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#Autism Positivity2015: Acceptance, Love, and Self-care

By Autistic Vegan

I’m a day late.  I guess that’s the point though, of self care.  I’m learning to not live my life according to other people’s standards.   219 more words


H on Acceptance, Love and Self-Care: #AutismPositivity2015

By H

Acceptance is
knowing people have your back.
Acceptance feels like
it is safe to be yourself.

Self-care is
fidgets in my pocket,
stimming, 87 more words

Flash Blog Posts

Because One Post Wasn’t Enough: Acceptance, Love and Self-care: #AutismPositivity2015

By Alexandra Forshaw

I fear my traitorous mind;
Prized asset, golden treasure
In which lurks a monster:
One I cannot hope to control.

Lying in wait it watches, 206 more words


Come Stim With Me (#AutismPositivity2015 Flashblog)

By Michael Scott Monje Jr

 I’ve been doing a lot of work lately, to keep everything flowing the way it needs to be and to ensure Autonomous Press launches with impeccable timing. 221 more words


Laughter is the all the things: Acceptance, Love and Self-care #AutismPositivity2015

By Bernice M. Olivas

Laughter is the all the things.

“There are perks to autism.”
My lunch companion is skeptical.
“Autism gives me time.”
They don’t understand and that’s okay because I’m happy to explain it. 194 more words


The Only Things I'm Positive About #AutismPositivity2015

By Kerima Çevik

My husband and I took a moment to watch our son asleep this morning. He was wrapped in a tangle of sheets, unwilling to release his firm grip on a tiny piece of plastic that looked to be a lego piece. 874 more words


"her S" Diary of a Mom: #AutismPositivity2015

{Image is a photo of Brooke in our friend’s pool on Monday afternoon, just moments before the following conversation took place.} 

“When I was a baby, did you make me austistic?” 185 more words