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The Call

The phone rings. The voice on the other end say “we need you again”, then hangs up.

I want to pretend I didn’t hear her, go back in time and not answer the call. 65 more words

Flash Fiction

The Street With No Name

She lived on a street with no name; the street that is, not her. She was called Conchita and she had spent all her life on the no-name street. 480 more words

Flash Fiction

The Sky Watcher

He knew what it meant.

His grandfather had mentioned it to him during their walks. His grandfather had squeezed his hand tightly one night as they were looking at the moon and said, ‘keep watching the skies’. 598 more words


Thing and The Night

Thing missed being back at the cave. It was the one place that he knew his Mother and Father would eventually return. He had given up waiting on them and had struck out to see what was at the end of the world. 985 more words

Flash Fiction

Secret Things, Sweet Things

Secret Things

She awoke, as she did every morning to the sound of the muffled, shouting voice and the door being unlocked before repeatedly kicked. Slivers of sunlight were all that her young eyes could understand until she reached for the old spectacles that were her only possession. 1,985 more words


On the Run (part 2)

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I made the train.  I still don’t know how.  One minute I was running, sure I was going to miss it, the next, the locomotive slowed down to go through the tunnel.  377 more words

Creative Writing

#tuesdayuseitinasentence : Wrapped in a coat of feathery down

The hail came first, always. Before the gales blew slate from the rooves and rooves from the houses, before the snow fell thick as down, bleached heavy as if every watching eye had been poked blind. 86 more words

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