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DANGEROUS PEOPLE (Short Story: 5142 words)

I first saw Joe as he was approaching me on his motorcycle. He wore a black helmet, a leather jacket, pants with pads and thick leather boots. 5,335 more words


Noises In The Sky

Separately they would have amounted to nothing more than a curiosity, but together, well, that was a different matter. Together they spelled the change of everything that was known. 376 more words


The Ex Factor

It was another ‘Downtime’ – they were once called ‘weekends: Saturdays and Sundays’ but that was a naming that had long since ceased. When the Provost and his Cabinet felt that the country had done enough, then a Downtime was declared. 451 more words


Me and Buzz and the Olimpicks

Buzz was just Buzz and things weren’t gonna change that – no matter how hard anyone tried.

There was a time when he was gonna be a movie star, then there was the time when he was gonna be President, and then that crazy summer when he said he was gonna be in the Olimpicks (or somethin’ like that).Now I ain’t too sure about what the Olimpicks are, but I think they has got to do with runnin’ and stuff – serious runnin’. 625 more words


Three Line Tales : No more fairy tales

photo by Wynand von Poortvliet – click here for full res version


She sits on the parapet, looking down to the rocks below. How many times has she unfurled her crowning glory, let the silken rope tumble from her shoulders, down the tower walls to yet another True Love, each hair root a point of agony, pulled until it seems her scalp will moult like snakeskin? 93 more words

99 word story - The Bird

This happened this morning. Every word is true.

On a cold, damp, May morning, my son and I were walking to the school breakfast club. There’s a serenity to that hour that the day erodes, bit by bit, as the noise seeps in. 70 more words


elixir (300)

widdershins, came the voice from behind me, somewhere to my right. i stirred, raising my head, murmuring the incantation slower than before.

turn to the voice, i could not. 268 more words

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