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arachnid facial infestation

A spider has laid eggs in the side of my face.
The turgid mass has grown so large that surely, at any moment, it will burst and spew forth dozens of arachnid progeny. 48 more words


Writing Prompt #118 "collage 3"

The life reflects back not in color at the end.

Greyscale bleeds yellow as the mind holds on to thoughts.

Individual moments are life’s collection of time. 32 more words

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#15tt Remeant

“With a sickening jolt the chubby little calf realised that a party for the remeant son was not good news for everyone on the farm.” 11 more words

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Flash Fiction Month July 21 ~ Farewell

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 21 challenge: PARTY WITH HEMINGWAY!

In honor of the Late Great American Novelist, we propose a toast of a challenge:

284 more words
Short Story

Sunday Photo Fiction - Freda's Dust Catcher

“Dust catcher, all it is. Ya can lose half this junk! It’s a wonder you can find anything.” Shaking his head Gordon walks out of bedroom. 416 more words

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662. The things we do for sex

Egbert collected stamps. He’d collected stamps for over thirty years. His collection was rather valuable.

He met Valerie.

Valerie said she thought only kids collected stamps. 8 more words


11 - Spend Eternity With Me

They skirted the shadows and headed to the gate. Both knew their destination: a section of wall obscured from the sentries by an abandoned hut. Hidden against the wall of the hut was a bundle of wooden stakes. 990 more words

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