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In A Flash: Men of Twilight

His first mistake had been coming to this anonymous warehouse on the outskirts of the city alone and at night, without telling anyone where he was going or what he was doing. 1,257 more words


In A Flash: Crazy Eddie

Crazy Eddie, the neighborhood kids called him, though no one knew his name. He moved into the Caldwell’s house that summer, after it had sat empty over the winter, following their move to Arizona. 1,405 more words


In A Flash: The Woman Who Didn't Speak

The sky was grey with cloud that promised rain. Marjiana eyed it with distrust as she set off down the road. She had learned to prepare for the worst. 1,269 more words


The Flash - Season 2 - Episode 18 - Recap and Review

Last time out, the Flash time travelled to his own past and messed a whole bunch of stuff up. It would seem that the show is just trying to ignore the ramifications of Barry’s time meddling as no reference is made in this week’s episode to the fact that Hartley Rathaway is now a reformed villain or that the Time Wraith could still be lurking at any moment. 1,726 more words


Flash Fiction: Cold War

She was prone to overthinking – thinking formed a wall guarded by a process she pretended to control. She deployed distractions and analysis with Soviet subtlety, creating, over time, a Byzantine web of protections. 139 more words


In A Flash: The Dominion of the Orb

The screams on the battlefield had quietened, though the odd moan still pierced through the fog that continued to gather as day became night. A few battle orcs wandered the killing fields, finishing off those who remained alive, while the rest began the march on in pursuit of the fleeing horde. 1,243 more words