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rustic plastic flower pots, empty seed boxes,
wanton rakes, shiny blue hoes, and general crap strew the garden,

frit chickens stand hushed for once:

parched crisp hollow… 62 more words



Shelly took off her jacket, shook it, and laid it down on the grass. She sat, looked around, the unzipped her backpack to take out the food. 255 more words

Short Story

The Woman Who Gave Birth to a Bat

by Anne Summerfield

You never forget the first time you see your baby.

For a moment, before anyone noticed she had woken from the anaesthetic, stillness cooled around her. 558 more words

Flash Fiction

And the Playground Was Empty

We all have expectations. A good writer will break an expectation to set a tone or create something new. The idea of an empty playground goes against the expectation that children are free to play. 2,119 more words


"Call Him Brother."

​She was present when he was brought back from the hospital. As a toddler, I’m sure she did not understand why her mom had left her for a whole night in another person’s house, or why when she came to pick her up, her mom was carrying a tiny baby with such a pink-reddish face. 562 more words

Views And Feelings

#tuesdayuseitinasentence: Void

I say I am hurt. You say nothing.

I say my head is too heavy to lift from the pillow. You look away.

I say every part of me hurts. 89 more words

On a Boat in the Fog

“I did something really bad,” he said to me. “It’s not that I haven’t regretted it, I have, but time is a strange thing and the guilt always subsided and I felt the urge to do it again. 2,072 more words