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Flash basics - Lighting two planes

If you don’t know the strobist, you should have a look at David Hobby’s excellent blog. A newspaper photographer by trade, David shares a lot of information about the way he lights and shoots. 474 more words


Background Tests

I am helping out a friend to correct and color his comic. I loved his story, and I couldn’t believe all the material he has already made he hasn’t done anything with it! 27 more words

How to trigger an off-camera flash without using a wireless flash trigger (or a cable)

Imagine you’ve just turned up at your all important shoot where you’ll be using flash. You have your flash guns, your light stands and modifiers. All you’ve forgotten is the wireless trigger! 323 more words


In A Flash: The Dame

“There’s a woman here to see you. Real looker.” Daisy said, sticking her head in through Murphy’s door.

Murphy nodded to send her in. He got a good look at her as she came in through the door. 1,184 more words


In A Flash: Dime Novel Denouement

This moment does not seem to be a moment. It seems endless, interminable. An internment camp. The holding pen before the gulag. Devoid creatures wander through the night along empty streets, straying from the light. 713 more words


In A Flash: The Warder

Xan the Warder stared at the newcomer with a skeptical eye. The man was a sorcerer of some kind, to judge by his robes. Xan knew little of magic, but enough to know that its users were not to be trusted. 1,362 more words


In A Flash: Joe's Shoe Repair

There was a place on 14th called Joe’s Shoe Repair. It had a small storefront, with a two storey ranch style house erupting out behind it, as if a tumor had metastasized in the shop’s rear wall, resulting in the development of some entirely new construction. 1,757 more words