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The village of Burscough in West Lancashire has its origins as a Viking settlement named Burh Skogr, which means ‘fortress in the woods’. The Norse origins of this civil parish would be the inspiration for many of my flag concepts in this post. 395 more words


Flags of Europe

When I am on a trip I usually take a picture of the flags I see. Here is a collection of the flags I saw on this trip. 89 more words


New Flags and Captains in 5.9

Because Dunkerque is being added to the game – though not yet for purchase – with patch 5.9, a few French captains are being added; and if you remember those weird Chinese dragon ships from before, they’ve got captains too, now! 66 more words

Unreleased Info

5.9 Public Test Datamine & Ship Changes

Vaexa on reddit has posted the new changes in the game client for the public test version of patch 5.9, and meanwhile on the forums, … 754 more words

Unreleased Info


Aughton is a civil parish in West Lancashire centred around a village of the same name with a population of approximately eight-thousand people.

Finding pre-existing features for a flag for Aughton was quite difficult. 504 more words


Create Powerful Promotional Messages With Customized Bunting Flags

Almost every event held across the world has some promotional objective. There are several types of promotional materials used by organisations to reach their customers. … 232 more words

Bunting Australia