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Flashpoint - because a Hero is a Child too!!

Flash is a speedster. He can go back in time and change the timeline. Now, when he runs back in timeline 1 and alters it, from that moment onwards he creates another timeline say timeline 2. 512 more words


Just Ask

Just watch it drip away

Your slide into unconsciousness assured

Then when no one is looking

Open your eyes and ask the following:

What does it mean?  44 more words

No Rope

No rope, no poetic verse

No versus, no Antigua and no Antigua


Since it is known that

The route to all evil

Is through the Trades. 45 more words

Profile Pic

“Get the fireworks too!” Faith ordered.

“You get the flash or the fireworks, can’t have both,” Quinn said, laying on the ground and pointing the phone’s camera skyward for the best view. 70 more words


Trailer: 'Flash'

Por: Cesar Cortez

La cadena americana CW ha soltado el nuevo y extenso trailer de la tercera temporada de Flash donde conoceremos los pormenores que nos dejó el final la parte final de la serie. 72 more words


Week 3: Flash

This was a last minute portrait that was accomplished with many thanks to my wonderful co-worker, Mackenzie. We ran outside after work where I wanted to use flash to offset the harshness of the sun and create a decent portrait. 95 more words