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A New Flag

The news is full of hate these days

Leaving us full of sadness

I feel powerless as one to change things

If only we could… 45 more words


Unfurl--Daily Prompt

I am a patriot.  I love America.  I love that we are a melting pot.  I love the opportunities that are real and possible.  I love our freedoms.   236 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Daily Prompt: Unfurl the American Flag with Pride!

God bless America with all its imperfection.  After all, he who is without sin is the only one that can say a word against it without being a hypocrite.   163 more words


My Home

Daily Prompt:  Unfurl

Durning the summer when we celebrate our independence on the 4th of  July,  I often think of the many men who gave so much for us to be free.   513 more words

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Unfurl

Unfurl Our Flag

Where freedom reigns,

diversity is celebrated,

and all mankind are equal.

Where the sick have health care,

the poor receive a helping hand, 18 more words


What is the confederate flag?

At first glance some see this flag as a symbol of a failed attempt of separation, others a reminder of the hatred that flowed through the southern states, and to others part of their heritage and culture. 359 more words

The Sky-Blue-White

This is our entry in The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Unfurl.

This Greek flag, unfurling in a stiff breeze, stands watch over the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, on a bright, sunny day with cotton-white clouds overhead. 33 more words