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Mr. Fixer

Morning conversations were the best. We would always be the first two people at the office, aside from the kitchen lady. He lived close to work, I lived far, but 7.30am would find me at the office. 211 more words


What to consider before you buy a Fixer Upper

If you’re anything like myself, then you’re the type of person that loves a home with character. A space with one-of-a-kind charm that most newer homes just don’t have. 853 more words


Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary A. Ballard

Where I Got It: Review copy from the narrators via the Goodreads group Audiobooks (thanks!).

Narrator: Joe Hempel

Publisher: Self-published (2015)

Length: 4 hours

Series: 484 more words


Bad Blood - Chapter III - Tale as old a time

If you only knew how many abominations and demons lived in Fallen Square, you wouldn’t wonder about the name. The most opulent of the districts, built right on a ley line, you need to be rich not only to afford the housing, but the wards to keep your neighbours on the other side of the door. 3,157 more words

Urban Arcana

New Beauty Buys

These are some of my recent beauty purchases. My first purchase was Estee Lauder’s Little Black Primer. I personally have stick straight lashes which are long but hard to curl. 629 more words


The Fixer Fixed in One Sitting

Damn you, Jo Nesbo. You set the reader for an excruciatingly long waiting after The Son just to come back with a mockingly short novella consumed in one sitting! 580 more words


[plugin] Facebook Fixer

Facebook မသုံးဘဲ မနေနိုင် , သုံးပြန်တော့လဲ အကုသိုလ် ပွားတယ် . . ကျွန်တော့် News feed မှာ များသာ အားဖြင့် တဖက်စောင်းနင်း ဘောမ တွေ , “ကုလား” ပါ အပစ်ပြောတဲ့ မျိုးချစ် တွေ , ကိုယ့်ကိုကိုယ် ဘာသာမဲ့ free thinker ဆိုပြီး ဘာသာတိုင်း လိုက်ဝေဖန်တဲ့ တရိစ္ဆာန် ဥာဏ်လောက် ရှိတဲ့ post တွေ . 31 more words