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Past Imperfect - #442

Claudette: “Excuse me, but is this the way to San Jose?”


Random Creepy Shorts # 22

There is always this one time when we see a house and we want to enter it so bad, in other words trespassing. I was told by my cousin that it’s bad and she went ahead and told me a story to somehow scare me off. 226 more words


It Begins With a Phone Booth

The phone booth looks old and deserted from a distance.  But when i walk one block closer, i see that it’s old, but not deserted.  There’s a woman standing in it. 480 more words

Flash Fiction

Adorable Arachnid (Story Fragment)

‘Really you find the great big creepy spider cute?’ I asked.

‘Yeah isn’t she adorable,’ said Jodi.

‘No,’ I shuddered.

She picked it up. It ran up her arm and down the front of her shirt. 70 more words


Past Imperfect - #391

Katharine, left: “Let’s make something perfectly clear. I’m the one who gets to sleep with everybody in this boarding house. Not you. Understood?”

Ginger, right: “Actually, no. 187 more words



This post has not been edited except for typos and spelling errors. It is all stream-of-consciousness.

I thought it would be easy, coming here today, your wedding with her. 681 more words

Flash Fiction

#SoCS - Volunteer

I should never have volunteered to drive you home. It would have cost me less to throw you in a cab than to have to clean the upholstery of my car, but then who would have carried you into the house? 273 more words

Flash Fiction