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A Difference of Opinion - A Books of Binding Flash Fiction

Lunch with his fiancé. Alerich stood beside the corral gate, watching Celia’s car arrive. That was going to take some getting used to. Lunch with his fiancé. 1,124 more words

Urban Fantasy


Sweet or savory

My teeth lightly graze shoulder

You, lover, are both

M. Raynes

Short Stories

A Hospital Bed at the Tuck Me Inn

Too Many leaned his hands over the fire barrel. He was shivering. “Jeeze, it’s cold,” he said. A thin sheen of sweat glowed on his face. 1,587 more words

Of Dubious Reliability

“When I confronted him, he denied that he’d ever said anything of the sort.”

Dieter looked confused at this point, so Walter added, “And it’s not like the guy was lying – at least, I don’t think he was – but more as if he genuinely couldn’t remember.” 305 more words

Short Stories

(mac)ro(mic) is live!

(mac)ro(mic) is live! It’s been a dream of mine for some time to start my own literary magazine and publish the work of others, so this is an amazing new journey for me. 21 more words

Flash Fiction

Let It Bleed — Nothing Ventured

“I don’t know,” Jon said to Angela, his older sister. “I feel really awkward.”

“You can do it,” she whispered. “I heard her talking to Sarah and she told her that she thinks you’re cute.” 405 more words

Flash Fiction

Reflections Of Love

I wouldn’t say that I have ever been the type to have many friends. Acquaintances, yes… but friends, not as often. I went through a few times in my life where I was in danger, and there were people around me whose life was equally in danger, and I cared for them. 589 more words

Flash Fiction