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when change is hard

look to the sky

no matter the time of day

vast beauty opens the why

to find things are indeed okay… 131 more words

Poetic Words

Top 5 Free Software for Students

1. Open Office (Windows, Mac, Linux)

OpenOffice.org is the free alternative to Microsoft’s Office suite . You can create, open, edit and save documents in the native Office formats. 388 more words


The Real World

Marie was finally moving out of her incredibly small college studio and into the real world. Her time at the studio had been quite awful, and she couldn’t wait to leave the place behind; this is why she threw away some old items—a wobbly fan, nearly dried out markers, half-used notebooks, among others—instead of packing them. 64 more words


Daily Musings #5

Too ill for work

Too well for poetry

Fuck it

I’ma pull a sickie

Writings And Musings

Five weeks later

Whilst getting changed into my pyjamas at around 4.35pm I complemented my husband as he finished getting ready wearing hit lovely suit for a Church meeting he had been invited to. 151 more words

Five Problems with Social Media 

As much as social media are good for us , they are also very bad . But in the technology era they are a necessary evil . 631 more words


It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

At the beginning of January Lucia turned five, which in my head seems much older than four and a lifetime away from three, she is now actually a proper bona fide walking talking little girl. 1,039 more words