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In A Flash: The Day Email Ended

Day One:

On the first day without email, they all pretended to grumble and complain, but secretly they were delighted to be free. Free from the constant glancing at their inboxes. 1,056 more words


Dad Flash Animation

Working in a small animation for my dad in flash in Bob’s Burger style. Here are some posses.

He loves grilling and bbqs.

In A Flash: You Are Not Wanted Here

The books were laughing at me. Their spines cracked and groaned as they flipped open, the pages riffling like an orchestra of wheezing accordions.

I stared at them in wonder and horror, unable to comprehend how they were moving of their own accord. 1,006 more words


DC TV SDCC '16 Plans - Flash & Supergirl TV Guide Covers

Warner bros. have announced what plans they have for their TV properties in San Diego for Comic Con 2016 next week. Here are details of where and at what time you can check the panels out. 755 more words


In A Flash: Menu Del Día

Gerald grimaced against the glare of the sun as he stared down the teeming street. The faces shifted rapidly across his frame of vision, the calls of the hawkers drowning out any chatter on the street that the clatter of the vehicles trundling by did not. 1,313 more words


In A Flash: How to Make Love Like a Warlock

Although many exhaustive and learned volumes have been published on the subject of amorous instruction, I feel much remains to be said on the matter, especially as it pertains to the copulatory habits of warlocks and other masters of dark magic. 1,135 more words


In A Flash: Felipe

Anna smiled as the security agent handed back her passport and moved forward to the conveyer belt. As she pulled out some trays from the stack and set her belongings in them, she glanced up and saw Felipe in the line across from her and frowned. 1,290 more words

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