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Stukas im Visier

Schwarm (“swarm”, equivalent to a flight) of Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive-bombers flies over Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gun positions. The photo is probably from the summer of 1942, somewhere on the southern part of the Eastern Front. 253 more words

Eastern Front

Granny and Saturday snippets.

Hello All.

No more local photos.
I have resorted to going back in time.
To MY beach.

I should not be writing this post right now. 196 more words


CoH 2 - German Half-Tracks: How can we improve them?

Greetings my fellow commanders!

It has been a long time since I uploaded an article here. I guess when life is full of non-stop schoolwork one finds very little time to engage in creative work like writing a game article. 825 more words

The Lancaster

In years gone by I used to liken one of my old colleagues to a WWII Lancaster bomber.

You could always rely on her to slowly but surely drone towards the required organisational target; drop her bombs all over it, and chug back over the North Sea – usually with a rueful smile, half a wing blown off and one of her engines misfiring. 196 more words


Chinese New Year Dog Circus cancelled after taking online flak

(Source: sg.style.yahoo.com)

Following negative feedback from netizens, the Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018 show scheduled for February 2018 has been cancelled.

Ticketing operator Sistic updated its original post on the show – which was cancelled on Saturday (9 December) – and assured members of the public that the concerns voiced would be taken “very seriously”. 175 more words

Current Affairs

Rolling forward

Vehicles of the leichte Flak-Abteilung 74 (mot) (74th light motorised anti-aircraft battalion) roll forward in the central sector of the Eastern Front in the dust and heat of the summer of 1941. 186 more words

Eastern Front

Drawing flak, Scotland ex-first minister to host Russia Today chatshow

EDINBURGH (Reuters) – Top Scottish nationalist Alex Salmond is under fire for agreeing to host a Russia Today talkshow, but the man who once sought to split Scotland from the United Kingdom rejects suggestions he is helping Moscow or perceived Kremlin mischief-making in Europe.