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The New Hat

The New Hat

Miranda pulled her threadbare cloak closer, shivering in the cold autumn wind.  The sun was setting as she hurried to the market.  Not much would be left at this hour, but whatever she found would be less expensive. 406 more words


The Vintage Boutique on West Virgo and Violet

Four nights ago i had a dream. An excellent dream that involved a conversation with Sherlock Holmes himself, a hound howling on the moors and a treasure map. 841 more words

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The Nihilist - Short Short

Maddie thinks she can change me. She puts her hand on my shoulder and spouts tripe. “The past is gone,” she says. “You can be whatever you choose to be.” Vapid life preservers that junkies toss about in twelve-step meetings or disillusioned young mothers post on Pinterest boards so they don’t slit their wrists in the tub. 222 more words


The room is quiet as usual. On afternoons like this when he stops by at lunch time to eat, for he considered it as more economical to cook than to spend his meagre salary eating out. 267 more words

Flash Fiction

Prompt for September 18, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“What do you mean it’s been five years since I died?”

The avatar she was talking too looked about as embarrassed as it could get and started to reply in that halting speech that she was beginning to despise. 330 more words

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Flash Friday 30/09/2016: A Space Oddity

“But there’s no way it can be done,” Lauren said through the spacesuit intercom. “We’ve spent so long on it that I can’t perceive it  1,036 more words

Flash Friday


Baba sat relaxing on the three seat sofa. He was enjoying what was regarded as the ‘retirement stage’. Having worked as a civil servant in the Nigerian Immigration Service for 35years. 267 more words

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