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Was I a fixer ?

I used to think I’m a chaser – not the good kind that would just run and flip and twist for a person, that kind who would do anything for a person; but the kind who wants what she can’t have, so the desire increses and she keeps chasing that thing – whether she can’t have it or it’s no good for her, it matters not. 250 more words

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5 Ways You Are Living With False Guilt

False guilt is guilt that is not actually ours, but we internalize it to the point where it causes us to live our lives based on what we perceive other people’s needs are. 385 more words

Bad Blood - Chapter V - Homecoming

Every city has slums, home to the dispossessed, the downtrodden and the derelict. Makai has several, each built on top of the other. The Underworld is the lowest, a place where despair strips humanity away, where the hunt for food and heat is constant, where eating your neighbour isn’t a crime but just the next meal. 1,188 more words