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“Baby, baby, oh…”

She sang, a spring in her step,

having aborted.


Nut Allergy

Ruby reached into the bowl and pulled out a chocolate. It was a delicious-looking chocolate ball, and as the conversation flowed around her, she popped it into her mouth and bit down. 203 more words

Short Story

Flash Fiction - Two Examples

For more than two years, I wrote a flash fiction story every week. As I love alliteration, I wrote the story on a Friday so I could call it Friday flash fiction. 326 more words


Riginal Osin

Riginal Osin says that children, with common sense guidance, should grow up sure that no one will deceive them.

Riginal Osin says that there are no sinners because there is no such thing as sin, only mistakes, forgivable and unforgivable. 1,863 more words

Short Fiction

Indoor Tennis

Louis bounced the tennis ball on the ground. He knew it would annoy the neighbours downstairs, but they were always annoyed.

He threw the ball up, raised his arm, and hit the ball toward the net. 132 more words

Short Story

I Want Doesn’t Get

by Anne Goodwin

I wanted cheesecake and a chocolate fountain but I didn’t want to pop the button on my best black skirt. I wanted a bronze plaque on a bench beside the bowling green and souvenir service sheets on embossed paper with a photo at the front. 411 more words

Flash Fiction

Jarrod’s Revenge

Jarrod walked with purpose when going to the cave which had a huge stone in front of it. When he and Wayne’s mates got there he said to them “push away the stone.” Billy, Wayne’s best friend, said “Jarrod, your brother is gonna stink to high heaven, ‘coz he’s been in there too long”. 1,652 more words

Short Fiction