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M&M Financial Services NCD - A Worthy Fixed Income Opportunity?

After the IPO frenzy of Parag Milk Foods, Ujjivan, Thyrocare, Equitas, & flurry of tax-free bonds – IRFC, PFC, comes a fixed income opportunity launched by Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services (MMFSL). 694 more words

One Big Worldwide Bubble

This interview with Milton Berg encapsulates pretty much everything you need to know.

Must watch. Then watch again, take notes. Very well done, although nothing new in terms of what I think. 23 more words


We need to talk about Zambia -The short case for Zambia 2027

I’ve always thought that it never makes sense to get bullish unless you can see that the drivers of the bear market are breaking down. Hence the recent rally in Zambia USD paper has caught my attention. 277 more words


What Are They Thinking?

Well the market is closing today without substantial change again, having been brought back one more time, most likely by the HFT boyz.

Of course, they have been ably assisted in this mission by the dip buyers, and by the absence of any real selling. 220 more words


GRIFF's Prayer: For People With Unholy Smelling Breath [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

GRIFF’s prayer today is about people with unholy smelling breath. He says those are the people who are always so eager to deliver a lengthy, breathy prayer with the foulest smelling breath! 122 more words

Get Up!

The Current State of Fidelity Bank PLC-Cheap is Cheap for a reason

Generally, a sharp fall in bond prices, the result of a sudden increase in the credit spread on the bond, is a strong indicator to me that the issuer is perceived to have become higher risk by the bond markets. 565 more words


Fixed Income Options for NRI

PPF – An NRI is not permitted to open new PPF account, but can continue to deposit in existing PPF (opened while Resident)

Bank FD ( NRE) 431 more words