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Spring Cleaning

It’s almost that time of year again at my house. The time of year when I purposely destroy every room of my house and put it back together again, while simultaneously throwing away several bags of trash. 734 more words

Fix-it Friday

The School of Potty Training

As you all know this blog is about my life as a wife, mother and a woman, and recently I was reflecting on how my children are transitioning out of the little kid phase. 1,094 more words

Fix-it Friday

Fix-It Friday:Withholding Withholding

I am trying out a new segment.  Every Friday (if I could ever get consistent with this thing) I will post on small steps that I think we should take in order to fix several of the problems we currently have.   400 more words

Fix-It Friday

Thank God For My Failures

I hate to fail! I like winning, or achieving my goals that I set for myself, and really who doesn’t right? I always picture myself as a winner and I strive for perfection with everything that I do; however, I can’t even count the amount of times that I have fallen short of the mark that I set for myself. 575 more words

Fix-it Friday

Fix-it Friday / How to fix cake disasters

It’s Fix-it Friday! It’s also Jen’s birthday. Hooray! Who wants cake?

In honour of this special occasion, I’ve found a bunch of tutorials that show you how to fix cake disasters. 54 more words

Fix-it Friday


It’s another Fix-it-Friday!
And just in time, our washing basket broke (or was broken by an un-named small person who might have ‘accidentally’ thrown it at his older brother…), AGAIN. 103 more words

Fix-it Friday

Fix-it Friday

Despite being a huge advocate and fan of fixing, I still manage to procrastinate over my mends. Recently my faithful jeans ripped again and I wore them with a big tear across the thigh for a good couple of weeks before finally sitting down to tackle it. 70 more words