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daylight robbery

dawn breaks on the bough

replacing weary night;

werewolf and dogman

return to their lairs;

and, we ride out

to snatch Tyburn’s necklace,

and plant it deep in

undiscovered clays


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by Rebecca Lyon

The headlines said he fell because he thought he could fly. He didn’t. He fell because he was off his fucking face and I know because I was there. 200 more words

Flash Fiction

Friday Morning FYI - 7/22/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning Sunday Evening FYI – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

I’m super late on this week’s FYI because I spent Friday getting tattooed and writing, and Saturday cleaning my place, doing a lot of… 70 more words


Another Day

Girls walked in clusters, their red skirts swirling in the soft breeze. He watched them as they went into the opposite building. They seemed flustered, steaks of hair escaping from their braids. 181 more words



Flash Fiction July, 23

The letter skims through the slot in the door, drifts to the ground with barely a whisper. It’ll stay there all day, and easily for the rest of the night; its intended recipient is out, working late and then going on out to dinner. 942 more words


A Poet's Poem

Janie was a poet, and poorly poet she,

With every poem Janie wrote, she languished in obscurity.

There was no rhyme or reason, nor metre to her words, 167 more words

Short Story


A giant slug,
six inches long,
Herefordshire resident;
Lettuce pray!
4.43pm GMT
I became old,


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