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Ocean Waves

My emotion roils like the waves of the ocean, rising and ebbing, lashing out on the shore and foaming at the mouth. There are days when all is calm, when the expanse of the water is blue-green and at those times, I am tempted to believe that I am over you. 454 more words


Súper Libre, 2015/04/26: Flash/Magnum in studio, interviews from All Elite GDL

Canal 58′s weekly Súper Libre radio show, April 26, 2015. / Programa semanal de radio “Súper Libre” por Canal 58, 26 de abril 2015.

Recorded from / grabado de: … 32 more words

Súper Libre

100 Metres, fiction by Daniel Prior

The gun cracked and they erupted off the white line painted on dry grass.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

The chant in his mind; the beat of his heart and lungs and legs, drowned everything else and only the finish line remained. 715 more words


Archive posts from Recycled Franciscan (June 27, 2013 to July 12,2014)

The following posts for the archives are part of the site consolidation for simplicity, they come from Recycled Franciscan that was at yycfranciscan.wordpress.com (now deleted). Enjoy as these were part of the family daliance with Roman Catholicism before my Mum’s passing. 9,343 more words


Trying out the Alien Bee b800

So, last night I tried out my AlienBee b800 for the first time. I shot at my friend Jason’s apartment. I’ve known Jason for about 14 years now and since around 2007 we’ve been shooting just about once a year. 501 more words


The Beat

I feel the vibrations. They stir the night. Up through the soles of my shock-absorber trainers-not working, I’m pleased to say-tickling at my skin, the music transfers. 212 more words


Review: Misfit's Bolt LED bulb promises iPhone and wearable control of color-shifting lights

Two of the hottest product categories at this year’s CES were home automation and wearables, which Apple is now tackling with HomeKit and the Apple Watch… 1,213 more words

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