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Stay Strong... And No Dark Places Alone

 This is my new mantra…

Inspired by an email response from my SBFF, Marylee…

What started as an email to my son, John, in Ireland, catching him up with our life in Oregon at the moment, soon became the perfect venue for venting my frustrations. 477 more words

The Medicine is Worse than the Disease

Monetary authorities took extreme measures during and after the financial crisis. These policies failed in their stated goal. More importantly, they have the potential for much mischief in the portfolios of the unwary in the months and years ahead. 416 more words

Mark Leibman

Brexit: What Impact on the Economic Outlook and Investments?

Before the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), the global economy was experiencing a deep structural transition. A more sustained and balanced economy was still achievable, despite low growth and low inflation during this process. 391 more words


A primer for investing in debt mutual funds

Investing in Debt Mutual Funds & Fixed Deposits = You are basically a money lender in disguise!!

Debt mutual funds at a very basic level… 2,413 more words


Korekiyo Takahashi and Helicopter money

Learn from history: Korekiyo Takahashi and Helicopter money

Three questions left:

  1. What drives the different outcome of helicopter money in the history?
  2. Why did government bond rate remain low and there is no inflation after the unprecedented QE?
  3. 389 more words

Deflated Inflation Expectations

We’ve written before about inflation and its corrosive effect over time. The topic has become much more timely because of two developments:

1. The prospects for inflation have gone up with the large increase in the price of oil and other forms of energy. 372 more words

Mark Leibman