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Gujarati Methi Thepla

Thepla is very traditional bread for Gujarat! It’s whole wheat and healthy recipe! Have used methi here, you could make plain thepla as well! It’s best option for travelling, it remains good for 10 days! 228 more words


Green Olives Focaccia

Focaccia is flat bread that is oven-baked. Focaccia dough is pretty similar to pizza doughs.

You can serve Focaccia as an appetizer, snack or just table bread.  347 more words


Spreading Thanks - Day 16

Today’s gratitude comes in the form of an edible item. My husband is a well-known lover of bread; however, those loaves at the local grocery stores don’t do the trick. 390 more words

Pane Carasau - Sardinian Flatbread / Sardinsk Flatbrød

A recipe for Sardinian flatbread found on food52.com

This is Sardinian flatbread or as it is translated “sheet music” bread. It is really a lot like a cracker although it looks much like a tortilla. 84 more words



I have the classic unhealthy relationship with food. In other words I use it as a compensation tool for whatever is going on in my life. 385 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Try Flat Bread

If you’re my friend in all my social media accounts then you’ve probably heard about Flat Bread! So if you haven’t tried Flat Bread yet, you’re in the right blog! 685 more words


Lahm Bi'ajeen

I never ate lahmacun when I lived in Turkey. It always looked delicious, sold from street carts – flat bread spread with a smidgen of lamb and then rolled up with herbs and/or salad. 747 more words