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The sands of time are sinking.

One of the things I am happy about it that I don’t have to be responsible for the minutes of anything now. I have the luxury  of being able to  do things because I want to, not because I have to. 660 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Finishing Off The Bottom End

Oil Pump

The next item on the installation list is the oil pump.  I rebuilt the pump many weeks ago now, and it has been sitting on the bench wrapped in plastic waiting for the engine to be ready for it. 378 more words

1959 Fin Monster

Nearly back to "Normal" (??)

I have removed myself from several on-line groups that I belonged to. I really had not a lot in common with them to begin with – indeed the only thing we really had in common was our collective use of ringed planners i.e. 604 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Now you know Friday

South Africans can legally attach flamethrowers to cars to repel carjackers.


Wicked Wake Up Call: Slater The Snow Remover

Slater gives Matt a call to offer his snow removal services…with a flame thrower.

Have a friend you want to disrupt with a Wicked Wake-Up Call? 16 more words