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Mini Roto-scope assignment

Your assignment is to rotoscope any 3-5 sec segment of the Telus Hippo advertisement. You can pick any part that you would like to rotoscope, eg, the part with the Hippo and the Rabbit together. 85 more words



She’s making friends. Already.

It’s been only a few weeks. So little time, so many changes. The people are strange, but at least they don’t shoot at us. 135 more words


Signal Error

Bob worked toward one goal, and one goal only; be chaotic.  He was not well liked, even his dog despised him, but this bothered him little.  76 more words


Trouble at the Orchard

“Ray, this is ridiculous.  You have to talk to the banker,” Carla said.  The orchard was in trouble.

“You’re right, sweetie.  I’ll sit with the bank and get to the core of the issue,” Ray said, tapping a pencil against a notebook. 86 more words


The Contractor #photos #portraits #photography

Occasionally I get time to do some studio work. This was done with two small studio flashes, 1/160th with my Nikkor 50f1.4 @ f16 and ISO 100 and the trusty D4. 44 more words