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I have penned a little fool inspired story in honour of April the 1st. Here’s hoping you haven’t been subject to too many mischievous¬†escapades this morning… 260 more words


Space in Between

Juxtapositions create intersections, connections and stories emerge from the space in between. From steel birds to cherry trees planted in a crime scene, the natural world has much to reflect on our ordinary, or perhaps, extraordinary lives. 1,885 more words


#FFRabu - Sebuah Permintaan

Kudekati Ibu yang duduk di lantai berkonsentrasi penuh mengulek sambel, dapur kecil kami beraroma ikan asin sejak tadi. Kulihat potongan kangkung dan irisan bawang-cabe menunggu giliran untuk dimasak. 80 more words



She says she’s in love with the smoke in my hands and the fires in my breath. My mouth refused to move, unspoken words of warning clogged my throat. 395 more words




Tick, tick, tick. You glare at the clock; the one your mother brought you to make sure you got to class on time. But right now it’s just laughing at you. 68 more words


Ralph's Hotdog

Ralph’s hotdog was a less-hotdog-than-normal hotdog.

It was thin, light grey in colour, and smelled like something between black pepper and goose feces. Why it was so, Ralph didn’t know; the arena vendor he bought it from looked too busy to answer his question, despite asking three times. 145 more words

Short Story

The Message - Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant walk through that door
He sees it is half way up a wall
He can’t fly he can’t jump
He lands with a terrible bump… 183 more words

Daft Rhymes