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Flash Review: We Married As A Job [Japan]

I was told that this drama is cute, but honestly, I really didn’t get why my Jdrama-watching friends were eagerly recommending this show to me. I mean, yeah, I could tell from the title that this show was going to be about some kind of contract marriage, and I figured there’d be associated hijinks.. 2,244 more words

Flash Review

A Lot Can Happen in 180 Seconds

That’s the premise of this book- in 180 seconds you can fall in love, you can boil an egg, and you can read this review ;) 300 more words


Ready Player One... You're in for one hell of a ride...

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Level one: at first I felt like I was off to a rocky start. Though it was well written, the opening sequence was info dump after info dump, setting up the game and a nihilistic backdrop that was hard to like. 249 more words


Ice Twins Gave Me the Chills

Woweeee! This book was like dumping a bucket of ice water on my head. And before I can get into why this book was so awesome, I have to say a massive thank you to… 344 more words


Braindead Dead Flowers

Flash Review

Finally, someone does the style correctly. Mild, clean saison, tame but with a good yeast character and light wheaty body. Additions of chamomile and honey are natural elements for what began as a rural French/Belgian farmhouse ale. 44 more words


Emperor of Thorns Was a Sharp One

*No spoilers!*

I’m an endings person. I’ve mentioned this before- I’ve always thought there’s no point starting well and ending badly. That cathartic chord of a well struck conclusion is where it’s at for me. 313 more words


When You Need More Tolkien in Your Life You Read the Simarillion

Well hello! So I have to admit I’m being a bit lousy with comments and such at the moment (I blame the heat and Wimbledon and *insert a ton of other lame excuses here*). 352 more words