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Three Line Tales

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Five more steps and she’d be at the centre of the bridge – too late to turn back, to rethink, to think at all. 100 more words


Making Friends

Ramona stood at the entrance to the pub, searching. The group said to meet there – look for a guy with glasses and a bright red shirt, he had said in a message. 265 more words

Short Story

The Set

It was difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when Toby’s set fell apart. He had been drinking, but not so much that he couldn’t stand up. 510 more words

Flash Fiction

I may have sort of accidentally adopted five cats (flash fiction)

I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats. I’m still not even entirely sure I am a cat person, but now that I have five of them I guess I had better make my mind up one way or another. 230 more words

Flash Fiction

February 10: Flash Fiction Challenge

Cute and furry are the mountain goats that live atop Scotchman Peaks in northern Idaho. Even their scientific name, oreamnos americanus, labels them as cute. It means, “a mountain lamb belonging to America.” Aw, what could be cuter than a mountain lamb? 1,481 more words

Flash Fiction

Meet the Parents

It was almost midday and they’re running late. Noah and Ari are still driving to the docks where Noah’s parents waited at Island Grill for a seafood lunch. 250 more words

Random Thoughts

Snuck Out

“I think she’s sleeping now.”, I say straining my ears and trying to hear even tiny shuffles.

“It’s been less than five minutes! It’s not possible just yet. 201 more words