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Embroiled in Manipulated Lives

Hello! Today I have another very exciting review I didn’t get to last year- and this one’s by the lovely indie author…

So this book came to my attention on… 327 more words

Book Review

Flash Review: Love For A Thousand More

Tis the season in dramaland, it seems, for the spotlight to be on immortals and their human love interests. I mean, just look at Goblin and his bride, his roomie Reaper and his Sunny, and the Mermaid and her human con-man. 1,436 more words

Flash Review

Rise of The Sparrows Has Been Rising In My Estimation

So this is another of those books I have been meaning to review for a really long time. But in a way, I’m glad I didn’t do a full review immediately, because this is the kind of book that has been growing on me more and more over time. 132 more words


Eating Up Five Quarters of the Orange

Ahh the end of the year is fast approaching and I still have so many reviews sitting in my drafts! Now admittedly, I am trying to cram in a few more of these before January hits, but I did want to share this one because I really felt like it captured the scenery of the Loire Valley perfectly. 231 more words


Chosen For Endless Accolades

Well hello there! So you probably didn’t notice, but I “went dark” for 48 hours there- aka I decided to take a break from the internet to recharge my batteries. 197 more words


The Demon King Series Was The Crowning Glory of Fantasy

(Technically the series is called Seven Realms, but hey, that worked better for the title!)

What a series!! If you’ve been around the book community a while and like fantasy in any small way, there’s a good chance you will have heard about these books. 226 more words


The Last of the Wilds Wasn’t Too Tame

Since I started reading the last in this series today, I figured it was high time I reviewed this! And if any of you remember… 237 more words