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Finish The Story Installment



“Finish The Story” is a challenge thought up by TeresaGrabs (formerly the Haunted Wordsmith) .  She offers a bit of a story (the starting part) and then tags someone else ‘continue the tale” and they tag someone and so on…it can continue for quite some time or become truncated if someone doesn’t pick up the ball they’ve been tossed. 919 more words


Beach Day

This is one of Ino’s longer Flash Fiction stories

Seashells, pink and spiral, pointing towards the shore as they lie at the bottom of the clear, transparent water. 450 more words

Flash Fiction

A Story A Day Challenge 2020: Knightly Duties

Knightly Duties

“The city is safe once again, thanks to the Crimson Specter and his sidekick, Ghost Knight—”

“Clyde, honey, that is the corniest story you’ve written yet. 80 more words

Day 18 - January 18th, 2020

Creativity and Deadlines

It’s funny, deadlines can paralyze you, make you too aware of what you’re doing that you just can’t produce. The funny thing is the fact that that same deadline can make you productive. 58 more words

Flash Fiction

Futuristic sentences

“Lately I’ve been thinking about the future. And by looking at it from here, I can see, it lies so far away, it even can’t be reached by hand….” … 62 more words

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#WritePhoto - Keep

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

“When you’re dealt a King, never reshuffle. You may just end up with a joker.” That’s what my mother always said. 336 more words