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Flash Review: Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

Funny story, you guys.

When I first decided to dip my toes in Jang Ok Jung, I happened to tweet about the terrible Mandarin that the Qing characters spoke in episode 1, and was quickly greeted by a flurry of concern from my dramaland friends.  1,008 more words


Flash Review: Liar Game

Watching Liar Game, for me, has been a demonstration of just how subjective drama appreciation really is.

You know that saying, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, or, as the case may be, one viewer’s crack is another viewer’s… 752 more words


We’re All Muggles in a Wizarding World

Every child across the world will forever hate their eleventh birthday. I spent the day waiting for the arrival of an owl delivering my letter, and then the night waiting for a half-giant to burst down my door, give my brother a pigs tail, and tell me those famous words: you’re a wizard, Harry (even though my name is not Harry and I am not a boy). 200 more words


Boy, Lost: A Forgotten History

The front cover of Boy, Lost defines Kristina Olsson’s work as a “family memoir”. And it is. It tells of how a whole family is affected by the grief of one moment: a mother has to deal with the loss of a son who is stolen from her arms, a lost boy has to search for his stolen childhood, and a family has to live with the ghosts of that boy, lost, who haunts them. 484 more words


Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Inner Battle We All Fight?


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde centres upon a conception of humanity as dual in nature, although the theme does not emerge fully until the last chapter when the complete story of the Jekyll-Hyde relationship is revealed, which itself is a mocking criticism of society’s willingness to believe that ‘what you see is what you get’. 299 more words



Trümmelbachfälle, Switzerland - 5th August 2013
 Canon Powershot G1X | ISO 400 | f/2.8 | 1/4

Visiting Trümmelbachfälle is an intense experience. The incredible force and the fierce, thundering roar of the icy water is definitely a sight worth seeing. 32 more words


Black Mountain: A Journey Through History, Science, and Life

WARNING: SPOILERS ALERT! This ended up as more of analysis than a review, so please read the novel first (I couldn’t recommend it highly enough). … 630 more words