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Flashback Fridays: Are you Nobody too? . . .

You’re the only poor scholarship girl at a fancy uptown girl’s school.  You’re bullied and picked on and friendless, until the unusual new girl decides to pursue a friendship with you.   549 more words

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Definitive Hotness Ranking of the 11 Disney Princes

Editor’s Note: I actually wrote this for another site a while ago, but I think it’s good enough to be posted again. I’m allowed to plagiarize myself, right?  343 more words

Flashback Fridays

Just Go Ahead Now

Happy #FBF!

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my semi-secret favorite band…

Get ready for it…

The Spin Doctors.

I’m serious.

One time, they came to my college to put on a concert. 296 more words

Flashback Fridays

Flashback of a Flashback Fridays: Heeding the Call . . .

You’re a girl who wakes up after an earthquake alone in her house.  But you’re prepared.  You’ve been dreaming about this very day for months, and hearing a strange call to an unfamiliar house.   1,101 more words

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This post originally appeared on January 31, 2012

Guy 1: “Hey everybody! Who wants to bite my wiener?!?”

Lady 3: 101 more words

Flashback Fridays

Flashback Fridays: It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. . .

You’re a pig born the runt of the litter, only saved from an early death by the love of a farm girl.  As you grow up you discover a very dark fate lies in store for you as a pig, but then you make a most extraordinary friend who vows to prevent that fate. 1,026 more words

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Polly Pocket

You know what the best toy was? Polly Pocket. I’m not talking about this nonsense:

I think they made Polly bigger because she was a choking hazard. 313 more words

Flashback Fridays