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The Bully-Buster

It’s Mad About Metaphor over at the Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie!

This week our metaphor is give a wide berth.

Gloria awakened that morning with an erroneous smile on her face. 579 more words


The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher have stood for hundreds of thousands of years, except they were created by ocean waves eroding the cliff’s base and causing the ledge above to fall, so it would be more accurate to describe the Cliffs of Moher as not having stood for hundreds of thousands of years. 167 more words

Real Quick, Real Life Stories

50-Word Stories: 'The Bet'

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.

The Bet

She’d made the bet having been positive her team’s kicker would make the 20-yard field goal to win the game.

51 more words

Red velvet

Image: Agathe Monfefoul

It had just been painted. A delicate cream on the outside, and the only plastered wall, at the back, was dark red. It reminded Jemima of red velvet cupcakes. 1,033 more words


It's Time

Ferne pointed to the top of the house, and said, “What is that?  It’s ugly.”

“It’s the old TV antenna.”

“We have cable, have had for a dozen years.” 433 more words

Flash Fiction

Cleansing the third eye...

Sometime in his mid-20s, after being fired as a “Pizza Auteur” at a “Postmodern Pizza” franchise in some god-forsaken, dismal, grim suburban hellscape at the fringes of the San Diego metropolitan area, El Crow saw on TV a man with a tattoo that said, “Playing it safe kills your soul.” The man was good looking, well-built, adventurous. 261 more words

Flash Fiction

Florida Man and the Saved World

Florida Man, please! Look at what your hubris has wrought!

I look on, observing the world I have saved, the world I have conquered for the good of all its inhabitants. 300 more words

Flash Fiction