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Return to Hong Kong

So I’m back in Hong Kong. A new contract has been signed and the new CNETs have arrived; it’s been a busy few weeks. This year I’m a Senior CNET (SCENT) so as well as working at a school I’ll also have additional responsibilities. 786 more words

Hong Kong

Apartment Searching Checklist

Searching for an apartment is a difficult task. There seems to be a hundred posts for apartments for rent and two hundred reasons why every single one of them is wrong for you. 880 more words


Expat Life: Trying out Haftarent – Malaysia's Hassle-Free and Long Term AirBnB

** This is a review of the service. For my article about Haftarent on Forbes, click here.

Being married to a diplomat, I’ve been thrusted into a life that entails periodic moves for the next couple of decades. 685 more words


A Brief List: Why Living Abroad Makes You Realise…Americans Are Cray

Just want to take a moment and talk about a few of the differences you see when you live abroad.

  1. Guns. It seems like every person we meet here immediately wants to know, “what’s the deal with you guys and guns?” I’ve tried to answer this question as diplomatically* as possible. 
  2. 1,532 more words

2:8 (1976) When the second flat failed inspection I was on the floor, hurting.

I can’t remember where the first flat I found was but it failed the Navy’s test and I was devastated; I’d already written to Carol and told her I’d found that place so now I had to write again to give her the bad news. 557 more words


Where did the day go?

Today went so fast, probably because I didn’t get up until 1pm. I have spent most of the day, and many other days before this, pondering over which flat to choose for next year. 254 more words

Before the race

I and Romario were very poor. We really needed a third tenant. To make matters worse, Romario didn’t cancel his standing order and paid rent to the previous landlord as well. 336 more words