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Intermission/ A real update:

Wow! What an unreal few days I’ve had! I finished my WFR, Wilderness First Responder, went canyoning in the Grand Canyon into a slot known as Garden Creek, and in what is perhaps the biggest deal for me I landed my first professional writing job! 508 more words


A Flagstaff Sonnet: This Is Not My Subaru

When I step out into the Flagstaff day
and all around the sky of blue does shine
only then I ask with dread and dismay… 74 more words


Bears, Deer, Canyons, Ruins

It has taken me a while to get this post up because I have been swamped with being with my kids, working my butt off to help my team promote, and just loving life. 111 more words

Arizona ... sunny and dry right?!

I now continue the story of my February ’17 Arizona trip …

The first installments can be read here –

417 more words
Outfitter Mfg Caribou Lite 6.5

Buddhism and the Art of Pickup Maintenance: Tale of the drunken hitch-hiker...

Back Story: In a previous life I used to sell folk art at a trade show in Dallas, TX, while living in Flagstaff, AZ, a distance of approximately 1000 miles, so within the purview of my limits for driving the distance, and supposedly saving money, rather than flying and renting cars and all that rap, running around town when I’d rather just load up the truck, put in a tape and fire up some Doobie (Brothers), find my cozy little hundred-buck-a-week crib out by Love Field, and take it from there… 1,001 more words

San Francisco Peaks

Pictures: In the distance I can see the San Francisco Peaks by Flagstaff, AZ, they are snow cover. Flagstaff is about 50 miles north of me. 69 more words