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Dream Thieves Stole My Heart…

And by that I mean Ronan did. Because I am nothing if not predictable- and I will always, always fall for this kind of character. (Trying not to spoil anything, but failing, … 261 more words


The Catch With Catch 22

Well this is nigh on impossible to review. I guess, the catch is that when you read a good book you want to review it, but when the book’s too good, you can’t. 135 more words


Flash Review: Lucky Romance

You know that thing that kdrama heroines often do, where they choose to walk right into a bad situation, knowing that they will end up hurt or disadvantaged in some way, but they do it… 3,269 more words

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Flash Review: Just You [TW Drama]

Remember when I first got sucked into the Aaron Handsome while watching Fall In Love With Me? That show had lots of pretty going for it, but was, er, lacking in some pretty major ways. 1,855 more words

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Flash Review: Page Turner

I’m beginning to wonder if this is a Thing with piano-themed dramas; like, are they just consistently good? Coz I loved Secret Love Affair, and I really really liked this, and honestly, the only thing they have in common is classical piano. 2,429 more words

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Flash Reviews #4

Sometimes “I like” and “I don’t like” suffice.

Short and (relatively) concise reviews. I aim for under 100 words, but I occasionally tend to ramble. 609 more words

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Flash Review: Our Times [TW Movie]

You know a movie’s making a real splash when someone like me, who doesn’t have a clue (yet? I know I’m starting to pay more attention now) about TW entertainment has heard raves about this show. 1,712 more words

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