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A New Direction

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful comments and support. You are limitlessly fantastic and I hope you know how much you’ve made me laugh, smile, and beam with pride from your wonderful words. 172 more words

Everyday Life

Friday Fictioneers - A 100 word Challenge from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Wrong Turn

My fingers were crisp and crooked, as I choked the cast iron knocker. The wooden door bellowed an obnoxious pound, which left the blizzard echoing a curious sound. 96 more words

Flash FIction

[Flash Fiction Friday] - Lickety Split

Tom was in heaven. With her thighs on either side of his head acting as fleshy earmuffs and his nose nuzzling against the tiny pink nubbin of her clitoris, if Tom had a heart attack right here and now, he’d die happy. 169 more words


Cherry Blossom

The scent of cherry blossom always reminded her of innocence. Being a child, skipping alongside her mother on her way to school during the spring term. 350 more words

Flash Fiction

Elven Magic

“Do you believe in elves?” Richard asked, his eyes staring up at the fluorescent ceiling light.

Isabel looked around her, then to the light above her head where Richard was staring. 216 more words

Short Story

Universal Translator

Day 21 of the A-to-Z challenge. U is for Universal Translator, a vital but invisible part of most science fiction. Because Star Trek just wouldn’t be the same if Captain Kirk had to woo green alien women with the aid of an intepreter. 647 more words


New Fiction

Loan Document

Flash Fiction

by Charles McKelvy

The last person in the world they wanted to know about the loan they had made to a friend in need was his mother. 399 more words

Flash Fiction