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Flash Fiction: My Ghoulfriend — Part Four of Five

Aaron lowered his bowl. “Okay. Cool.”

“We just can’t eat meat that’s raw or cooked, that’s all.”

He nodded as The Wuzzles returned to Saturday morning TV. 43 more words


Updates From the Stadium During a Rain Delay

Updates from the stadium during a rain delay

All ticket holders in Section 238 have won a free hot dog!

The restrooms by Section 76 are currently out of order. 321 more words


Flash: Godspeed

Last episode, the team learned Nora’s big secret. This episode deals with the fallout, and gives us some insight about how things happened. Essentially, it’s the secret origin of Nora West. 1,978 more words

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Flash Fiction: My Ghoulfriend — Part Three of Five

“But you don’t like, eat, people… right?”

Tabitha brushed a stray black hair from her face. “You worried?”

He stopped, mid-crunch of his Fruity Pebbles… 44 more words


Flash Fiction #18

I’m on my third match on an online game when you texted. I saw your name and opened the message.

“how r u?” it says… 125 more words


Publisher's Circle: Flumes Literary Journal

It is a great privilege to present to you my flash fiction Journey, published in Volume 4, Issue 1 of Flumes Literary Journal.

Please, read it (and the other fantastic pieces I am lucky enough to be published alongside) and let me know what you think! 15 more words


Persephone: 2 Card Romeo/Juliet Spread

His lawn was immaculate, framed in old trees with moss crawling up the bark. Helicopter seeds fluttered down from the maples, catapulting from their mothers in a spiraling, passionate leap, hitting the pavement with a thwack. 384 more words