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Feminist art, flat hunting and a cosy night

Making this print of my favourite quote. I’m going to get it printed and framed when I have money.

The excitement of going to see a flat. 22 more words


I am officially between homes at the moment, though my son, my suitcase, and I are currently squatting at my mother’s.
The long story of my journey from my own rental to my mother’s spare room will be covered in my January Podcast. 222 more words


Victoria Park, 25th November

AdAm refused to put on deodorant this morning because it’s a Saturday, so I had to launch a surprise attack with my perfume, using the skills I acquired when I had to put flea spray on Sydney. 90 more words

November 24, 2017-Studio or one bedroom flat?

Dear November,

it seems that I have found a new place: there is a studio I have flirted with, but now I also like a small one bed. 77 more words

Personal Development

The London Boroughs of Hackney and Islington, 18th November

The day got off to a bad start at breakfast when I asked if anyone wanted a cup of tea and dad asked for a coffee. 78 more words

Mile End, 2nd November

Went to see a flat today.

It was only when the estate agent said we had to take our shoes off that I realised to my horror I was wearing the slytherin socks mieke got me for Christmas.


How to find rented accommodation in England and the UK

Finding rented accommodation anywhere can be tricky, and especially so when you are new to a place. England and the UK are no different.

Yet when you have some insight into the housing terrain in England, and you know where to look, it need not be any more difficult to find housing there than anywhere else. 1,002 more words

International Students