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Together (Haiku)

Everything falls apart

while I go at it alone.

You keep me together.

This was first posted on the blog in April 2016.


Choices (Haiku)

I saw you smile.

And the weight of never letting you

Know what you meant to me, waned.

This was first posted on the blog in April 2016.


Old-Fashioned Love

Take me, love me
with your Vitruvian heart
Old fashioned
and absolute
Simple and elegant
Slow and delicate
Savor my skin
Embrace my soul
Perfect, commesurate… 15 more words



Drowning in your shadow
Bereft of all emotion
You asked, and I simply let go
Taking over the reigns of my life
A witness to my crimson glow. 11 more words


Red & Black Dream

Under the dusk of your kohl-veiled eyes
And the doting of bright-red lips,

Imagining the infinite possibilities
My heart soars..skips a beat.

Warm, tender manoeuvers… 81 more words


My Ark

While the world crumbles
and I shatter
I am complete in your arms
My world starts and ends
In the confines of your heart.


Do You Believe in Magic? (and other Great Commercial Jingles)

*Creaky old lady voice*

Back in the olden days before Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, we kids used to watch this thing called TV. It had thirteen channels full of entertaining TV shows with laugh tracks and catchy theme songs. 451 more words