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Up Close and Personal with Pluto - Flagstaff, Arizona Photos Posted

2015 has been the Year of Pluto, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft hurtles through our galaxy and finally arrived this summer at the distant, cold and icy domain that has shrouded Pluto in mystery since its discovery in 1930. 248 more words


Landscape | Summer Splendor

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Summer Splendor- I try every year to make it up to the mountains during the summer. Early plans to visit more rugged mountains quickly changed when wildflower blooms occurred nearly two months earlier than normal. 256 more words


Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, visiting Arizona

It was the day after Vegas and we were tired. I mean really tired. Three days and three nights of drinking in Las Vegas had nearly killed us. 924 more words


Trip to Arizona Part I - Everything but The Grand Canyon

In April one of my best friends, Mike, married Laura in Scottsdale, Arizona and I was lucky enough to get to fly down and shoot the wedding. 64 more words


Landscape | Mountain Remnants

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This weekend was spent enjoying fresh mountain air and beautiful wildflowers that seemed to have been timed perfectly for my visit. 209 more words