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Patience is a Virtue

When she stepped inside the dimly lit hallway, she feigned ignorance. She pretended everything was fine. Words didn’t matter, feelings didn’t matter. It would be just for a few short weeks. 161 more words

Creative Writing

Flash Fiction Fridays

Announcing Flash Fiction Fridays! Each Friday, I’ll release a new piece of randy flash fiction on Amazon. This week, I’ll publish A Phantasmal Affair, a wicked ghost story at less than 1,500 words. 6 more words


Loved and Lost

Without reading the vivid purple script, I knew who the invitation was from. The quality cardstock was drenched in ocean colors, vivid sapphire, turquoise, curling white caps. 467 more words


Bodily Surprises

Both of us would have to wait a few moments. Or maybe not. Spontaneity can be part of any moment. Either one of us might speak or move his body in an unexpected way. 242 more words

Vignettes (January 2017)


The last thing he remembered was getting rejected by her, the girl he lusted after since he met her a year ago. The next thing he knew, he was in a hotel room watching a hooker take her clothes off. 363 more words

1022. Kind Maureen

Maureen – the kindliest of ladies! You’d never find her visiting the doctor, for example, because she “didn’t want to be a bother”. That’s how I remember her as we gather today for her funeral.


Flash Fiction: Last Words

“Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.”
― Pancho Villa

605 more words