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Why Justice League Was Okay... And That's Not Okay

You ever see a group of siblings and while most of them seem to be spoiled apples there’s that one kid who exceeds all expectations and goes forth to not only avoid the same path but create a greater, more amazing legacy of its own? 964 more words



I almost didn’t go to see the Justice League movie on opening day. It just wasn’t in me at the time. While everybody else was going crazy with anticipation for this movie, I was buried in a deep funk feeling almost cero interest in seeing it. 865 more words

Comic Book Nostalgia

Silent Screams

There was so much she wanted to say; things that had been left unsaid for an eternity.  Inside her head she’d screamed them so loud, but had never given them any sound.  66 more words

Flash Fiction

Neither Nor

Julie was her sister but they were also married. Her father masqueraded as her best friend, what’s his name. He had a small head and narrow shoulders before proceeding to billow out into fleshy bulges that began at the stomach and went all the way down to his tiny feet. 558 more words