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Why should I...

Why should I ask forgiveness

When I have been treated in this way

I should be complaining

Not being taken away

I will not be then the first… 29 more words

Flash Fiction - Parting Ways

Here is my little attempt at Flash Fiction. It’s been two years since I put pen to paper and tried to write a short story. Typed it up so I could share it online but you know what I’m actually quite happy with this little piece. 336 more words

Research And Development (360mc)

Year Two (111) - Nakd

Mmm… nakd photography…  this shot is all about keeping the camera settings exactly the same and just moving the light and of course nakd … so read on :) 299 more words


Find someone to trust

Find somebody to trust

Even if it is a continent away

Someone who can give and return

Who can ask and receipt-like hands can open… 78 more words

Creative Chaos

A flash fiction story written for Theatre Cloud’s Tell a tale in 500 words – just a bit of fun

The creators were having a good day, they; since ‘the creator’ exists in a multitude of parallel dimensions and therefore were one and many at the same time; were having fun. 470 more words


Things on my mind

If you are offended by my mind,

it is just the way that I am declined,

the right to talk about the things

that make me wonder in the wings, 111 more words