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May 25: Flash Fiction Challenge

White clouds scud across the blue skies of Kansas. An ocean of green grass spreads out below and I can imagine how the pioneer wagons with white tarps once mirrored the procession of cumulus clouds. 788 more words


Tag, You're It

Creaking floorboards alerted Mari that cousins were fast approaching. She was their easy target in the game of catch, but today she determined to outwit the whole lot.  72 more words


After moving up here to North Dakota, I noticed all these aging, empty buildings, mainly churches, as we explored the vast state.  I found myself wondering… 62 more words


Blinded by Hope

Blinded by hope, it wasn’t until she was at the meeting place – the old house in the woods, at exactly midnight – that she realised that she had, in all probability, walked into a trap…but it was too late now.

Creative Writing

Idle in 100 Words

In that long, ago summer, the city was like an inferno, there were ain’t no place to cool your heels. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the heat’s fault, at least not directly. 68 more words


Three Line Tales : Think the same, act the same, obey the same

photo by Carson Arias via Unsplash

My father used to say, ‘Push a child through school and all you get is a million minds that think the same, act the same, obey the same.’ 111 more words


Imaginary engine noise
Imaginary squashed grape:
Families of hyenas
Squabble over intestines
slope off lipsmacked cackling
—ugly little mind you have
Grimbeau’s fairy tells tales of… 104 more words