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Carne Asada with a Nicaraguan Twist

Many of us know and love Carne Asada. Commonly, Carne Asada is marinated in lime juice and garlic. This recipe opts for a marinade of orange juice and onions. 132 more words

Skirt Steak

Marinated Bavette Steak

Bavette steak is what we refer to as flank steak. As always, with this cut of meat, it is wholly improved with a good, long marinade. 161 more words


Thai Beef With Onions, Peppers and Pad Thai Noodles

Often Asian cuisines, such as Thai versus Chinese,  have many of the same ingredients like ginger  or soy sauce. Also, there are some ingredients that set them apart. 507 more words



Stuffed flank steak has been one of my favorite foods for over 50 years. It is one of my family’s favorites, too. But honestly, our version has gotten a little boring. 505 more words


Bon Appetit

After an inexcusably long break from anything other than the most rudimentary cooking  I attempted an evening of gastronomic wonder last night.  My inspiration was the August 2017 issue of Bon Appetit titled, “the Simple issue.”  Each recipe maxes out at five ingredients (or at least it’s supposed to. 930 more words

Amateur Cooking

A mixture of several things in no particular order

When I reminisce about my time in New Orleans, one of the things I miss the most is having impromptu cook outs in the backyard with friends. 577 more words


Drunken Steak

This is my mother’s recipe. If you know my mother, you know how amazing of anything she cooks is. If you don’t know her, take my word for it. 216 more words