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It was only 8:05 in the morning and they were already arguing.

“No, it should be a rectangle.”

“But the edges are so sharp! Can’t we not have corners?” 61 more words

Flash Fiction

Past Imperfect - #423

Charley, middle: “Now, look here, Buford. This is what we call a ‘woman’. They can be quite nice to have around if you know what to do with them.” 269 more words


Lucy and Ricky

Kim stood guard in front of an alleyway where stray cats roamed through manicured bushes, apex predators of a small jungle, and the doctor finally turned onto the side street. 973 more words


The Spot Writers - "Riding a Memory" by RC Bonitz

Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of DANGEROUS DECISIONS and his latest novel, ONLY EMMA. The prompt for this month is “Trolley Car.” 854 more words

Gone Fishing

“What you looking at girl? Never seen a fish before?”

“Seen lots of fish mister but ain’t never heard one talk before. What you doing here anyway? 161 more words

Flash Fiction

Honour amongst Thieves

It was a sunny day outside of the firm. He was a lawyer –

Synonym: tired, all-nighter, scoundrel and thief.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Barry abruptly asked his secretary. 165 more words

Creative Writing

Rise & Shine

The roar pulled them from their homes. Wrapped in bathrobes, or comforters. Half-drunk coffees held loose, creases criss-crossing their just removed from pillow faces.

“Awful bright for October,” someone said, their voice, a shiver, moved through the crowd like roofer up a ladder’s rungs. 64 more words

Flash Fiction