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Breast Intentions

What It Is: Confession time: I’m terrible with dealing with bad news, at least in a gift-giving respect. I may be one of Canada’s best-known gift givers, but when it comes to matters of sympathy or sorrow, it’s tough. 248 more words

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Sock Sense

What It Is: A crafty solution to that age old problem: the sock gremlin that does away with one of your pairs of socks, inevitably leaving you with some stranded socks that tumble around and collect dust, or end up in the trash. 160 more words

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Air to Be Different

What It Is: The PHILIPS Digital Airfryer is your ticket to enjoying crispy, even food that’s fried up in a matter of minutes – with way less oil than conventional fryers. 149 more words

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Glamour Ghouls

What It Is: If I could outfit my loungewear wardrobe from one brand, it’d definitely be Wildfox. Known for their slouchy, distressed sweaters with quirky motifs, the brand also puts out cool seasonal collections, like their riffs on Halloween. 178 more words

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The Colour of Rage: 'The Flash' S3 E3 "Magenta" Review in 4 Slices

Greetings and salutations fellow Flashers (the term is a work in progress).

We had the third episode this week “Magenta” and it was a bit of a mixed bag with some things I liked and some I did not care for. 667 more words

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Green Queens

What It Is: Lipstick Queen is a beloved cult beauty brand that’s hitting the Canadian scene via Murale. Created by Poppy King, the 20-year-old brand is known for their constant innovations and on-trend hues in the world of lipstick – and beyond. 449 more words

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Gather Round

What It Is: My family is asking me for gift ideas for the upcoming holidays plus my birthday, and I’m struggling a bit so far! But one thing I’d definitely be interested in is this new installment from food blogger Erin Gleeson, whose original cookbook, … 222 more words

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