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The Wheel Comes Full Circle, Libs Don't Like It

Every liberal is a hypocrite, spoiled little child, especially when you use their tactics against them.

The liberal double standard hypocrisy on full display.

They’ve always got an excuse and they’ve always got a “that’s different”, have you noticed? 8 more words


Crossing The Line

Our new granddaughter’s name is Poppy, which we rather like.

Although the weather was warmer and sunnier today, Becky’s photograph of Scooby sunning himself in my chair, illustrated the general lack-lustre mood of the still recovering party. 266 more words

Suicide Red Flags: Signs You Should Take your Loved One to a Therapist

Is your friend at risk of suicide? Even if the person has not asked for it, he may still want your help and you could be in the position to prevent something irrevocable and tragic from happening. 112 more words

The History of the Confederate Flag

Over recent months, there has been an increasing debate about the appropriateness of the Confederate flag. Many citizens and an increasing number of politicians are calling for its removal from any and all government buildings. 579 more words

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Foggy Harbor Patriotism

Here in Maine the boating crowd likes to fly flags. So it’s no surprise that the foggy western shore of Rockport harbor is currently positively bursting with “old glory” waving in the breeze.