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Flashback Fridays! Bastian Baker's Album Too Old to Die Young Available in Canada.

I am so happy to announce that Bastian Baker’s album Too Old to Die Young is finally available in Canada! :D At least on iTunes. As for the CD form, I don’t know the details.I heard the album many times, just as much as Facing Canyons! 504 more words


Breaking All the Rules w/commentary

epending on who you ask there’s a great deal of rules you have to abide by when it comes to novel writing. The usual, show don’t tell, cut adverbs wherever possible, don’t write a prologue if you don’t have too, stick to one point-of-view and don’t change tenses within’ the confines of a story. 1,216 more words


Flashback Fridays: The 80's and Blue Eyeshadow

This photo of my sister and me was taken at The University of Alabama’s 1988 Homecoming Game.

Growing up in the South, college football was a big deal. 282 more words


Who's Your Target? (with commentary)

 ’ve come to realize that perhaps how you know a novel is done is that either A: You’ve worked so long on it your sick of seeing it. 778 more words


Remembering Author Nicholas Fisk

Once upon a time this young science fiction reader ran across a book that picked me up, set me in free fall and then set me down again with a lot to chew over.   823 more words

Children's Literature

We Have a Problem

n the beginning of this nonsensical, asinine debate over bathrooms I was kind of thinking, okay, this is stupid, but it can’t last right? To my dismay however, and frankly, indignation, not only has this not gone away, it’s gotten impossibly worse! 503 more words

Writing Wednesday

The Famous Jett Jackson

My roommate Rachel and I are having a crazy Friday night filled with vacuuming, quesadillas, wine, and reminiscing about Disney Channel Original Movies. Since the news broke that Disney is playing a… 457 more words

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