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Adobe Flash Player updated to

Overnight, Adobe has released another update to its Flash Player, taking it to version

This only contains security fixes, but as Adobe has yet to release details of those security fixes, I cannot tell you what they are. 30 more words


Toxic Bag Podcast 410: Aim For The Head!

Find out what’s new with the lads from Toxic Bag. This month: Steve talks about The Walking Dead with Dianna Driscoll, co-host of the “Aim For The Head” podcast. 15 more words


creative nonfiction

Journal # 10.11.2016

i got all your friendliness, you made me soft in the abdomen for us, we could have shared a smoke and a crazy secret, a kind of bluetooth pair. 229 more words

Ruds' Blueprint

Denir raced down the hallway, design blueprints clutched tightly in hand, and stormed into his lead architect’s office.

“Ruds, what is this garbage you’ve presented to me?” Denir shouted. 309 more words


Episode 3: Legacy

In this episode, we talk about Kara neglecting her teammates for Superman, and about how Kara is learning to be her own independent person growing as her own individual. 140 more words


"The life of Bucky Barnes"

First of all, before I start to say anything about it, that name is not my idea, it doesn’t belong to me. That name is property of the author of the Instagram account named… 413 more words


Ken Loach

Computer I wish you to beautify the home

Of the neighbour who comes to call

For he is the one who asks after me even though… 115 more words