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Before the race

I and Romario were very poor. We really needed a third tenant. To make matters worse, Romario didn’t cancel his standing order and paid rent to the previous landlord as well. 336 more words


Flat hunting is a bitch

Flat hunting is not something I’ve had to do in many years, and thank fuck for that because it is entirely, 100% shit. Turning up at a house I don’t know, to be interviewed in front of a room full of, let’s face it smug arseholes (not because they are… 574 more words


Surprise buttsex

Today’s been a very angry day. In fact I can’t even recall the last time I was this angry. Dealing with the real estate agency has been horrible. 1,295 more words


I move again

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks – ebola, bubonic plague mixed with the common flu – no biggie. It’s the sickest I’ve been in at least 5 years. 1,182 more words


Sunday Coffee: London updates

After a two week absence, your London Bound Kiwi has returned! Please don’t judge me for my disappearing act; I am not one to schedule posts in advance and life has been busy. 1,145 more words

Living In London

Success at last!

There are ten other people waiting in the entrance hall when I get there. We hardly fit in the lift and I nearly leave right then and there. 501 more words


Flat Hunting

I’ve been at my job three months now and have finally saved up enough cash for a deposit for a flat (I work in editorial – I get paid peanuts in comparison to a lot of jobs – and I live in London where rent prices are phenomenally ridiculous). 718 more words