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Flashback Friday: Anthropomorphism Edition

Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

We humans have an innate tendency to project human traits on animals to make them seem friendlier, more relatable and well, more human. 511 more words

Quill Gordon

...Or Are They Just Out of Ideas?

With all due deference to both authors I’ve begun to notice a trend lately between Stephen King and James Patterson (there may be others but I’m noticing it more with them) that more recent books from them have been co-authored with someone else. 235 more words


Farming for a Living

There’s no such thing as a slow news day in a small town.  Not when you have long-term residents willing to tell you their story and dig up a couple of old photos to go with it. 168 more words

A Lifetime Of Being Me

#FBF: When Good Ideas Make Bad Crafts: My DIY Copper Fail

Recently, A Beautiful Mess posted a DIY Copper Ladder blog which, guys, let me tell you: hurt. It hurt so bad because one and a half years ago, I had attempted and failed, at the same. 1,099 more words


That Plot Hole Incident

While I don’t usually care for the process of editing on the whole, a fact I think I’ve made pretty clear on almost every blog I’ve ever had ever. 256 more words


Getting It Done in '71

Set your time machines to November 20th, 1971 and let’s talk about going away outfits.  I’ve heard they’re supposed to be stylish and sophisticated and perfect, carefully chosen ensembles you wear for the last dance at your wedding reception before embarking on your romantic honeymoon and the beginning of your new life. 499 more words

A Lifetime Of Being Me

Things That Go Through My Head While Working on a Jigsaw Puzzle

I recently decided I needed a hobby. Also, now that I live much closer to work, I no longer have a crazy long commute to listen to… 507 more words


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