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Arthritis explained (a little) 

I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. It’s not even that funny, but I just thought it summed up everything nicely.

I have arthritis and most of you will think of old people who creak when they move but in reality it can affect everyone and anyone. 954 more words


Stay Invested. How to NOT freak out over flare ups

We have all been there.

Your patient has been doing SO well! Consistent with their home exercises, hardly any pain when they come into clinic, their stride is bouncy and effortless, they are nothing but rainbows and unicorns… 461 more words



I’m not sure where to begin. I’m having pain and severe fatigue so much so that I’m trying to find someone to help me during the day with my son. 213 more words

MCTD - Mixed connective tissue disease - Flare ups ?

I’ve always thought of me and this disease having good days and bad days. Is that what’s meant by a ‘flare ups’? Today is a good day. 475 more words

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease - Flare Ups

meals with a flare

My husband got his current flare-up a week ago. I read that a few of the best things to eat to help you get through a flare is bananas, white bread, and potatoes. 413 more words

going through a flare

Flare ups are of the devil! I feel awful when this happens to my husband! It is horrible to see him depressed and in pain. It makes me feel like crying. 176 more words

We Care About Your Flare!

By Riva Preil

With only two sessions remaining to the “semester,” have YOU taken advantage of your opportunity to learn at The School of Pelvic Health yet?  327 more words

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