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Flash Fiction - Rat boy

Marg, the Auditor General, dropped the last of her files into her case. “Are you coming?”

Sandy looked up from the ledger she was concentrating on. 484 more words


The pungent smell of rot permeated the air as footsteps echoed through the forest. Hairs rose on their tiny arms and legs as the bushes rustled to their right. 311 more words

50 Word Stories: Shades of Night

“There are many shades of night, child, multiple blacks.”

“Black is black, and it scares me.”

The old woman smiled.

“When the cold comes, we treasure the moments before sleep wrapped in blankets, our eyes closing, bodies warming, don’t we?” 10 more words


A Purgatory For Modern Times

I stepped in a puddle and sank through to somewhere else. There was no sun, no moon, no darkness or light just an incessant glare like a pearlescent lightbulb on a dimmer switch. 73 more words


Henpecked Incorporated...

With Faithful Jenny deliberately scuttled there was no going back. The rip-tides in the bay were well renowned, and the lack of a body would be easily explainable. 146 more words


In My Room

The Daily Post

The air is hot, dense, and toxic,
I feel my lungs boiling then shriveling.
The lace curtains my grandmother made sparkle

and flash like fireflies, then… 23 more words

The Daily Post

Treasure Hunters

Roger sighed. He had been promised gold, but all he’d seen were enough rocks to last him a lifetime and an expanse of cold, grey-green ocean. 144 more words

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