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Hong Kong deports Canadians activists before torch relay

I’m not sure why anyone would want to take a chance at going to the Olympics anyway. If your name is on a list, or it sounds like some one else’s you could be wasting your time and get deported from the Olympics. 248 more words

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Olympic Sponsor Report Card: Most Flunk

Seems the world is heading into a devastating 21st century!

What kind of world is it when corporations, or countries for that matter, don’t question Genocide for fear of business repercussions or threats of losing a visa, if they say anything about the complicity of Genocide… 338 more words


China tries to limit Internet vitriol toward the West

Chinese counter protesters should use the energy to rally behind Tibet; get their own government to fix the grievance issues of Tibet, Darfur and Burma. Genocide is what they should be concerned about not themselves. 926 more words

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China Hits Out At Olympic Protests

The torch will be in San Francisco, tomorrow, April 8th & 9th.

China Hits Out At Olympic Protests
Chinese state television and the English-language China Daily newspaper focused on the larger crowds of well-wishers who lined the route and British sports celebrities holding the torch, showing little or nothing of the protests.

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Olympic flame arrives in London amid Tibet controversy

Steve Redgrave doesn’t get it!

I’d be ashamed to carry the torch with China’s track record in the 21s century, it’s worse than the US! At least the Falun Gong can practice their peaceful faith without loosing a kidney, a heart or even a lung, as long as they are not harming any one else or taking live kidney’s. 264 more words

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Activists push for Olympic torchs S.F. route

Why would the Olympic committee give an honorable political event such as the World Games to a country that is complicit on the issue of Genocide in Darfur and the Cultural Genocide of the Tibetan people. 520 more words

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