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Icy Green Tea Mocktail

Sometimes, we could all use a good mocktail… Something YUMMY to drink that serves as snack but won’t send us back to the office feeling loopy. 187 more words

Green Tea

As a Partial German Myself, Learning how to be German can be helpful

This is a nice guide to follow. I have to say that avoiding small talk feels very natural anyway.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

I have been holding on to this recipe for over a year because I thought it looked confusing.  Well, I finally gave in. I’ve made battered fish before but I really liked the batter in this recipe.   324 more words

Fish & Seafood

H2O oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh!

Don’t Mock the Water Sommelier

Jun 23, 2014 · 13,269 views

If you head to Ray’s and Stark Bar in Los Angeles for a $25 house made pasta or a $30 steak, you will not just be poured a glass of tap water.

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Soda Stream Lover

I’ve been having a love affair, ssh don’t tell the other soda brands out there they may become jealous.  I don’t buy soda in the conventional plastic liter bottles or cans or glass anymore.   201 more words

Personal Musings


What is unique? The dictionary describes it as “particularly remarkable.” You must be asking yourself, what is this about?

I really want my blog to be unique. 172 more words

Fizzy Water

In the UK, when you ask for water in a restaurant or a bar, as standard, you will get still water. Almost everywhere else, particularly in Europe, the standard is fizzy water. 258 more words

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