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Killer on the loose II

Remember me? I’m the buginator, equipped with all kinds of bug killing equipment and methods. In my last posting my Louboutin shoes plus boxes, Chanel No 5 and liquid nitrogen found use in my bug hunt. 447 more words

Musk plans Boring Co. flamethrower rebranding to avoid customs scrutiny - The Verge

Bwahahahaha! Well, apparently importing and exporting something with ‘flame thrower’ as part of the product name may be causing Elon Musk some problems. There are some 20,000 pre-orders for his boring company flame thrower, a gift he promised people (for some reason that I cannot recall this moment). 112 more words


Who Needs Elon Musk? Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer That Shoots Flames

For those disappointed in Elon Musk selling out of his 50,000 flamethrowers, Amazon may have the answer.  The company pulled the Salon Grade Hair Dryer… 299 more words


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California politician will seek sale ban on Elon Musk’s Boring Company flamethrower

So much fuss over a little ol’ flamethrower


Have a Cause. Please Help if you can afford it. Thanks for your donation. 964 more words

Elon Musk Made $3.5 Million Selling His 'Boring' Flamethrower

Elon Musk just made millions from what was basically a joke. His ‘Boring Company’ famous for hats posted a brand new product on Sunday.

Musk joked back in December that if his company sold 50,00 hats that he’d start selling flame throwers, and that’s exactly what happened. 72 more words