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Flashback Fridays: The Fuzzy Life . . .

I’m bringing back an old flashback for this one.  Coming up on a hard anniversary this week and missing my dad.  It immediately brought to mind a particular book,  so I’m revisiting it tonight in memory of him. 1,151 more words

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Best Winnie the Pooh Quotes

Real Gchat conversation between my friend Rachel and myself:

Lori: what should i write about for flashback Friday?

Rachel: hmm…my sister just sent me a picture of a donkey named Christopher robin, so you should probably write about Winnie the pooh… 395 more words

Flashback Fridays

Flashback Friday: Open Conversation

I wasn’t sure what to call today’s post.

It’s a Flashback Friday, and I found out that the day Bruce Jenner won the Olympic Decathlon in Montreal on the 30th of July 1976, and set a world record at the same time. 269 more words

Flashback Fridays

Roll over, Beethoven

One of my favorite movies as a child was Beethoven and Beethoven 2. You know, the movies about the St. Bernard dogs.

To be honest, I know that the first movie scared me because I didn’t understand the plot line with the fake vet who was stealing dogs so that he could kill them. 434 more words

Flashback Fridays

The magic of childhood



This post originally appeared on January 29, 2014

Little girl on left: “When I marry my prince, I’m going to live in a castle and ride a unicorn!” 58 more words

Flashback Fridays

Lisa Frank Coloring Books

So here’s where I’m at right now in my life: I’m typing this on my phone, sitting on the floor of my apartment in the brightest spot I can find, waiting for my power to come back on. 269 more words

Flashback Fridays