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The Fixer-Upper

“It has potential.”

“Um, if you say so.”

“Picture this John. The kitchen goes here.” Molly tossed a shelf out of the way, sweeping her arms to display her vision. 97 more words



He knew. He knew the answer. But he’d be good god damned if he was about to call it out. “Who owns these unspeakable guts?” the other asked, now standing on a short stool in the hall. 65 more words

Flash Fiction


Though the last wink of sun shone on the front, Coyote sat out back. Because that was where the lawn chair was. And the ashtray. 78 more words

Flash Fiction

Stories About Time

(Well, maybe that’s a bit of a misnomer. These aren’t so much stories about time as they are stories in which time plays a role of its own. 2,052 more words

Creative Writing


Flash fiction published in the literary journal soundings.

Was it heartbreak or hay fever? My mother is long gone and I’ll never know.

“Why are you crying?” 185 more words

Writing Challenge: Fear

This challenge was to write a short piece, 250 words approx. on the theme “Fear”. This is my piece:

They say you never really know what it is to feel fear, until you’re stood looking it in the eye. 309 more words


Friday Fictioneers for 5/26/2017


The teenagers called me “crazy artist lady.”

The men loitering nearby called me worse when I refused their “offers.”

My lover called me stubborn for staying. 83 more words