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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Annabelle

She stood at the edge of the pond. It was bigger in her time and not as nice. The centerpiece was added in the recent decades but what they’re forgetting was that this pond was once the spot where witches were placed on trial. 195 more words


The Experiment - Mega Short Story Challenge

The Experiment

Simon and Nick strolled along the shore until they found a little shorebird poking around the rocks. Soon, they found the bird’s nest. They took a single egg back to Simon’s lab. 233 more words

Short Fiction


fell in love for stupid reasons

her name was from a band

she ordered him around

he kind of liked that

things he had kept of hers were losing essence… 29 more words

NWW Photo Prompt ~ Dancing With Vertigo

Welcome to the inaugural NWW Photo Prompt!

The New West Writers Photo Prompt is a twice-monthly challenge for writers of all genres. It’s easy to participate — and we encourage everyone to do so. 354 more words

Writing Prompts

The Walmart Way: Pursuit of Happiness (6)

Monica dropped Steven off at the Walmart entrance 15 minutes before his team meeting was scheduled to start.

“I’ll pick you up at noon,” she smiled. 835 more words


"Self-Preservation" - Mondays Finish the Story

This story was written for the weekly prompt provided by Barbara W. Beacham on Mondays Finish the Story.  She provides the photo prompt and the first sentence, and you finish the rest with 100-150 words.   193 more words

Flash Fiction


Written for a creative writing prompt on Earliest Childhood Memory:

Inseparable as twins,

now I stand pressed;

the screen door is not

the only thing between us. 54 more words

Flash Fiction