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Dear 20 Year Old Self

A few days after my 25th birthday, I realized how much my life had changed over 5 years. Started and graduated undergraduate and graduate school and found myself traveling more across the US and globally than I ever imagined. 1,210 more words


where I want to be in five years


1. Married to Chris Hemsworth

I mean, he’s rich and ridiculously good looking and he seems nice enough. At this point I’d marry a clone if someone could arrange it. 344 more words


A Five Year Plan

My boyfriend has been interviewing like crazy. This means that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be quiet and listening to his phone interviews. 466 more words

Five Year Plan

1st Year: 2018

For my first year of this plan (next year) I am going to fling myself in the industry. This will include networking through going to writer’s events, applying for a newspaper column to write in, and entering in writing competitions. 592 more words

Five Year Plan

Day 13

Hey guys!

So I finally have a day off work and I’m so proud of myself for getting a lot accomplished today!

Today’s Topic : Share A Place You Visited Before And Would Like To Visit Again… 175 more words


Mario Kart’s Rubber-Banding is Like a Soviet Five-Year Plan

Once again, Nintendo and its creations eerily mirror the Soviet Union in a number of ways, this time with Mario Kart.

Mario Kart is a game designed for the whole family, pitting popular characters from the Mario and greater Nintendo universe against each other in a go-kart race to the finish line with speed boosts, sky-soaring jumps, and infuriating special abilities. 608 more words


Writing And Card Games

Saturday 02 September 2017

I managed to sleep early in the morning again. I don’t feel too tired today, so I’ve had more energy.

A friend came around today, we wrote some of the second chapter of our novel. 179 more words