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Nailing the Basics

In the world of men’s style, people often confuse stylish with flashy. I don’t blame them; fashion blogs and magazines tend to focus on individuals who make outrageous sartorial choices. 944 more words


Artists flashy lifestyle


Just the other day, 99.0 MMU Radio on Salamz na Muziki show hosted two reknown informats; Mnari the great and Were Bernard. The debate was all about the flashy lifestyle observed in artists and especially those in the gospel category. 129 more words


Dell is making jewelry with reclaimed gold from recycled computer guts

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A new jewelry line launched this week in literally the last place on Earth any reasonable human being would look for fashion advice — but the style gurus at Dell Computers are going for it anyway, announcing a limited-edition jewelry collection made from gold mined from recycled motherboards. 212 more words


The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, is flashy, splashy, and fake

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The real P.T. Barnum was 60 when he got into the circus business, following careers as a freak show entrepreneur, a museum owner, and a concert promoter for the legendary Swedish soprano Jenny Lind in her first American tour. 2,008 more words


Flashy Lights

Turn your gaze
From the night
Look at all the sparkly lights
Your name could be in them
All you have to do is feed him… 569 more words