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Stress will be the death of me. 

I am currently trying to find someone to remodel my bathroom back home. I am staying with family, until construction is completed.

I am really missing living alone and being free of constant human contact. 489 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Pain flare ups with fibromyalgia

I find there are a few reasons our bodies hurt, for me I’ve put them in to 3 categories:-

  • Psychological; for instance when I get stressed or I am under pressure, say from work, my brain then relays this into physical pain into my weak spots – my spine.
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Listen to Your Body

The most difficult thing we learn with chronic illness/conditions is to listen to our body. It does not happen overnight…it takes time…and going through the cycles…then one day you awake to find yourself recognizing the pattern. 236 more words

A quieter time

I stopped taking methotrexate back in December, so I thought I’d report back on how things have been since then. First of all, I noticed the difference in my energy, mood and anxiety almost immediately after stopping. 748 more words

Palindromic Rheumatism

The Endo Diet

In my last blog post I talked a little about endometriosis and my case of it. If you’re looking for safe foods or foods to avoid here is a list for you all. 122 more words


Katana Thoughts: My Christmas

My Christmas Day w/ His Lovely Family

it was truly a nerve wrecking day..well at least the day before Christmas Day… I met my boyfriend’s family on his mother’s side, but I didn’t get to meet her. 1,075 more words


Gout: Managing Flare-Ups at Home

Chronic illness sufferers have become all too acquainted to living with chronic pains. And, gout sufferers are no exception. Few things are more painful than a joint that is red, inflamed, swollen, and radiating heat, during a gout flare-up. 431 more words