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We Are Not Angels

Oakley balanced upon one leg, his arms out wide to steady him. He often did such things when June was acting oddly. She was sitting in a tearful hunch nearby, ripping herself apart from the inside all over again. 665 more words


A Story A Day Challenge 2017: Tasty Sole

Tasty Sole

Janice stooped to look under the kitchen table. Seeing the dog’s chew toy and part of a rawhide, she shook her head and stood. 78 more words

Don't repeat that

Each day the crowd grew larger. Rain or shine dedicated fans gathered around the aviary, pen and paper at the ready, waiting for that day’s pronouncement. 97 more words

Writing Prompt

A new beginning

And so the journey begins again. That lonely path towards writing my next ‘chick-lit’ novel. I’ve shared in the past excerpts so as to wet the appetite of potential future readers, so I share with you here the start of, “A Beautiful Tragedy; Sam’s Story.” This is still very much a raw, first draft of the first couple of pages, so comments and thoughts are very welcome. 851 more words