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A falling fixed income?

Spammers appear to be getting desperate with their marketing messages.

The following email landed under the headline “Looking for a fixed income of 7-14%?”

Firstly, it is not very fixed if it can vary by 700 basis points. 170 more words

Dollar breaks out, Gold tests support

The 5-year breakeven rate for inflation — calculated by deducting the yield on 5-year TIPS from the 5-Year Treasury yield — rallied in recent weeks and is testing resistance at 1.60%. 164 more words

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Quick Post on Pricing U.S. T-Bills Using Current Market Data

The data I used for this example came from Barron’s (link below).


A zero-coupon bond maturing next year on the 4th of February is currently priced at $99.81, which corresponds to a yield of 0.193%.  579 more words


Gold and the impact of Beijing on Fed monetary policy

The prospect of higher interest rates is fast approaching, but 10-Year Treasury yields retreated below 2.0%, warning of another test of the December low at 1.40%. 231 more words

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Byron Wien's surprises for 2015

Although we are now at the end of February, I thought I would share with you Byron Wien’s surprises for 2015 which were published last month. 94 more words


Spare Change Anyone?

I am frustrated! I have a subscription at WP Beginners, a word press site that explains how to do almost all of the things I don’t seem to know. 255 more words


Fixed Income Investing at the Zero Lower Bound - Throw Away Your Fucking Finance Textbook

There’s a hopelessly confusing mess of information – some grounded in fact, some appearing on Squawk Box and similar shows – about fixed income investing in today’s macro environment.  442 more words