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total black It is a trend that will never leave the fashion as long as they pass

το total black  Είναι μια τάση που δεν θα φύγει ποτέ από το προσκήνιο όσα χρόνια και αν περάσουν



White Flat Shoes - For Women Of All Ages

There are a few fashion trends that look equally good on women several. One such tendency that I am taking under discussion this is that of white flat shoes. 524 more words

Comfortable and Stylish in Flat Shoes

Casual Beach Style

If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a vacation in the sunshine, you want to wear shoes which will make you are feeling comfortable for those long walks along the beach. 401 more words

Types of Flats for a Style That's Anything but Flat

While heels are an inevitable part of women’s wardrobe, their shoe collection won’t be complete without a pair of flats. Whether you are a “sworn” high heels fan or not, having a few pairs of flats in different styles is a must as they can be worn with different outfits regardless the occasion (whether it is for a party, work, or a brunch with friends or family). 366 more words


Our favourite Autumn/Winter flats...

Check out these leopard print flats on The Iconic: https://www.theiconic.com.au/iconic-exclusive-natalya-leather-flats-388932.html 

Fashionable and fun, these flats work with jeans, skirts and dresses and are a great option for workwear too!

Get To The Glow

En Brogue In Full: white jeans

There is someone in my family that has always rocked white jeans: my Dad. Even now, in his mid-Seventies, he looks great in a pair of chalky Levi’s 501s. 817 more words

Flat Shoes

The not so glamourous side of being a shoe addict

So it’s not all high heels (or flats) and glitz when you are a 100% shoe addict. The lust for a shoe will overtake even the most grounded individual and make you buy shoes that are just a bit too small. 485 more words