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Drunkenly Yours


We step out, suitably drunk: you’re my new fix, the one I discovered near the counter, when the gong struck eleven. But, you are wistfully eyeing that empty bottle, which we left on their shiny black table, with five crumpled notes as a token of appreciation. 355 more words


Table - Leg Repair

This table was given to me to fix. it no longer could attach the 4th leg of the table. this is mostly pictures of the bottom half of the table where a leg attaches to. 220 more words


PUEBLO CELLAIRIS - We Fix Phones - YouTube

http://m.mainstreethub.com/cellairispueblo At Cellairis®, we are committed to extending and enhancing the lifeline of your mobile devices in the most conveni…

Wig Restoration.

Wig restoration can be a difficult task to do, especially depending on how bad the wig is. Recently I recieved a wig through the post from a girl (who was meant to be a reputable blogger) and it was in an absolute state. 213 more words


There's an App for That - disable Tab Tearing in Firefox

So for a few months (years? it seems like) now I’ve had this annoying Very Not-A-Feture bugging me in Firefox.

At various times, and against my will, based on no behaviour I can identify (but I think it is a timing issue on slower CPUs like the PI) I’ll be moving the slider to scroll down a browser window and BANG! 579 more words

Tech Bits

Even Fixed VW Diesels Might Emit More Pollutants Than Law Allows

As part of its $15 billion settlement package to begin resolving its use of so-called “defeat devices” in 500,000 diesel-engine vehicles in the U.S. 402 more words