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The best laid plans...

At risk of boring you all to death, here are my plans for combining work and flat hunting this week, at least until we (hopefully!) get offered one of the places we’ve already looked at. 294 more words



Day 4: Picobello

Possibly my new favourite word. If something is Picobello, it is top knotch, it is spotless, it is spic and span and it is flawless. 138 more words


I am a bad blogger...

As I mentioned on Friday, we went to look at a flat in Basel on Saturday. The appointment was late afternoon, so we decided to stay the night in Lörrach (on the German side of the border, where hotels are cheaper) and take some time on Sunday to drive around all the areas of Basel where we have inquired about flats. 286 more words


Living in a flat? It's a LOVE/HATE thing..

Getting onto the real estate ladder.

A phrase that EVERYONE dreads, including me. I never would have thought that I would have moved out of my mother’s home the second I stopped being a teenager but by that point Lily was nearly two and we were all sick of the sight of each other. 589 more words


Friday letters

Hello! I’m off work today (using up some holiday from last year that needs to be taken before the end of March) and we’re hopefully going to look at a flat or two in Basel this weekend. 397 more words


Flat Hunting

After our first night in Barcelona, I woke up feeling slightly hungover, but confident in the fact that today I would find a new flat to live in. 1,304 more words


"Voilà mon passeport"

Foux de Fafa by Flight Of The Conchords

First off the mark at border control on arrival, first to cross the line at check-in on departure, this lyric bookended my recent trip to Paris nicely and leads inevitably to the très catchy “ba ba ba-ba bow!”. 446 more words

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