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Die Wohnungssuche - Flat hunting in Germany

I had been forewarned by previous language assistants working in Germany that finding a flat would be difficult.  But being overly optimistic I thought to myself, “hey, it can’t be that hard… can it?” But oh was I wrong… 749 more words

Catalans a casa: How Barcelona's residents feel about their homes

When you are flat-hunting in Barcelona, you will often find yourself in competition with locals, and many international residents report frequently losing out on flats they wanted because Catalans were able to build a better rapport. 582 more words


A Temporary Change of Scenery

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.

I’ve gotten so out of the habit of writing regularly that there’s been loads of things happening that I haven’t written about.  687 more words


5 ways to prepare for life in Barcelona

It can be difficult to know how to prepare to live in a country you have never lived in, and maybe never even visited before. If you have some months before you move, and want to channel your excitement into something practical, you can’t go wrong with these suggestions. 646 more words


Barcelona Buyer: Getting a property valuation

If you are investing in real estate in Spain, the moment of truth in the purchase process is the valuation, or tasación. This comes after the point that you have made an offer on the property, but also after the point where you pay 10% of the value as a deposit, known as… 554 more words

You want to live here: El Raval

New international residents will hear an unendless stream of advice on living in the Raval. Unfortunately, it will almost always be not to live there. Accepting this advice at face value can mean that you miss out on a neighbourhood with a lot to offer. 727 more words


How to choose your Barcelona neighboorhood

To answer the question of what you want from your  neighboorhood in Barcelona, you will first have to decide what you want from life. If you like being in the thick of things and enjoy being around people who are on holiday, look for something in the Born or Barri Gotic. 361 more words