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Happiness Descending

He wouldn’t give me the money. I had a gun on him and my calm must have told him I knew how to use it, but he didn’t care. 293 more words


Hilltop Soiree

Anabelle was used to the dull hum of the tens of party guests that showed up to her house every third Saturday of the month. It was a fruitless break in the monotony of her parent’s lives. 101 more words


Pride and Prejudice

“Of all days, today I dreamt that she was an astronaut; out in space installing whatever-it-is on a spacecraft, making us proud” Rita sobbed into her handkerchief. 88 more words


Kissing gate

Sunday, April 22, 2018. Daily Brit Wit.

Kissing gate: 

Noun, British 

A small gate hung in a U- or V-shaped enclosure, letting one person through at a time. 457 more words


The Therapist (flash fiction)

Like pulling the trigger of a gun, she killed it when she wrote, “I love you.”

And in a card that said, “I tried to be good, but I got bored!” 81 more words

Shortest Stories Ever Written

It is often argued whether micro-fiction or flash-fiction should even be considered a form of literature. Irrespective of what the answer is (which will never be clear), we’ve decided to go ahead and share the finest examples of flash-fiction ever written by some renowned authors. So, sit back, and enjoy.


Time To Write — Dazzle Me

“I need you to dazzle me,” Barbara said.

“Huh?” Dwayne looked up from the papers he was grading to see his fiancée looking down at him with her arms positioned defiantly on her hips. 251 more words

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