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Story A Day Challenge - Day 2 - Flea

Today’s prompt was really hard for me. It was just a little too detailed. Because of this I felt restricted. My mind was a blank and my muse was having none of it. 438 more words


Tallest on the Block

“Hey Gary. Gary. Gary!”

“Yeah Carl?”

“Having a hard time hearing today?”

“Lot of traffic, Carl. You know how it is. Honking and such. Plus my lightning tower was hit last night, I’m still buzzing from that. 126 more words

Short Story

Smoke on the Horizon

Extreme weather leads to natural disasters. Flames crown ridges of drought-dry trees; greasy debris churns down rain-sodden slopes; and unexpected water displaces lives. Regional disasters, weather related and often people oriented, becomes smoke on the horizon that the world can see. 1,883 more words


Prairie Blues

by Bradley Sides

When I was a kid, the joke in my family was that I couldn’t keep my head out of the clouds. Ma and Pa would laugh and carry on such foolishness, like I was the oddest boy that ever walked the prairie. 527 more words

Flash Fiction

Little Ol' Henrietta

Henrietta Wilhelmina Rosenthorpe noticed the winter weeds starting to gather height and width within her pebbled path that lead to her favourite part of the garden. 561 more words


Mom On Strike

Am I the only one who sees the dirty dishes in the sink? Apparently so. And why are they in the sink? The dishwasher is right beside the sink! 147 more words


Time Keeper

She winds the clock key – turning it twelve times. She paces the small room – high-barred window – padded walls, walking it twelve turns. She stops and lies down, thin cot – no blanket – waiting for the clock to strike thirteen. 82 more words