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Harry nudged the cow pony with his heels and she trotted out to edge the spotted cow and its calf back into the bunch moving downhill toward the creek. 158 more words



He spends his life dedicated to the design and manufacture of puppets – specifically spacecraft, used in children’s television during the science fiction boom of the sixties. 194 more words

Short Stories

Laid Bare

Daisy Morris tapped her fingers on the porch railing, took a long drink of her wine and continued to fume. It might be freeze-your-nips-off weather here in North London, but she wasn’t feeling the cold. 2,016 more words



Amal was a survivor, and no one was going to stop him.

He had fought his way to the top of the pack, hundreds of battles, a slew of mud slung at him, physically and metaphorically. 27 more words

Short Story


Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Daily Brit Wit.



(Of goods, especially clothing) made to order; (of a trader) making of said items of clothing; (of a computer programme) written or adapted for a specific use or purpose. 255 more words

How To Be British

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, Or The Day Two Stars Came Out

​Rare eye conditions make me more cautious than most about what I look at and how I do it. Which means I would have gone into my yard or looked out a window on Monday to see the day dim and darkness fall. 890 more words

The Rare New Moon

Helena thought her eye-protection glasses were not right. The cloud of smoke was assuming a human form.

She was terrified to hear a vaguely familiar voice in close proximity, 76 more words

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