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Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

This wonderful book is packed full with stories from across the globe. I find folk tales collected from different countries to be more refreshing than those taken from a smaller area. 223 more words

Raven Boys, Hyperactive Bunnies and Psychics That Are A Little Too Predictable

Okay, so I’ve been busy, I’ve not been well and this is the longest I’ve been without blogging in ages! So, how are you all? What have you all been upto?? 323 more words


Flash Review: Imaginary Cat

The appeal of this show can basically be summed up in these 7 words: Yoo Seung Ho and his cuddly kitty.

If you love cats (or animals in general), have a pet, or have loved a pet in the past, I can confidently say this: in spite of its shortcomings, this show will succeed at tugging at your heartstrings, while giving you a strong urge to go hug your pet, stat. 2,095 more words

Flash Review

It Follows (2014) - flash review

Awalnya refreshing dari layar laptop yg isinya Excel dan SAP melulu, saya coba cari-cari easter egg film Tarantino terbaru yg baru kutonton kmrn: H8full 8. Si Tarantino udah bikin statement, “salah satu dari 8 karakter ini adalah karakter yg sama dengan salah satu karakter di 7 filmku sebelumnya”. 226 more words

Cinematicorgasm Thoughts

A Layman’s Perspective of The Martian

*Taking a break from my tag week to tell you how great The Martian is!*

(and rambling on about how I don’t usually read Sci Fi) 318 more words


Everything, Everything Book Review

What a lovely book to start the week with! This book should come with a *warning: you will have an intense amount of feels when reading this book* 333 more words


Flash Review: My Friend Is Still Alive [Drama Special]

Wow. This was unexpected.

After liking Lee Ki Kwang’s performance quite well in Twenty Years Old (quick review here), I’d put this drama special on my watch list, but kept putting off actually checking it out, thanks to all the other stuff on my drama plate consistently jostling for my limited drama hours. 935 more words

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