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Deflation Is In The House

I’ve mentioned before that there are only two prices that matter, energy and labor. The price of crude oil is a pretty good proxy for energy, and that’s declining. 118 more words


Seniors are ignored

Re: Local residents welcome federal child care cheques, by Julie Kotsis, July 21.

If the recent handout to parents with children under the ages of 17 was an attempt to gain votes, it really was futile. 111 more words


Fixed income insight: When does bad news in China mean good news for you?

The quick answer is when you’re long AUD bonds. If you’re not sure why, I will duly explain.

Is China really slowing down?

The chaos that is ensuing in Chinese equity markets is part of a wider theme with regards to China – we all expected and continue to expect a significant slow down in the pace of growth. 642 more words


It's all about the money

The spreadsheet for last years expenditure is in and it is in the black.
That’s good news isn’t it, no red anywhere has got to be good! 248 more words


Cattails - Fixed Income


fixed income –

 the outgoing tide sucking

the wet sand



May 2015

Wabi Sabi Poems And Images

Investing Overview - July 2015

Let’s start by taking a look at the status of various asset classes:

  • Fixed Income: The staple of excess cash – a money market savings account gets you a pittance in interest payments.
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Asset Bubbles