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Flashy earrings - quilling

White, blue and flashy yellow earrings, for a daring girl I know! Enjoy! :)



When the planet dried up, we took to the stars.  Ships made way for the edge of the solar system and kept going.  Humanity spilled through the Milky Way in search of a home, but found the ships more home like than any rocky orb could accomplish. 128 more words


#saturdaymorning #HackingLeadership Make up - Let the summer season go on with these flashy #ArtistShadows...

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Wear Something Gaudy Day

I saw that today is “Wear Something Gaudy Day” and had to laugh.  I was thinking what I could wear that would be considered gaudy.   215 more words


2016, September 23 - 1952 - earrings

decorative ears (5)
adorned with giant gold loops (7)
or tiny diamonds (5)


Here a Nip, there a Nip




Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Cackle, cackle

Hey, what’s mom trying to do?  She sounds like a witch.  258 more words

Untitled Illustration N°10

pop art inspiration

experimental illustration