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What Have You Become? An Open Letter To The Flag.

Dear American Flag,

          I’ll never forget your beauty on 9/12/2001 and years after. You were on almost every porch, yard, mailbox, car, and American heart. It brought tears to my eyes, your graceful beauty. 223 more words

Thoughts On Today

Long term expat tattoos the Taiwanese independence flag on his face

An expat residing in Taiwan for more than a decade has decided to prove his support for his adopted country by tattooing words saying “臺灣“ (Taiwan) in traditional mandarin characters and a little flag on his chin. 340 more words

Another Side Of Taiwan

Atheists Demand Texas High School Remove Christian Flag So Students Respond by Flying Their Own

Students at an East Texas high school have responded to an atheist group’s demands that the school remove a Christian flag by bringing their own Christian flags to fly on school grounds.Many in the community of Larue, Texas, are speaking out against the nation’s leading secularist legal organization, Freedom From Religion Foundation, after it sent a letter to the Superintendent James Young of LaPoynor Independent School District on Oct. 42 more words


The Flag Studio

Custom Flag company needed a simple logo for printed materials, labels, etc. Need a custom flag? Check them out online!

Graphic Design

Kneeling as Protest by Anjeanette LeBoeuf

In a previous FAR post, I talked about the newest trend in sports of including women in marketing strategies for American football. Today I have decided to throw my hat into the ring regarding the recent polarizing “Kneeling” protest taking place at NFL games. 1,132 more words


Spreading disrespect: Four Ann Arbor, Mich. city council members 'take a knee' during Pledge of Allegiance to protest -- what else? -- President Trump and our country

(National SentinelUn-American: As “take-a-knee” protests continue to ruin the NFL, now others are beginning to act out in disrespecting the country, its flag, and its traditions. 483 more words

U.S. National

Bye Felicia.

I don’t think there’s much that hasn’t been said about the NFL anthem protests that still needs to be. We all know what the anthem is about. 2,038 more words