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Choice of Conservative flame-thrower Bannon shows Trump sticking with his outsider instincts

WASHINGTON (AP) — Stephen Bannon, a leading force of the far-right, a flame-throwing media mogul and professional provocateur, a man who made a career out of roiling the establishment from the outside, just landed squarely on the inside. 787 more words

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dare i proceed?

Do I dare investigate this phenomenon you’re having on me…

Where my heart needs a personal trainer

like my soul needs a lion tamer.

Would the flame thrower… 50 more words


Fire Breathing Animatronic Waterfowl, Just Because

Unless you’re a collector or a hunter, waterfowl decoys are pretty boring. Radio controlled decoys that can putt around are kind of cool. But a radio controlled animatronic fire-breathing decoy? 197 more words

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Daily Sketch 66 - Look what the frig dragged in.

Those were very rare times (where I actually cleaned it, most of the times I am of the view that what evolves in the refrigerator stays in the refrigerator)….but the “Man” said there was some bogus apartment complex rule how refrigerators should not be moving around like a hermit crab. 10 more words

Swift and Fierce: The Rivals

(Episode 5) Uh oh! Sensei’s been kidnapped by a rival ninja team! Do Swift and Fierce have what it takes to beat these dark ninjas and save their beloved mentor? 6 more words


RC Mini Flame Thrower Brings the Burn

It goes without saying that a radio controlled mini flame thrower can be nothing but a bad idea and you should never, ever build one. But once you watch the video below, you’ll be tempted to try. 128 more words

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