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This is a webpage dedicated exclusively to the creation of logos and titles. It is very effective due to its wide variety of fonts, options and the fact that it is free for personal use.



Changing how we think about 'flaming'

Reconceptualizing ‘flaming’ and other problematic messages | Patrick B O’Sullivan – Academia.edu.

[P]erspectives on flaming suffer from imprecision in conceptual and operational definitions that stem from an overemphasis on message content versus message context.”- Patrick B. O’Sullivan

Verbal Abuse

Social Media #2: Facebook

“The first rule of marketing, Deborah, is not to hard sell, but to offer something attractive. The hard sell doesn’t work in our field. We have to be credible and develop trust. 759 more words


Jon Ronson and Public Shaming

If you are not familiar with Jon Ronson he is writer and contributor to radio programs/podcasts such as This American Life, BBC Radio, Reply All. … 47 more words

Verbal Abuse

Fire-Fighting: Flaming in the Online and Political Arena

In the UK, we’ve just witnessed the 2015 BBC Election Debate. Now you could chat about Miliband’s Uncanny Valley rhetoric style, or Nigel Farage playing ‘drunk yet jovial racist uncle at Christmas dinner’. 945 more words


headache and heartbreak, don’t strike a stake
in chest ache, crying pain blood down white rain
heart pain, my blood washes down the drain
shed tears no tears suicide fears white hot tears… 165 more words


Never Feed the Trolls!

Report: Trolls can be detected early on – KCTV5.

I’ve been a moderator in various forums online over the years. My number one axiom is ‘Never Feed the Trolls!’ 19 more words