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Shine Light Upon the Shadows

Thin legs twitching, the fly rested upon the keys, among the mountains of letters and the canyons between them. Its compound eyes reflected the figure of the man lying in the chair over and over, like funhouse mirrors: the slight separation of the breathless lips, the stillness of the closed eyes, the ragged, bloody bullet holes in the shirt. 160 more words

Creative Writing

They say go with what the heart speaks or lose all,
but she lost all before doing so.


The Diff. A short tale.

Here’s another short piece I recently wrote for uni. The exercise was to create some realistic dialogue. Hope you like it.

“So, you’ve finally met a girl?” Josh grinned. 176 more words



Oh, my God! Cyrus has been supremely busy mailing resumes  – so much so, that he eats on the desk, attracting flies on the keyboard. 180 more words

Flash Fiction

Re: Concerning Lottery Jesus Good Winner

Editor’s Note: After receiving my 4,000th unsolicited email from obvious scammers who just as obviously haven’t bothered to learn the language of the person they are nefariously targeting, I decided it was time for a response. 1,034 more words


Published in Otoliths

I have two pieces published in the new issue of Otoliths, edited by Mark Young. Thank you so much!


Sydney, The Elf

Once upon a time, there was an elf named Sydney. Sydney wasn’t really an elf, but she thought she was an elf; and this concerned her mother greatly. 64 more words

Ultra Short Fiction