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My Abs Workout: Reaching a Flat Stomach!

Summer is coming and I feel like everybody wants to have their “beach body” ready in time. I heard from some of my friends that their girlfriends are starting to stress since summer is only one month away and that their bodies aren’t ready for the beach. 659 more words

Fitness Journey

#5. Bring sexy back - cut the night feeding!

Hi guys, good to be back here today. Work got the better part of me yesterday, so I was too tired to write. It also happened to have been my birthday, so thanks for all the birthday wishes and messages. 956 more words

Flat Tummy Water

With bathing suit season approaching, we are starting to pull out all the stops with our workouts and eating plans. We are huge skeptics when it comes to cleanses, diets, detoxes, and anything ‘diet trendy’ at… 256 more words

Top 6 Belly Flattening Tips

Don’t you wish you had a magic wand to flatten your flabby tummy? But here’s a little reality check- you either have to sacrifice your tendency of eating to excess (In short, you need to stop being a Glutton!)or bust your gut at the gym in order to get that chiseled torso. 821 more words

Belly Flattening Tips

Infused Water Kick-Off (and Blow Out)

Que the exciting and overly-informative first blog post shinanigans!

I’m April, and I like trying new things. I’m always trying to make my hair grow longer, lose weight, eat something funky that’s supposed to keep me cancer-free, even organize my space (although that’s pretty irregular). 701 more words

Ab Crunch Plus

Ab Crunch Plus Sequence

You do need to work your abs at least 5 times per week in order to get good – no make that great – results. 457 more words

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Run for your life

Literally.. So I have to step up my game. It’s time to stop being lazy and I’m going to do something for myself. And the answer to that is exercise. 112 more words