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1413. Fifth marriage

Joffre’s fifth marriage was no straight forward affair. The thirteen children from his previous four marriages were still living with their respective mothers. He wanted his children there, but who would bring them and look after them at the wedding? 154 more words


How Object Storage Makes a Hybrid Array Better

In our last blog, Storage Switzerland discussed how a hybrid array, with a properly sized flash tier, could provide similar performance to an all-flash array while substantially reducing costs. 546 more words


Flash Fiction: Awakening

The work. The schedule. The routine. The bi-weekly bribe I received for giving up on my dreams.

Then a little girl stood in my cubicle. 35 more words


How XProtect now leaves Safari 12 open to Flash and other exploits

I mentioned yesterday in my overview of Safari 12 that Apple’s prolonged lack of updates to XProtect data files left this new version open to exploits of old versions of Adobe Flash Player. 473 more words


Six Word Story Hour

Mid week short stories are the best stories. Mid week micro stories are okay. And you know what? Aiming for okay is good too. It’s been a long week already. 93 more words


Exercise 4.4—Quality, contrast, direction and colour of light

Brief: Use a combination of quality, contrast, direction and colour to light an object in
order to reveal its form. For this exercise we recommend that you choose a natural or… 784 more words


Fire and Rain

Ever notice

When you close your eyes

Fire and rain

Sound almost the same

One comes from above

One comes from below

One cleanses

One consumes… 20 more words