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Relish for Repair

There is one advantage to having nothing, it never needs repair.

Frank Howard Clark

RUDE have been continuing on with our de-cluttering.  We have undertaken the bulk of it.  527 more words


Self help 

New year, new you right? What have you guys been doing to keep up with your resolutions? Unfortunately, I didn’t make any resolutions but I did make a goal. 65 more words

A Sinkhole Swallowed The Front Tires Of An SUV In Evanston Yesterday

So you’re driving your SUV down Monroe Street in Evanston when BAM! your front tires are in a sinkhole!

That’s what happened to some poor soul in Evanston yesterday and here’s a picture to prove it! 61 more words


Make Me Up!

Guess who’s going to start dabbling into makeup?! Yes, me! I’m not a “New Years’ Resolution type-of-chick,” but my (typical) quarterly re-evaluation and reinvention of myself fell on around the first of the year, just a couple of days before my 28th birthday. 679 more words


(Fix) jQuery DataTables Button Extension removes "Show N Entries" Dropdown

When adding the Button Extension to a DataTable the ‘dom’ key value has to be declared.

All around the internet the example code shows to declare the dom as  21 more words

done with the quick fix

I remember being a young person – around 10 years old – and someone walking up to me, poking me in the stomach, and giggling like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. 1,040 more words