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The Scratching Post

What’s This Stuff called Eczema,Anyway?
When my two youngest children were newborns and their skin was in ,what I call,”the lizard stage“,I slapped some “ 1,230 more words
Atopic Eczema

Week 4, Live and Learn, Erythirtol in Truvia

Last Thursday I had nasty symptoms which have lingered, but they are starting to subside today.  So I have wondered, as I am not officially diagnosed as IBS, if the low FODMAP approach will really be the answer.   527 more words

Basic INFO

Psoriasis flare up.

After 3 months of no red meat, sugar, wheat, alcohol, dairy I had 2 meatballs.the day after by elbows started to itch and I could see redness and my psoriasis flare up.Now I am not sure if it as the meat but I am surely not going to eat any meat for a long time maybe never and see what happens.   54 more words

The Fiber Question

If you have IBS or IBS-like digestive problems,  you are well aware of the conflicting pros and cons of dietary fiber.  A number of web sites have articles on this subject.   463 more words


Recovery Day

I am bouncing back from yesterday.  My morning started a little on the late side, but it is Saturday after all.  By 10:30AM I was feeling nearly normal.   94 more words


Sick Day & Saltines

Just one week ago I heard the acronym FODMAP for the first time.

I had been sailing along happily, then BINGO — Warning, we are headed into “too much information“ territory:   5:30AM, my head is splitting, I cannot lift it from my pillow, an hour passes and I have got to move because I feel like I am going to vomit (I am not prone to vomiting), I make it to the bathroom but just dry heaves — I still feel miserable but pee is all that comes out of me. 402 more words


It's OK when things don't go our way..

I had a great Easter weekend planned. We were going to go camping for 4 days and 3 nights with our friends at a campsite by the beach, just 30 minutes away from home. 605 more words