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Queen of Shadows- Flash Review

I literally could not be more excited about this series! So even though my reading list is impossibly long, I had to read this right away when it came out. 338 more words

Flash Review

Allegiant- Flash Review

(With Spoilers)

The issue with this book is the same issue that has plagued the whole series: it makes literally no sense! I have to admit, when I first finished this book, I didn’t think it was that bad. 271 more words

Flash Review

Flash Reviews - O Original de Laura/ The Original of Laura

(Sometimes the book is good but the review is short. So the flash reviews were born)


(Por vezes o livro é bom mas a crítica é curta. 202 more words


Flash Review: Mask

If Mask had a report card, and I was its teacher, I would write on it something along the lines of, “Mask displays strong potential in many areas, but seems to have a short attention span and does not work to maximize his potential.” That, and maybe also, “Mask would do so much better if he would seriously apply himself.” 2,396 more words

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Flash Review: High Society

Let’s put it this way. High Society is pretty much The Drama Who Cried Wolf. Except instead of Wolf, Show was crying stuff like, “I’m interesting! 3,025 more words

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Flash Review: Orange Marmalade

I almost ended up not watching Orange Marmalade, to be honest.

I mean, so many of my dramaverse friends were so thoroughly weirded out at the episode 3 and 4 mark (after squeal-out-loud loving episodes 1 and 2, mind you), that most of them ended up dropping the show right there and then. 1,555 more words

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