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Friday Fictioneers: Help me

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

‘What’s your tag?’

Ethan jumps, aerosol sputtering, prickles of black paint hitting his new trainers.


There’s a girl – narrow shoulders humped under a too-big coat – standing at the edge of the footbridge. 92 more words

horror, 1.1 (150)

we were in the third decade of working on delaying death: by this point we had managed to administer trials which let people live healthy lives until they were 145 years old. 119 more words


An Ass

Josh was a mule, and a pretty mule at that.

He was reasonably tall (for a mule) and strong, with wide grey shoulders and a determined mind. 216 more words

Short Story


by Howie Good


There’s a screaming woman with blood on her hands. She’s begging me for help. But, first, I must identify the celebrity in a T-shirt that says “Dear God, Fuck You.” My answer gets entered with all the others into a computer for a chance to win one of a thousand prizes. 245 more words

Flash Fiction

Home Secretary

loitering waist deep 
in lush plush blue grass

Reginald Maudling
resident garden tree gnome

disappears most nights
reappears most days


Harlekan Tears

The noose was too loose; the trap door stuck.
‘Lydia Steptoe, you are, by dint of serendipity, free to roam the earth, jejune and fancy free’ 1,075 more words


"Trick or Treat!"

The small town of Remington Hills had been dreading for this time of the year to come. The year before, the town was marked with a horrendous event that would stay forever with all of them. 189 more words

Flash Fiction