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A Morning in Porto

It’s Saturday morning and I hear the sounds of Porto outside the hotel window. The city greets a new morning, while you burrow further under the duvet. 782 more words


Moderate to Poor, Becoming Good Later*

The dark cloud hanging over Ben has gone. He tells himself not to overreact, the respite might be brief. But his relief refuses to be contained. 116 more words


Six-Word Stories #2

Your suitcase is packed. Please leave.

“It’s a boy!” “No it’s not.”

Wanted: Friend who makes me smile.

House for rent. Must like ghosts.

Prose And Poetry

StoryADay in May -- Day Thirty: Fluttering Bird Wings

Prompt: Write a story about the impact of art (I chose the loss of “real” books)

Fluttering Bird Wings

             Maya had never seen a real, honest-to-goodness book before. 652 more words


The Kiss

Once again, this piece has a soundtrack. Unconditionally by Katy Perry. (Gorgeous video, too!)

I bring my fingertips to my lips, holding them there for a moment. 202 more words


Cola coffee wine

The sun’s on the left side of the plane and I’m on the right, craning for a glimpse of the just-lit continent.

A cart comes by, followed close behind by a woman with a large plastic smile, loud and cartoonish. 132 more words


When the Vulture Comes

The big brown Chevy Blazer growls turning in the driveway.   It’s lack of muffler and coming to a sputtering stop emphasize his arrival.  The body appears to be held together by rust alone. 790 more words

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