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Bright Red Letters

Old Charlie had been preaching five years at the Baptist church when they all started leaving. Congregation members that had been there since they were children, sometimes three or four generations in a row. 779 more words


Wordle #87

The wordle challenge is to use ten or more of the twelve words in the picture above. The challenge orginates with https://Mindlove misery.WordPress.com

The dew had barely settled on the ground. 113 more words

Flash Fiction

The Galaxy Trees

Zenarra was homesick for the home world. She loved her new home in the  beautiful Valley of the Moon but she missed the Galaxy trees that bloomed at night on the full moon rising of Lunaris. 130 more words


Stolen Moments

She lived for those stolen moments with him.

Walking through the empty parking lot until they got to his car. Timing those coffee breaks so that no one was around in the pantry when they were there. 396 more words

Creative Writing

Serious Heartburn

Professor Tannehill pointed into the river where a tire bobbed in the current. “That’s all that’s left of it.”

Sheriff Pruitt watched for only a moment. 297 more words

Short Fiction


Street, narrow and congealed, stripped of facade, bare brick and peeled plaster broken by sun and rain. My street. Containing my room, our room, the family’s room. 458 more words

Creative Writing