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How to NOT fix your stress

Something I’ve been battling lately has been an insanely high stress level. Work, school, bills, pets, friends, family, writing, money, and the list goes on for what seems like forever. 351 more words


If the first step is admitting it, then here it goes – I’m broken. Smashed into a million pieces like Humpty Dumpty, I fell off the wall of love. 303 more words

How to Fix False Eyelashes

Have you ever fallen asleep in a full face of make up and woke up with your lashes looking like this or similar? I use to throw away lashes until I realized they were repairable. 150 more words

You can't fix it

It must be one of the worst feelings in the world to watch from the street as a building burns, or to watch from the shore as a ship sinks. 488 more words


Stir Fry Pizza

Everyone has their own pizza favorites, below is mine. Please alter it as you see fit!

Stress Level: Medium (Light if you have a big skillet!) 254 more words

Slink Physique V2.2 Update

Hey luvs! While I was MIA last month Slink came out with a massive update to their Mesh Body and most of their avatar enhancement products. 26 more words