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THE WEEKLY SIX: It’s back, alarmingly early, and you’re excited. And if you never knew about it, you just didnt know why you were excited. I’m going to shut up now (in typing terms). 57 more words


The Shortcut to True Love

Let’s save ourselves a little time.  Let’s cut out all that transitory physical attraction crap. Let’s avoid all those exotic photo opportunities.  Instead, let’s just cut to extensive lists of each other’s faults. 18 more words

Flash Fiction

45 words: Home Again

Time had softened the wood – it didn’t creak under the pressure of footsteps. He tiptoed to the bedroom because it was late, but the house wouldn’t give him away. 16 more words

Flash Fiction

Six Word Story: Aimless

Aimlessly wandering, hopelessly lost without her.


Doorways and Stardust - A Flash Fiction Story

Here’s my entry to round one of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. I had so much fun writing this! It features Susan Flynn.

Enjoy! 1,014 more words


Hermann Dot.

Each one is there but only in periphery. As you look at it, try to focus, it fades away fleeting in the spaces between. The gaze is too intense – you can only ever catch it for a brief second – a flickering smatter of life. 140 more words


A corner

We were one: bodies entwined as publicly decent. Thoughts merged, completing each other’s sentences, grinning stupidly, craving for when we’d be alone, existing as near as possible, absorbing each other’s heat, thigh-to-thigh, circumspect of surroundings. 68 more words