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Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton is a novel full of interesting but realistic characters. It has more than one theme; on one hand it is about the mysterious secrets and happenings that the protagonist experiences – on the the other hand it is of the slow process of a girl falling in love with another girl.

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Flash Review: Twenty Years Old [20's]

Twenty Years Old is a little drama special that I’d been meaning to check out for what feels like forever.

I’d heard good things, but there was always something newer and shinier on the drama horizon, and I basically kept getting distracted. 807 more words


Flash Review: 71: Into the Fire [Movie]

War movies are not my kind of thing, to be honest.

I don’t like war; I don’t like all the killing and dying and violence; I’m not even that interested in politics, if we’re being brutally honest. 940 more words

Flash Review

Animal Farm by George Orwell had a very meaningful story which was both interesting and eye-opening, but also extremely sad and deppressive, when you realize that the story portrays our existing human world.

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Flash Review: Drama Special - The Reason I'm Getting Married

I hafta admit that I was rather sad after watching Hong Jong Hyun’s and Yu Ra’s goodbye episode this week on We Got Married. *sniffle* 766 more words


Flash Review: My Brilliant Life [Movie]

Let the record show that:

1. I generally don’t stumble on many k-movies that truly resonate with me, thanks to their shorter running times, and also quite possibly, thanks to my drama-attuned sensibilities. 1,262 more words


Flash Review: She is WOW

To be perfectly honest, She is WOW is pretty different from your typical kdrama. Irreverent and saucy much of the time, and dark, bittersweet and even a little bit mysterious the rest of the time, this show is not for everyone. 1,273 more words