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Dear Writer, Flash Fiction Call!

Dearest writer, we meet, yet again,

How are things, with you, and your pen?

Have you gotten your work out into the light?

Enter this Flash Fiction Anthology, and you just might. 22 more words

Daily Prompt

Flash Fiction: That Face That Isn't a Face

That Face That Isn’t a Face

The light hurts my eyes. I can see it streaming in through my cage, illuminating the bars. Sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad down here. 135 more words


This Week's Alternative Facts

The sky is chartreuse

Dogs are now giraffes

Rain causes drought

Lots of sunshine lowers vitamin D levels

If one lives too close to the equator, one risks freezing to death… 27 more words


Military SF Flash Fiction sent off

I’ve just sent a 750-word military SF flash fiction off for submission.

It’s a “grunts on the ground” engagement with an alien thing.

I’m having some trouble locating more markets I think might consider this type of story. 25 more words



“I’m down here!” I yell to the skies. Frantically waving red jacket.

Crash without smoke or injuries. Half curse.

On The Run - Prologue 3

There was no car in the drive, so Kearns started down the road, keeping to the ditch, and looking back every few steps.  He moved south toward the closest town, hoping they hadn’t been smart enough to come in from the north. 59 more words

Flash Fiction

King of all birds

The Wren Boys, dressed in rags and their faces obscured by crude masks, went cottage to cottage carrying their wren house, collecting offerings to the King of Birds. 336 more words

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