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Fixed Assets

Fixed assets, which is a non-current asset, is a balance sheet account. The Plant and Machinery, Furniture and Fittings, Office Equipment, etc. are fixed assets. 270 more words


GL Drilldown to FA, FA Drilldown to AP, AP Drillup to GL for Asset Clearing Account

Requirement: Requirement is to identify Fixed Asset and Payables transaction related Asset Clearing Account coming into GL. This is to make the reconciliation of asset clearing account easy. 948 more words


HOW TO : Inventory to Fixed Asset Transfer

In this HOW TO, we will go through the process of Inventory to Fixed Asset Transfer 

  • In this case you need to create Fixed Asset manually…
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HOW TO : Fixed Asset Acquisition by Purchase Order Processing

In this HOW TO, we will go through the process of acquiring the Fixed Asset from Purchase Order Processing 

  • Consider we have a PO, the user will mark the line…
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HOW TO : Create Fixed Asset in Fixed Asset Module

This scenario will take you through the manual Fixed Asset Creation process.

  • Go to Fixed assets/Common/Fixed assets/ Fixed assets and create a new Asset.

Default Depreciation Expense Account

The default behavior is available in the cloud…  (e.g. overlay natural account segment only on top of the clearing ccid).  What we don’t offer is pl/sql based customization as we did in EBS for it.  181 more words

Fixed Asset

What is a Fixed Asset

The term fixed asset is used to describe an item with a useful life of more than one reporting period.

In general fixed assets are long lived economic resources such as land, building and machines that are used in business to carry out profit making activities. 242 more words

Fixed Asset