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The Fixer Fixed in One Sitting

Damn you, Jo Nesbo. You set the reader for an excruciatingly long waiting after The Son just to come back with a mockingly short novella consumed in one sitting! 580 more words


[plugin] Facebook Fixer

Facebook မသုံးဘဲ မနေနိုင် , သုံးပြန်တော့လဲ အကုသိုလ် ပွားတယ် . . ကျွန်တော့် News feed မှာ များသာ အားဖြင့် တဖက်စောင်းနင်း ဘောမ တွေ , “ကုလား” ပါ အပစ်ပြောတဲ့ မျိုးချစ် တွေ , ကိုယ့်ကိုကိုယ် ဘာသာမဲ့ free thinker ဆိုပြီး ဘာသာတိုင်း လိုက်ဝေဖန်တဲ့ တရိစ္ဆာန် ဥာဏ်လောက် ရှိတဲ့ post တွေ . 32 more words


Roscoe Sweeney (Fixer)

Time for another character from the recently released Daredevil tv series: let’s jump to the second episode to see another secondary villain. In Cut Man… 925 more words



Well, friends, it’s almost time. Daredevil is nigh. Yet, I feel as though it would be quite helpful for you and I to take a tour down his lane, find out who he is in the comic books, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll figure out a little bit about how the show will go. 834 more words

Thoughts On Characters

Larkspur Teardown Known As 'The Honeymoon Cottage' Sells For Almost $500K

When the old, dilapidated house known as “The Honeymoon Cottage” hit the market in Larkspur last year, everyone was certain it would be a total teardown. 368 more words


How to Get Film/Journalist Visa

One of my jobs as a fixer is clear out some documents, like visa and permit. In Indonesia visa for journalist or film production will takes time, for one month to two months, depends on various variable. 691 more words