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Adding fuel to the flames

So, the Tor editors are hunkered down behind the curtain walls of their fortress while pots of Greek fire splatter against the battlements and brimstone runs down the scarred masonry like water. 269 more words

Hugo Awards

Argument & Censorship, Opposition & Oppression

A friend of mine passed me an article about millennials and George Orwell, which claimed that young people on the internet are bullying others mercilessly who are out of step with the dogmas of the left.  231 more words

My Theory of Social Media.............Confirmed!!

Ever since the advent of social media, I have long believed that it has always had the power to show not only the best in people but also the worst.   95 more words


Social Justice via Social Media?

Before you hit “post” on your next clever and profound critique of a group, tactic, and/or fellow activist, you might wanna ask yourself a few questions: 161 more words

Midnight Snack: Comedians Debate God's Existence and It's Hilarious

We try to get all our posts up before sundown, but every once in a whilewe find something that needs to be shared… 85 more words