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Decaying Log - Flagstaff, AZ

Who needs beautiful scenes to paint? Not me! Decaying logs are just fine.



I have been waiting to come here for such a long time and today Spencer finally took me! Bearizona is a drive through wildlife park that has animals such as rocky mountain elk, mule deer, dall sheep, Alaskan tundra wolves, Arctic wolves, white bison, black bears and many more. 194 more words


Star Gazers

Full Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link for Little Passports. 275 more words

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Humphrey's Trail

Humphreys Trail will lead you to the tallest destination point in all of Arizona. Once you are standing on the end to the trail on Humphreys Peak, in Flagstaff you will be standing 12,633 feet in the air. 603 more words


Community 101 - Pulling together (Nautical Quiz night)

If you wandered into the Te Totara School hall last night you’d have been forgiven for scratching your head in wonder at the room packed with Navy officers, ye olde pirates, modern day pirates, sailors, mermaids, sea men, semen (yes, actually), Sir Peter Blakes, jellyfish, a shark, a lifeguard and Spongebob Square pants. 478 more words


Episode 5: Flagstaff, Arizona

It’s finally ready! Episode 5! Flagstaff, Arizona!


Our favorite place to “vacation” is Flagstaff. It’s a compact little college town with a bustling nightlife and tons of historical and natural wonders to enjoy all within 30 minutes of the city itself. 28 more words

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City Looking To Ease Restrictions On Urban Farming

By Elisha Dorfsmith

It has been a very long time coming, years in fact, but it looks like the City of Flagstaff is finally ready to consider easing restrictions on raising chickens, goats, bees and other food producing animals in the city limits. 329 more words

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