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The Blue Way River Hotel

You know it ain’t a hotel, right? I mean let’s get that out-of-the-way from the start. Some punk years ago called it the Blue Way River Hotel as a joke and the name kinda stuck. 1,097 more words


Once Upon A Time In New York City

I guess I’d been running ever since I’d left San Antonio; maybe it’s a universal truth that we’re all running from something, or maybe to something. 2,041 more words


The contest

Breakfast is at 7:30 sharp. The mess is hot with bodies, hungry and mean with boredom. I slept badly – I was on larvae duty last night, and that means broken sleep. 1,004 more words


FFfAW: The End?

The End?

“It’s finally over.” Jonin’s voice held a mixture of relief and sorrow as he gazed at the courtyard below.

Helleni hummed her agreement. Leaning into his embrace, she watched in satisfaction as the final cobble was laid.  188 more words

Flash Fiction

We Walked A Path Once

We walked a path once,

You and I,

And shared some gentle time while basking in the sun,

We walked a road once,

You and I, 89 more words

Flash Fiction

The Curious Case At Victory Mansions

From the top of Victory Mansions, it was said that you could see the whole of the world and a few miles beyond that. Mr Edward Shrew was the owner of the highest room in the building and would sometimes charge a penny to any passer-by who wanted to see the ends of the Earth. 739 more words


Me and Buzz and Soccer and Filmin'


One of the other times that Buzz had a mid-life crisis was that summer when his first hair grew out of his chin. You would have thought that he was Fu Man Choo or somethin’. 1,327 more words