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Genres..So Very Many

Genre:: a particular type or category of literature or art.http://i.word.com/idictionary/genre

Now I that’s easy enough to understand, right? But as time rolls forward the plethora of sub-genres grows almost daily. 913 more words


Picture it & Write: The Crossing

This is my entry into the Picture it and Write creative writing challenge hosted by the authors of Ermiliablog. I’ve seen a number of entries for this challenge in my reader over the last few weeks but I’ve never before entered. 289 more words

Creative Writing

The Hanged Man

“It’s over.”

“It never is.” Kevin got up, eyes still on his shoes, and left. His lessening shape moved into his room – a featureless, grey box – and the door silently slammed. 538 more words

Self Inflicted Wounds

Just had my first story published at the superbly gritty Pulp Metal Magazine. Check it out and while you’re there, peruse the great fiction and interviews therein. https://wp.me/pRUpz-15B

Flash Fiction

FROG 2.0 - in which a 21st century female Mangles the Work of the author formerly known as Samuel Clemens

This is my first time writing for Monday’s Finish the Story, and I know we’re supposed to write 100 to 150 word fiction, but I thought – just this once – it might be okay to relate a true story, based on a guy I once met. 160 more words

Flash Fiction

The Usual Suspects

Live, from the FML newsroom:

Cincinnati’s missing rum supply—and ruthenium tetroxide—have been confiscated from the Lindbourg residence.

Two minors are in custody.

Diligent FBI surveillance and Hazmat’s quick response are credited for circumventing the inception of a humanoid…

6 more words
Flash Fiction

A Story A Day Challenge: Firewood


Sam crouched next to the fire, holding out his hands to warm them. Being away from the house hadn’t been his intention, but at least he’d been smart enough to bring a pack of matches so he wouldn’t freeze. 65 more words

A Story A Day Challenge