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Flash Fiction Friday 030

Jared pulled the string tighter and tighter until it dug itself into the red raw flesh. When he was done, Jared stood back and looked at his handiwork. 42 more words

Flash Fiction


Many mini years ago, a co-worker maintained miniature flowering plants on her desk. When the morning sun shined through the window, it was delightful to see the mini Prickly Cactus, African Violets and air plants stretching for the sun’s rays.

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Friday Fictioneers : Thou shalt not ...

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch

‘Keep your mind on your work, boy.’ Daniel squinted from below his cap’s greasy brim, thick fingers working grey neck bristles then back to the tiller. 116 more words

Day 106 - Zig Zag - Short Story

“Sometimes it’s best to just leave things alone Nicole, you won’t like what you find out,” her mother says as she slams her mug of coffee on the bench, a crack rips through the cup like a bolt of lightning rips into the ground and it shatters into pieces, coffee explodes out of the cup and across the bench and splashes over both of them. 512 more words

365 Challenge

The Bus Stop

“Excuse me” wheezed a tired voice as I passed the bus stop.

It was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon on a gloriously sunny Summer day. 840 more words


I Have a Problem

by Paul Beckman

I have a problem, well I have more than one but this one is Yuge. I can’t work in a mess and I can’t not make a mess where I work. 506 more words

Flash Fiction

Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The What-If Edition

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, little bits and pieces of stories sometimes pop up in my dreams at night.  Last night’s dream wasn’t about any story I’m working on, it was actually about me.  413 more words

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