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How Much Does Distance Parts Us?

If something is like a distant star, unable to be touched, is it there? Is it real? Because if something is not to be seen by your naked eye and to be touched, how much possible it is that it is a mere, lifeless illusion? 318 more words


For the Little Things

There come these days when you look up at the mountain above and doubt you will ever succeed this exhausting journey. And when you do start it, all the doubts keep haunting you. 271 more words


Soul Breath

Breaths, I breathe these breaths of a souls life while knowing that every breath is wrapping in love, a love so boundless in free that I no longer kneel to the world for I rise to power all that is me in this sea of mortality as the Universe empowers me in every hour so that I do breathe, truly breathe, breathe more of life’s breaths. 6 more words


A Block of Steel to Shape

Life is like a droplet of rain falling from the sky. And you, the droplet, can do nothing to shape your trajectory and where and when you will splatter, finally ending your thrilling, short journey. 528 more words


Sandman's Bi-weekly Writing Challenge (#12)


I TOLD you to keep your distance!  Yet you persist in trying to shake my hand because it’s “polite”.   Don’t you care that the cooties virus is REAL?    42 more words


An Undertaker Walks into a Bar

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic the past few Thursdays, so as part of my soon-to-be-shortlived #TBT series I’m running some of my favorite flash fiction from the deepest archives of my writing room. 2,355 more words