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Rice Flour Carrot Paratha

It’s been a few years now since I last visited India, but not a day goes by without fleeting images of cheeky children, vibrant colours, pungent smells, abject poverty and crazy traffic passing through my thoughts. 514 more words


Radish Parantha/ Stuffed flatbread

Happiness is… You must have come across this series of web-comics which enumerates the little things in life that bring happiness. My today’s addition to it would be- … 691 more words

Daily Meal

Mushrooms Are Delicious on Almost Anything

I love mushrooms. Any kind, any form, on almost anything. Sometimes I just crave their earthy, meaty flavor, soaked slowly in butter to give it that extra richness. 139 more words

Cooking Adventures

Scaccia Ragusana

Scaccia is a flatbread that has been stuffed and folded over onto itself a few times to create an alluring layered effect in the finished loaf. 314 more words


Vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater? No problem!

You probably have some friends who are vegetarian or vegan and you probably have situations, when you all come together to hang out for example, where it is hard to find a place to eat. 154 more words

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