964 more words


Career planning for artists: Why a three year plan of action is the new ten.

What do you see yourself doing in five to ten years?

That’s a big, important, overwhelming question. In my experience, five to ten years is too long of a runway to come up with a concrete plan of action. 519 more words


Why I Finally Believe in a Five-Year Plan

The five-year plan, with its smug emphasis on security and practical goal setting, long made me uncomfortable. Life often gets in the way, I’d say with sly or bitter irony, depending on how well things were going. 593 more words


Niti Aayog: Monument to Modi's ignorance

One of the major decisions taken by Narendra Modi soon after becoming the Head of Government in May 2014 was to replace Yojana Aayog with Niti Aayog. 583 more words