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Feeding the Multitudes

In Mark 6, the story relates how the five thousand had been listening to the Christ and were hungry.  Jesus’s disciples wanted to send them away but He told them to gather up food.  165 more words

EPYA Women's Long Satin Elbow Five Finger Gloves Bridal Wedding Party, Black

EPYA Women’s Long Satin Elbow Five Finger Gloves Bridal Wedding Party, Black

Stretch ,soft, smooth, sleek, comfortable to wear
Suit for lady, bride, many occasions such as wedding , performance, prom, ceremony,evening party, etc… 8 more words

That restless static

There are many mixed feelings during that interlude between the excitement of the inspiration for a new idea and the eventual setting out to start one. 541 more words


Finger Lickin' good...

There’s a place on Dibijo Olabesi street of where we’ve heard the tales of old. There was a tidy shack tucked in a corner, which provided its goers with pleasures untold. 497 more words


The real you

It will happen that sometimes you will be confused about your true character; when despite all you have learned, practiced and experienced, your first impulse will be to pursue a course of action you know far way better than to – the distance to London and back kind of far – but more shocking is that you will weigh the impulse and know it for what it is, and then do exactly what it leads you to do – more than what it leads you to, even, on some unfortunate occasions – and then you will realise you are about right to think of yourself as a ridiculous pretender and hypocrite; and fully proceed to consider your worth as a human being reduced to just slightly above that of a ball of akara: the kind sold in a batch at three for twenty naira; the fried balls of beans bought with a dirty twenty naira note; the note partly torn; and the torn edge done with cello tape at one side. 301 more words


Five things I learnt this week

Never sit beside your manager at work.

    I know you’re thinking, ‘Why would anyone sit beside their manager?’ I didn’t have a choice. My manager came and sat next to me all day to learn some aspects in coding and to resolve issues together, and that was the most demanding day at work for me in the past one year. 315 more words


    Juventus - FULL-TIME: #EmpoliJuve 0-3! Three goals in five minutes of m...

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