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Foto Flash Fiction Challenge: Jul 19 2019

Welcome to the Friday Foto Flash Fiction Challenge hosted by Donna B McNicol.

Photo source: morguefile.com/p/180645

He knew it was here somewhere. He just had to find it. 11 more words


Story Saturday#3: All out there

The shingles were warm under my bare feet, though that
didn’t help me find my balance. The roof was tilted far steeper than it looked… 417 more words


“The First Signs of Trouble” (VSS XVIII)

Let me tell you a little secret,” the cannibal whispered.

His dank breath was hot on my neck.

“My stomach is growling.” 126 more words

Flash Fiction

Weekend Writing Prompt — The Ministry

“What’s your angle?” Bill asked.

“I don’t have an angle.” Joe said. “I’m an ordained minister and the leader of my own church.”

“Yeah, ordained via some bogus website,” Bill said. 126 more words

Flash Fiction

Photo challenge - Clarity

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” ventured the young woman.

“It certainly is Sally,” replied the man.

She gazed into a rockpool “Look at at the clarity of the water, you can see the tiny little creatures swimming around.” 157 more words

The Unjust Judge

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” the judge said, his tone clipped and fast. He held his breath and bladder tight.

The judge wallowed in his sweaty robes while the representative of the jury stood. 93 more words