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Solace and solitude in Stockholm

It is a strange feeling indeed when you spend the morning reading Murakami, alone in a hotel room in a country far far away. Fortunately for me, the sun was shining bright, revealing Stockholm’s warmer tone and texture. 503 more words

Travel & Experiences


Cities smell different at night, they smell more like themselves and less like car fumes and people. I was thinking about that when I was walking home after midnight earlier this week. 581 more words


From the Streets

‘Flâneuse  , noun, from the French. Feminine form of flâneur , an idler, a dawdling observer, usually found in cities.’ Lauren Elkin

Flâneuse-ing around London and Bristol



Maitreyee B Chowdhury (Guest-Editor) is a poet, writer, and columnist based out of Bangalore. She has two books to her credit: Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen: Bengali Cinema’s First Couple… 521 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Guest-Editorial: The importance of being a Flâneur today

By Maitreyee B Chowdhury

In the summer of 2017, I decided to venture into a walking trip through four European countries – eat food on the streets, listen for hours to furious music from forgotten Harps, raise my wined nose to Jazz history, and find stories of Catalonian independence on roads dotted with Spanish Civil war blood. 986 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Flaneuse in an Indian city

By Yamini Krishna

Susan Buck-Morris writes, “I mean this: the flaneur was simply the name of a man who loitered; but all women who loitered risked being seen as whores, as the term “street-walker” or “tramp” applied to women makes clear.” 1,089 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012