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“Careful”: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation

Lovecraftian London, by Christian Bravery

2120-Culling Day.
Savage hunters, like their forefathers, couldn’t let brown coloured humans, rule.
They’d learnt nothing from 2020’s riots. Except this year, kids could stay, carefully hidden.

1,173 more words


I am in the mood to be sadistic. Fortunately, Dana is here to accommodate me. Charlotte, but Dana calls me Mistress. Please, have me precisely how you want me. 79 more words

Leviathan Publishing


She grimaced, then handed me a glass of red.

So dramatic. Jesus, she’s picky when it comes to wine. It tasted… Metallic. She didn’t strip the foil back anymore, just jammed the worm straight through into the stopper. 63 more words

Flash Fiction

Book Three: The Polis Chronicles - Requiem

The Final Book of the Polis Chronicles Trilogy is revealed…

Chapter One

Ludi’s three eyes watered under the bright sun. His tall slim body was protected from the brutal rays under a cloak with a hood. 3,185 more words

Flash Fiction

#writephoto and 3TC — Pastoral Vista

“So where are we exactly?” Dan, looking at the pastoral vista of the valley below them, asked Jim.

Jim pulled out his compass. “This is not normal,” he said, a sense of dread in his voice… 67 more words

Flash Fiction

“Go behind the wardrobe, I don’t want you to be looking.”

I went behind the wardrobe. What I found behind the dust and cobwebs was something I couldn’t, could never, even begin to imagine, even in my mildest or wildest dreams or realities. 74 more words


Soul Sickness

“What you have, my friend, is a soul sickness.”

He appeared quite serious, pulling on the hairs of his bushy white mustache, and sipping from a cup of tea in the old office building he’d converted into his business space, known as, “Bill’s Spiritual Counseling.” 752 more words