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C / five year plan gone to hell

I did a five year plan, about five years ago. It turns out, I was wrong on almost every front.

Last week, I went through some stuff I had in storage with family friends in New Jersey. 636 more words


Where Will I Be In 5 Years?

One of the best parts about being single and twenty-four is not having to make any firm decisions. I can take a job, move, or a do some risky thing on a whim because at the end of the day I’m the only one who’s impacted by that choice. 535 more words


Speed Bumps in the Road

My week hasn’t gone the way that I planned.  It never does.  I need to remember to enjoy each day rather than always looking for the end result.   534 more words


in five years time

Before finishing our course at college, in class we were asked to produce a vision board. The idea of a vision board isn’t too dissimilar to that of a pinterest board. 495 more words

Personal Collective

Little Gems

“When you feel inside yourself that it’s time to let something go, then it’s time to let it go,” Oprah on Dr Phil.

What I miss most about Oprah’s talk show is the little life gems that would often come through. 417 more words


Thoughts on Next Steps

Whenever a chapter of your life is coming to an end the people in your life seem to become obsessed with what you’re planning to do next. 575 more words