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Chemical Cosh

Under the cosh

We ain’t livin’


That you’re givin’

Slide the needle in

Butt or shoulder

Time release

I thought depots were for buses… 39 more words


The Book Tag

Hi All,

I saw this book tag a few weeks ago and thought I would give it a go.  Feel free to use this tag but let me know so I can read your answers too :) Enjoy! 537 more words



“You’re my new BFF.”

“Aww… That’s sweet! What happened to your old BFF?”

“She’s keeping my secrets safe in the backyard.”

Short Stories

Friday Flash: Smart Tech

Barbara reset her smart watch for the correct date. Lately, she had been having trouble with the technology everyone in the world relied on for their daily activities: calendar appointments reset to different dates, her clock off by an hour, the facial recognition on her home alarm system refusing to recognize her. 492 more words

Flash Fiction

S is for

I’m sitting on my balcony smoking a bowl listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, specifically, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. And now I’m positive that Ivy was one of my soul mates. 145 more words


If is such a fulcrum-word

Like lost and found

And up and down

It balances meanings upon its back

And so it lowers faith in its breathing.


ChalkTalk Video: Object Storage Needs Flash Too!

Object storage is known by many for its ability to drive down the cost to store data through the use of commodity servers and high capacity hard drives. 123 more words