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An Open Letter to Broken Plates

As the plates shatter to pieces around me in my family driveway it is difficult not to notice the ironic beauty underfoot. Edges and cracks cast colored hues against the house in the defeating summer heat. 1,161 more words

🎆The Winter Coat🎆

As much as we are in denial, winter is coming. There’s nothing like a new winter coat to get you ready for the season ahead. 106 more words

Spare Car Tire

Friends do let friends fix their cars with duct tape – they call 314-351-3000 instead.

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Commentary: To truly make a big cut, go beyond recycling

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Our mounting waste problem lies in a buy-and-throw-away culture. In the midst of affluence, asks To Kien, can we care enough to repair, reinvent and reuse our ‘old’ things? 2,266 more words

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Isn’t that what all of us need? To be loved? I think so.

‘Fixing’ someone isn’t going to do anything. In fact, I think it would make them resentful. 123 more words

[Watch] Chris Lane's New Music Video Features Sweet Surprise Proposal!

Chris Lane has had an incredible 2016 with the success of his single ‘Fix’ from his recent album ‘Girl Problems.’ Over the course of the last few months, Chris has been touring with the likes of Dustin Lynch, Kelsea Ballerini, and Racal Flatts slowly winning over hearts all over America. 120 more words


Fix DNS problem on openSUSE


today for no reason the DNS resolving stopped working on my openSUSE tubleweed for no reason. I tried to supply a DNS server from the connection’s settings but it wouldn’t work, but directly pinging on an ip worked. 138 more words