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Flash Fiction: Storm Shadows (304 words, present POV, suspense/horror/thriller I think)

My house is dark when I wake up at two in the morning, woken by the approaching storm. I sigh and get out of bed, grabbing my torch before heading to my basement to check the power box. 271 more words


Flash Fiction: Same Same but different (Synonyms)

“What are your plans for today, Tom?”

“Today!, I shall attempt a life study; I shall render you, in your full glory, in oils! Now, if you would kindly divest yourself of your garments and stand over by the window… the dappled illumination of the morning sun through the drapes will look gorgeous on your skin.” 353 more words

Made Up Stuff

Theo and Theresa - Letter T in Alphabet Challenge

Theo’s pale green eyes glittered speculatively as they scanned the dining area.  Good, he had read her well on that first, rather hurried introductory meeting. 600 more words

Thoughts, Feelings

Tortoise shell

The cat was a large and handsome animal, its fur thick and deep, brindle. Or tortoise shell? When was the last time Shay had seen something made out of tortoise shell? 203 more words

Short Stories

She Said...

The two of them spoke to each other as they sat in the front room watching football one Sunday evening.  They were brothers and even more than that; they were best friends, and there wasn’t much that they don’t know about each other. 469 more words

Short Stories

The Ladies of Horror Flash Project - #Horror #author Marge Simon @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

The gathering Time
by Marge Simon

It is the time of summer solstice, and the hot and humid air throbs with desire. 224 more words



By Neel Anil Panicker

“No, don’t pick that. That one’s got lower acidity?”

‘A what? Come on, David. It’s just wine. Moreover, I like the colour.’ 223 more words