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Frog of the Week #6: Selected Glass Frogs

For this week’s frog, I chose a genus– maybe it’s cheating, but the Nymphargus genus is one of the most interesting-looking of all the glass frogs. 169 more words


Frog of the Week #5: Amazon Milk Frog

The milk frog is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful frogs out there. But what you can’t tell from their pretty exterior is that they have one of the most unusual natural histories of any frog. 283 more words


Frog of the Week #3: Purple Fluorescent Frog

This recently discovered frog looks more like a splatter painting than a real animal. But it is real! Part of a genus of true toads known as “harlequin toads,” this little neon guy was… 100 more words


Frog of the Week #2: Red-Legged Running Frog

Scientific name: Kassina maculata

Habitat: tropical areas of the African east coast

Conservation status: Least Concern

Size: 2.3-3 in, 6-7.5 cm

Like FotW#1’s Tiger-Legged Monkey Frog… 244 more words