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A Pointless Tale About Nothing – Part 78

“I’m truly sorry, sir, but the dragon is completely booked today. You’ll have to come back and attempt to slay him another time.” The elderly knight returned to chiseling lines on his stone tablet without a further glance up. 514 more words


#Flights of Fancy: Wrong Side of the Bed... #Poetry

The wrong side of the bed

Me myself and I,

Really? The Trinity, the God spark?

Or should I say, the speck?

We see so little of Him…

81 more words
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To Celebrate a Poem for Nine Lives #MysteryThriller #Poetry

Anita has written a poem for my first book, Nine Lives…

So I thought it only write and proper, to celebrate in style and create a post for the occasion! 343 more words

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Flash Fiction: Above the Blue World

“How can you have it? We’re the most securely quarantined humans there are! We’re on the goddamned International Space Station!”

The doctor shook with fever. “I don’t know, Commander.” 30 more words


I Wanna Be Famous - Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers - 10/23/18

People think we fish are dummies, but in truth we are some of the smartest creatures around. Really, think about it, where do humans go to relax? 93 more words

The Immortals

I was 63 when it happened. Everyone else was 20ish, 30ish. The oldest 37, a sweet little number named Sella Suballa. But mine, long past my prime. 641 more words


Consider the Other Half

He always sleeps on one side of the bed. When posing for photographs he stands on the right. Lays two places at the table every evening and tries to not hog the sofa when watching television. 92 more words