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Forget Greece; Puerto Rico is the debtor Americans need to watch

Greece is in the headlines today, after voters there rejected the “austerity” measures other European nations had demanded in exchange for yet another bailout of the debt-riddled nation. 497 more words


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EMerging Equity elaborated on Puerto Rico's debt on June 29.

Gold, silver and the Dollar

A long-term chart of silver shows strong support at $15/ounce. Recovery above $18 and 13-week Twiggs Momentum above zero would suggest that the precious metal has bottomed. 152 more words

US Dollar Index

Not Payable

Puerto Rico publicly confessed that its debts are “not payable.” Many US states are in the same situation if their pension obligations are taken into account. 60 more words


Dolla Dolla Bill, Y'all!

I no longer pay a babysitter, starting tomorrow. I will be saving $400 a month, starting tomorrow. This is equivalent to receiving a 5K yearly raise! 14 more words


Bonds vs. Stocks

Neither bonds nor the shares each has advantages and disadvantages. Stock does offer long-term benefits are higher when compared to bonds.
However, stocks also have a higher risk when compared with bonds. 16 more words

Market Volatility? “NOP”, says the Fed.

As expected, the Fed did not change policy at its meeting last week, as the “dot plot” shifted downward – closer to, if still well above, the levels priced into the market. 846 more words