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The Elevator

His hand thrust through the elevator doors, causing the cabin to jolt.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you. What floor?”

He glanced over her shoulder at the flashing “42”. 44 more words

Challenges And Writing Prompts

Lady's Choice (Sep. 2017 Zeroflash Entry)

Corvus brought her a gift. She ignored him. He tried again with a shinier gift. She tossed her head and stepped away from him. His cronies cawed with laughter. 227 more words


3 Paragraph Story: Zombie Lunchlady

Doris stood there, hand on hip, trying to figure out what to say. She’d already used up most of her standby phrases; things like, “Don’t forget, employees must wash their hands,” and “A smile will go a long way.” What worked for all the other ladies had not worked for this newest employee. 121 more words

School Lunch

Story #1 Write It Out: Without A Word

Remember me with love in your heart my darling, for all the words have failed me. I thought that life was black or white. Yes, I thought love and hate was on either side of the coin, and so was light and darkness, truth and lie, matter and antimatter… love and hate. 65 more words


#100WW -- The Shark

The little girl screamed and began to cry when the shark’s head popped up out of the water next to the window she was sitting at on the ride at Six Flags. 95 more words


OLWG #19 & #20 - American Sentences - #amwriting

I have been meaning to participate in the OLWG (The New, Unofficial, On-line Writer’s Guild) writing challenges ever since they started. Three prompts are provided weekly to write to, you pick one, two or three, and post your response ( 204 more words

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