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Ragi Temae Tan-Manipuri Flat Bread With Finger Millet

Millet has been one of the most valuable grains dating back to ancient civilization known to human. Grown by the indigenous communities in the Northeast of India too, traditional millets are not unknown to the region. 404 more words


Boules, Baguettes & Bings!

Our family’s favorite homemade breads all come from the same basic recipe! But you may ask, “What’s a bing?” The short answer is it’s the Chinese colloquial term for flat bread, 饼子. 749 more words


Empty pockets don’t have to mean an empty stomach

You know the feeling. It’s the end of the month, your pockets are empty, and so is the larder. Or so it seems.

But if you’ve been smart and set up a stock of kitchen cupboard basics when you moved in, you can and will eat well and healthily without having to break into the rent money. 626 more words


Flat Bread Roti Style (Gluten-Free)

Hello guys,

Few weeks ago, I have been offered 3 packs of different gluten free flours in my local gluten free store. In exchange, I had to make at least 3 recipes with it and send it to the managers, in order for them to share the recipes on their facebook page. 425 more words


Piadina, the Italian flatbread

Emilia Romagna is the creator of this flatbread, based on flour, salt, water and lard or olive oil. You can of course make them yourself, but the variety in the supermarket is so large that it’s easier to store in the fridge for the right occasion. 114 more words


3 New Menus You Need to Try

If you’re a good Houstonian, you’ve been pigging out on Houston Restaurant Weeks deals all month. It might be time to try something new or at least start planning for future, post Labor Day meals. 575 more words

It's Fare

Crispy flat breads

Based loosely on a Viking crisp bread recipe that was sent to me. These are really quick and easy to make and taste great. They don’t have any yeast or sough dough, so no need to leave this one to prove for hours before cooking, just mix up the ingredients, cook & enjoy! 113 more words

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