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41 Years Ago Today: Leeds Mugged by Ref & Kaiser in European Cup Final - by Rob Atkinson

The Great European Cup Final Robbery occurred exactly forty=one years ago today – half a lifetime’s distance in the past – and yet this, more than just about any other of the many injustices suffered by that legendary team,  904 more words


Fix Behavior Problems with Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an important habit for parents to develop because it is so easy to ignore kids when they’re behaving appropriately. It is the disruptive and irritating behavior we tend to notice and respond to. 399 more words


Not so quick a beauty fix

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STICKING to a three-step skincare routine is as much a sign of your age as confessing that you’re a fan of Journey. These days, cleansing, toning and moisturising just don’t cut it as beauty brands are introducing enough steps in a skincare regimen to warrant a FitBit counter. 934 more words

Money Matters

571: Maybe it IS you...

There is a huge culture now of “accept me as I am.” It is the “be yourself, and don’t change who you are for anyone or anything.” Yeah, well….I get that idea, but I see the problems this healthy self-acceptance beginning eventually leads to – and it isn’t pretty. 162 more words


HOWARD MARKS: No one in government has any idea how to fix the economy

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It’s election season, and that means we’re hearing a lot about how to fix the economy. 

It can almost seem as if the government is banging its head against the wall making… 605 more words

Money Matters


He let go of her hand. As the tears streamed down her face, she listened to him say; “You don’t want to be involved with a man like me, I am too broken, I have seen too much heart break. 396 more words


How to fix unfortunately Touchwiz home has stopped error in Galaxy S5, S6 & S7

Samsung uses the Touchwiz UI which is a very intuitive and colorful user interface with loads of user experiencing enhancing features. However, it is also prone to errors like the “unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped” error that crashes the system launcher. 498 more words