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#FBF: A Big Long Post about IKEA.

Guyyyyyyssssssss the 2017 IKEA CATALOGUE IS OUTTT!
As you may be able to deduce, I still love IKEA no matter what my 2014 self says below. 1,842 more words


#FBF: Nailed it! A Conversation with Coriana from Black Cherry Nails

Oh haiii bbs! Check out this article I wrote about my forever nail technician (and also forever friend) Black Cherry Nails. Unfortunately, as stated in my… 1,146 more words


Flashback Friday: The Wrens - The Meadowlands

13 years in 600 words: The Meadowlands remain unchanged as the people behind the music (and the fans) wither away with time. But fear not, music aficionados, as a new album may be on the horizon, and if that isn’t the case, the 2003 (!) release will always satisfy.  762 more words


Flashback Friday: Mind Ripper (1995)

BACK IN THE MID 90’s, a little known HBO movie was released with little fanfare or critical reaction.

It has also been known as The Hills Have Eyes Part 3… 262 more words

Horror Movie

Flashback Friday: The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

BASED ON THE short story by Edgar Allen Poe and directed by B-Movie legend Roger Corman, this macabre story centres around a prince who lords it up whilst sheltering from the plague-ridden scenes that envelop the town around him. 182 more words

Horror Movie

Flashback Friday: Want to Touch It?

It used to be that, when someone caught a fish good enough to keep and showed it to you, common courtesy dictated that you at least touch it. 457 more words

Quill Gordon

Flashback Fridays: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Just like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago take the brunt of the disaster scenarios, Detroit always seems to be cast in the dirt and squalor of drugs, crime, and poverty. 382 more words

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