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1907. Breaking news

There’s a huge crack in Michelangelo’s statue of David. Chiara Lastra says she was shocked to see it. “From the front everything looks normal, but go to the other side of the statue and a gigantic crack in the marble reveals itself.” 175 more words


Conjuring Distant Planets ~ by Tommy Dean

Faith stands in the back yard, listening to the tree limbs creak, wondering what it would feel like to have one drop on her neck. She thinks she’d like to feel all the pain this world has to offer her at once. 475 more words



Beth reached the motionless spacer in the void. Grabbing the EVA suit’s arm, she felt nothing inside.

“Damn, empty.”

Its head nodded.

After almost screaming, she peered into the helmet. 29 more words


New Perspectives, Old Games

Max stood to reach the board. “So weird playing this being kid sized again.”

“I bet. I shrunk a foot after GARS,” Teresa said, pointing to her rabbit ears. 37 more words


Elongated Man - Hartley Sawyer

The Flash (2017)

Ralph Dibny, also known as the Elongated Man has the ability to ‘stretch’ his limbs and body to super-human lengths and sizes.

TV Series

A Note From Darrel to Darrel


It’s me, Darrel. This note is from you on August 8, 2020. You are to open this on August 15, 2020. You should have found this note taped to the medicine cabinet. 199 more words


Catch 2022 (A Vision of the Future)

Back in 2020 my thing was that I wanted to be smart.

Naturally, as a pilgrim on a quest for knowledge, I turned to the fountain of wisdom. 719 more words