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A Story A Day Challenge: Tender Nips

Tender Nips

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Derrick felt her hand rubbing his back, but her touch could’ve been as cold as ice and he wouldn’t have cared. 76 more words

A Story A Day Challenge

Going to Ground.

50 word story:

The raging of the hounds echoes behind me, the pounding of their footsteps is nothing compared to the heavy barrage of the horses hooves. 26 more words


Appointment with the Dentist

You must understand that in my practice I insist on using first names. I like the informality and I think it helps put the patients at ease. 216 more words

Cecil The Lion

Making Her Way Alone

Darlene bit off the tip of her tongue. The doctor said she needed a parent present to sow it back on. She threw it away.


The Lemming and the Loon

It was a bit better and a bit worse than a normal morning for Debra Lemming. For one, she had finally gotten laid after nearly a year. 332 more words

Flash Fiction

True Love

Milton and Angela were inseparable.

They would complete each other’s sentences, walk hand in hand everywhere and just bask in each other’s company.

A couple so perfect they were too good to be true. 17 more words

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