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Love Problem

I was a criminal. I knew that. I knew the credit cards were stolen when I used them, but to me it was just business. And I was going about that business when she busted me. 480 more words

Flash Fiction

If You Can't Join Them, Beat Them #BloggersBash #FlashFiction #humor

The Bloggers Bash is sponsoring a flash fiction contest with the prompt “Royalty”. I’m not sure this really fits in, but it was fun to write! 441 more words


Swipe on

“Dude! You haven’t tried Tan Tan?!” Tim yelled over the bar’s music.

“Umm, no? Should I have?” Nelson responded without trying to be heard as clearly, perhaps due to the embarrassment that Tim was apparently trying to make him feel of having missed out on whatever Tan Tan was. 528 more words


Vision Quest On Mars

Pa’ah stopped walking and took a seat on a piece of the rubble that once was a great Martian city, and now was only a pitiful ruin. 766 more words

Flash Fiction

The Man, the Girl and the Lake

I usually write poetry, but my first attempt at flash fiction (a short story in 500 words or less) is the feature post at Spillwords Press today. 18 more words


My Flash Fictions Pt.3

They had to work together, so they would need to at least try to get along. And so they did, smoothly, impressively. It was with one single synchronised motion that they leaped over the thorns of the brambles, ducked the fireballs, and dodged the sweeping wings of the dragon. 307 more words


It started with a small crack. He had underestimated just how much small cracks mattered, but it made sense. A small crack was all it too to eventually break down any rock. 259 more words