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An Embarrassing Skin Condition?

I scratched and scratched. I was only about 9 or 10 when I started to develop a white patch on my leg.

So my mother took me to our Doctor and I was told I had Eczema. 418 more words

Things Ahead

Looking to the future is hard when you are chronically ill, when you practice all day every day taking it an hour at a time and making tons of small decisions. 250 more words

Autoimmune Disease

NEW Flexitol Kids Range

Flexitol introduces a new regimen of steroid free eczema care designed specifically for babies and kids!

Flexitol understands the challenges that kids with eczema face on a day to day basis. 196 more words



This ad has a beautiful message, I’ve had to share it on here. Things have moved on and it shouldn’t be just women doing all the house chores. 240 more words

Omg Pain

My nerve pain these last couple of days has been so bad. Normally I can just get through it but tonight I cannot even walk. I am in so much pain. 157 more words

Life Blogs

My body hates me

I haven’t done much today. Mostly lived between the couch, my bed, and my bathroom. I haven’t showered since yesterday afternoon. My hair is greasy. I couldn’t drive today to get meds because my blood pressure was scary low. 603 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Breaking through my cycle of loss

When you have a chronic illness it can feel like you’re repeatedly experiencing loss. Loss of ability, loss of energy, loss of identity, loss of sexuality, loss of fun and recreation, loss of friendship, loss of love and so on. 1,623 more words