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JONNYBLAKE FT Flashy and Yemzylee _ Is That A Student

Repping my hood, Repping my school😀😀😀 was what Jonnyblake said after been asked why this song came out.. different from the usual him..
Dont take this too serious, we just want to av fun .. 48 more words



Trendy seafood restaurant in meatpacking known for celebs.


Atmosphere – 8

Service – 5.5

Food – 7

Value for Money – 6



The kind of car we drive often tells others something about our personality. As an example, how often do we see someone in an off-road vehicle and think, “Ooh, they’re outdoorsy and sporty”? 536 more words

Brilliant to One

Miracles don’t have to be flashy to be stunning. They can be tiny, discrete, personal.

They can also be a bit quirky, odd, laughable to most… but blindingly brilliant to one. 18 more words


When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Champagne

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand at an inopportune time. Whether it is a small or large problem, it’s important to remember that life is the grandest party you’ve ever been invited to and you should treat it as such. 44 more words


Does Flash Equal Cash? [Opinion]

One common theme in K-pop music videos is a unique sense of style from each entertainment company. Along with song production, hairstyles and clothing choices, the set of the music often determines how well-received a comeback will be by listeners. 234 more words

Hallyu Wave