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Flashback’17 - My wisdom boost year

This year was full of many learning experiences and it started with the most difficult one-death! I had never lost someone very close to me and had never attended a funeral. 586 more words

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Flashback - Travel'17

I am grateful that 2017 has proved to be a year full of beautiful experiences. A year where I managed to have 12 trips-some for a day, some for two and 2-3 trips of more than a week. 475 more words

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House of Pain

Previously Titled Implicitly Thank’d

I ran into the guy that threatened to rape me at the gym, it was him who recognized me. And as cool as he was when I met him in grade school the grown man before me looked  . 478 more words


Fighting with Dad

Flashback to the days when I was a complete terror. I used to plan my attack the night before. The only thing that was standing between me and stardom was dad’s refusal to show me how to play piano. 486 more words