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It All Started With The One Spot

While the prizmgsi.com Prizm GSi is in pretty good shape – it’s been described as a “peach” – there are definitely some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. 443 more words


Random Puppy Photos No. 2

I was explaining to a friend about the grooming top I use to start training and took some photos for her. Keep in mind these were taken with a cell phone and the perspectives are a bit off. 105 more words

How To Touch-Up Your Powder Coating

Fix any mistakes and learn how to touch-up your powder coated finish with tips from industry experts. #powdercoating #powdercoat #industrialfinishing

work-centered vs. Christ-centered life

“A work-centered life gets complex, and it leads to burnout. A Christ-centered life — even in the midst of work — stays basically simple, nourished and rested.” 11 more words


Farm Dog 101: Teething and Chewing

The first puppy teeth to emerge are the canines, followed by the incisors and then premolars. Puppies have 28 deciduous (puppy) teeth which will be lost and replaced by 42 teeth in the adult dog starting at about 12 to 16 weeks. 531 more words

Jesus Himself strengthens your weaknesses ..

“Jesus Himself
strengthens your weaknesses,
tones down your excuses,
brings your under-normals up to normal and makes your above-normals not seem over-powering and intimidating,
refines what is crude, 86 more words


House 'maintenance'

Dear Readers: It’s The Mom..apologizing again for my screw-up. In my bleary-eyed state, I accidentally pressed the ‘publish’ function a day early so you will see two blogs published on one day. 754 more words

Moving Home