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Develop a standard rate schedule

If you are running a law firm, potential clients are going to ask what it will cost to obtain the services of your law firm.  Before those calls come, you want to have a standard rate schedule put together that you use for all clients.   547 more words

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Don't Sweat It! How A Hoodie Company Uses Proper Planning To Drive Success

“There is really no comparison between American Giant’s hoodie and the competition,” wrote Farhad Manjoo wrote in Slate about American Giant, a San Francisco-based apparel startup that had perfected the hooded sweatshirt. 562 more words

Dua Jalan Pengarang Mendapat Uang dari Bukunya

Sebagai pengarang Anda tentunya menyimpan impian untuk bisa menerbitkan buku. Motif yang muncul di benak Anda bisa bermacam-macam, misalnya saja bermula dari keinginan untuk sekadar berbagi, berbangga, dan dorongan untuk eksis guna menggapai aktualisasi diri. 37 more words


Time Records Are Not Just for Hourly Billing

Many attorneys, especially those in small offices, limit their timekeeping efforts to cases billed on an hourly basis. This can be a big mistake! Here’s why. 380 more words

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LEGAL and MEDICARE: January 2015, Medicare will pay qualifying physicians and others, a chronic care management (CCM) flat (per patient) monthly fee .

Medicare to pay for chronic care management:

Forbidden fruit or just what the doctor ordered?

 AUGUST 27, 2014 – Commencing in January 2015, Medicare will pay qualifying physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives a chronic care management (CCM) flat (per patient) monthly fee to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions. 1,335 more words


Applicants CAN Afford Quality Legal Representation - Alternative Fee Arrangements Promote Access to Justice

David and Goliath: Unrepresented Applicants versus Represented Respondents

Monetary Awards are Relatively Small

The vast majority of applications before the Tribunal do not result in significant monetary settlements or awards. 806 more words

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Is Your Lawyer Just Running Up a Fee?

Lawyers and their fees, the bane of the client’s existence.

Lawyers bill in several ways, most commonly with retainers and hourly billing.  A retainer is unearned money that is placed in the lawyer’s Trust Account.   300 more words