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FFC 2019 R1 C1 - Jingle, Jangle, Judgment

I’m trying something a little different this time around with this post. My story is staying on Google Docs, because it’s a lot harder to copy/download/whathaveyou out there. 747 more words


“Trading Time”

As clouds from the bizarre storm faded, a carrack appeared upriver from town. 11 more words

Flash Fiction

#ThursdayThreads - Aftermath

Prompt: “You waited with me.”

When I open my eyes, I’m lying in the grass, facing a darkening sky. Somewhere to my left, the sun is almost done setting. 300 more words

Writing Prompt

#100WW — Wildfires

The road is still closed. They said it would be under control by now, that we could all head back to our homes. But they were wrong. 85 more words

Flash Fiction

Audio: Out of order

Another audio narration!

Join me as we witness Jim O’Ryley’s rise to power!

I tried something new in this recording: accents and voice imitations. They are obviously caricatures and a little over the top, so I’d love to hear your opinions. 61 more words


Diamonds (Flash Fiction)

Dedicated to every young girl who was ever afraid to say how they felt. Be brave, ladies.

They slipped out. Those simple words that were never meant to see daylight, let alone parade out in to it. 401 more words


Modern Magic - School classes [FULL]

Maika’s school days were usually rather average. Nothing much of importance really happened during those times. The classes themselves were boring – or at least she thought that they were. 1,967 more words