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Standing at the corner of Verlyn Street

I was fourteen the last time I stood on this corner. Look over there, that – what is it, a coffee shop? Wrought iron chairs and linen tablecloths taped to the tables? 286 more words

Indie Author

Fish (poached or flying?)

Trust Terence Scoggins, so read the legend— the waiter who could not stop waiting at tables from dawn til dusk only grabbing an hour or two on the camp bed by the galley, one ear open for the bell, the other for the sewer rats, a third for the tinnitis for what seemed like an eternity of circumstance and time… 284 more words


Nuclear Bombs

One lost nuclear bomb is a worry.

Two lost nuclear bombs are a greater worry.

Three lost nuclear bombs, though, means you should probably stop sending them with the cheapest courier service.

Short Story

Wet Ink

Freshly applied to the artist’s canvas, or scrolled across the page, wet ink implies an idea newly committed to expression. It’s still vulnerable to smudges and drips. 4,447 more words


A Nap Before Bed

I wrote this after a failed attempt at a nap before bed with my girlfriend. We established a new level of lazy together that we both love. 283 more words

Creative Writing

365 Days of Writing - 17

Day 17:
Setting: A Skyscraper
Character: A Crying Baby
Object: A Shopping Catalog

“No! Don’t do it! Don’t throw the baby!” she screamed as I paced the patio on the 53rd-floor of the high-rise building. 65 more words

Pete The Popcorn

To Court

“The court will now hear Johnson v Ekhoff. Ms. Johnson, you may begin.”

“Your honour, my associate, Mr. Ekhoff, totally stole my idea and tried to pass it off as his own. 228 more words

Short Story