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Last Night

Another long night of keeping watch without a fire. I can smell olives on the trees. There is noise all around: the stirrings of a breeze, a restless unseen creature, or something more sinister? 1,114 more words



Documenting my first endeavor into Swiffy ( lazy Flash banner ad redo for HTML 5) Personally I believe that unless you don’t have access to the assets it should just be rebuilt with Greensock and JavaScript…. 193 more words


Sketches at the Inquisition

The Monster was born, far from the vast and glowing Metropolis, in the Hills where only the odd light flickered in the distance, beacons for the weary traveller, too long tossed about by the tempests of the road. 1,425 more words


Fun Shit To Say

“You know, every time I walk down this alleyway, I think I’m gonna see Batman.”

“You know what would make a good band name? Surgical gloves and toast.” 76 more words


The Return

The hole was covered by a large and somewhat thick piece of styrofoam, like those used to protect electronics, that had gone yellow from the sun and was beginning to disintegrate. 836 more words