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New Year Plan

There isn’t anything amiss with having the “new year, new me” mantra every single year as long you follow through with it. Though everyday should be a new day and technically you are a new you, there is just something about the start of the 365/364 loop that inspires you to cut out all things unwanted and be a better person for yourself. 235 more words


Farm to Factory: The Soviet Industrial Revolution

This video is based on the writings of Robert C. Allen who wrote Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution. The video’s purpose is to make understanding Soviet economics and the industrialisation simple to the lay person. 8,389 more words


Five Year Plan - Flexibility

As someone who is frequently guilty of making plans, following them really well for around two to four days, and then falling off because of mental exhaustion, I understand the need for pacing when it comes to successfully following a long term plan. 470 more words


Five Year Plan - Research

One of the most crucial, and often overlooked, portions of any good Five Year Plan (FYP) is research, also known as the “reality check.” Now, all the way back in  482 more words


The Five Year Plan

Often, as youngsters, we think we’ll have everything figured out at some point. For some, these hopes, dreams and actions work out. Others, well, others aren’t always as lucky. 393 more words

Five Year Plan - Magnitude

In the last post, I talked about limiting a Five Year Plan (FYP) in scope. Now we can discuss magnitude. This is where things get hefty, detailed, and very expansive. 480 more words


Five Year Plan - Scope

When thinking about making a Five Year Plan (FYP), be careful with the scope you assign to your plan. While it is tempting to pack those five years as full as possible, keep in mind five years is quite a while to not have a life. 461 more words