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A Change of Space

“Welcome!” said Captain Shepherd, as the door to the quarterdeck of the ship Starry McStarface slid aside. “Your grandfather’s told me all about you!”

Freddie Feghoot shook her outstretched hand. 646 more words


Moon Juice

Thursday 12th June

I have had the worst morning ever. Somehow, I can’t even imagine how, my hairdresser managed to use Ravishing Plum on my hair instead of Autumn Hue, I was simply devastated. 347 more words

Creative Writing

SlideShare: Three Reasons Storage Security is Failing and How to Fix It

An organization’s data is constantly under attack. Whether it’s through ransomware attacks, cyber-threats or employee misguidedness, all expose organizational data and put it at risk. Encryption and access control are the keys to securing data and cyber resiliency, but most storage systems throughout the infrastructure (primary, secondary and protection storage) treat security as an afterthought reducing flexibility and increasing complexity. 87 more words


Mr. and Mrs. Poe

Mr. and Mrs. Poe (369 Words)

“I think if you are rare,” said Mrs. Poe, “you must be a criminal.”

Mr. Poe was not mollified. The truth of the matter is, compliments from loved ones are too often like pennies in the hand of a beggar. 352 more words


Where the World Ends (Audio story)

Timothy walks to the end of the world, and peers out into the beyond. He didn’t expect what he finds.

My audio stories have been edited quite a lot before recording. 26 more words

Flash Fiction


I had finally gotten my typewriter back from Carlos. I can’t even remember why he had borrowed it in the first place. I had been asking him for weeks now to bring it by my office. 273 more words