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Equities or Bonds? - The Asset Allocation Dilemma

The main asset allocation decision in any portfolio is how much to invest in equities and how much in bonds. These two asset classes have a very different risk /return profile, so the decision should mainly depend on your risk tolerance and time horizon, however, risk and expected returns are also very important factors. 602 more words


Gold Dollar pause

Long-term Treasury yields remain in a bear trend, with 10-year yields holding below resistance at 2.00%. Breach of support at 1.85% would signal another test of the primary level at 1.65%. 62 more words

US & Canada

Paying a million dollars in taxes?

It’s time to pay our taxes and for many people it’s a painful chore. Whether you’re getting a refund or sending the US Treasury a check, the amount of money the government takes from our hard-earned income is never pleasant. 580 more words

Investment Strategy

How Bond Funds work

If a 10-year government bond bought today will return about 2.75 per cent, how can a managed fund made up of such securities return nearly 11 per cent in a year? 1,084 more words


Commentary on Current Market Conditions

In today’s market conditions, investors looking for securities trading under their intrinsic value will have a hard time finding any. We find that the price of most equities appears to be overvalued and the yield of most (safe) fixed income securities appears to be low. 500 more words


3 reasons why the FED will not raise rates this year

Monetary policy is probably the single most important factor that influences markets today and the FED is by far the most influential central bank in the world; therefore it is crucial to understand its policy in order to forecast equities and bonds performance. 517 more words