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From a fifteen year relationship to a one bedroom flat.

Well, from a fifteen year relationship living as a family man to now living alone in a one bedroom flat. This is the life i’ve chosen not because i didn’t love my partner but because we became best friends and we both deserved more from life. 296 more words



Daily Word Prompt – Orderly

Ron was about as orderly as they come, slightly over the top some might say. He put it down to his time in the forces, whatever it was he liked everything to be spick and span. 595 more words

Sunday 29th May 2016 - Naas

  • 2:35 pm Anamba £6.00 Win @ 4.00
  • 3:10 pm Hakeem £2.50 Each Way @ 6.00
  • 4:15 pm Washington DC £9.00 Win @ 2.50
  • 4:45 pm The Mouse Doctor £2.50 Each Way @ 8.00…
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A Single’s Guide To BTOs & Grant Eligibility

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You have to be 35 years old and above, with a monthly income of $6,000 or lesser, and must be a first-timer applicant, meaning that you must NOT: 204 more words

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Guide To HDB 2-Room Short-Lease Flexi Flat For Retirees

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Last year, the Government announced the introduction of the “2-room Flexi” scheme to replace the then-existing housing schemes meant for studio apartments and 2-room flats. 930 more words

Money Matters

How to start Earning money in 14 days flat

Project Breakthrough is the industry’s first true step-by-step, most comprehensive video guided program specifically designed to help you. Earn a commission online (real money) – even if you have never made a dime online before. 15 more words

my home sweet home

Here in London, I live in UCL student accommodation. And thank the Lord for that, because in central London, housing is EXPENSIVE. I don’t think I’ll ever be in the position to be able to live this centrally in London again, so I’m taking advantage of it! 443 more words

When In London