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Full of life flatbread: The best pizza place in Los Alamos(my 2nd time)

I believe that people come to Los Alamos to eat pizza from this place since it was the best thing in town. I was glad that we came here early. 39 more words



The phrase “dead end street” doesn’t usually have a positive connotation. Literally, it means only one way in and out. Figuratively, it suggests a failed project. 919 more words

Craft Beer


Recently I’ve traveled to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. While I was in this beautiful city I got the chance to try lángos, which is a very common street food in Hungary. 235 more words


Pork Gyros with Homemade Flatbread + Tatziki

Alright you guys, once again, I meant to take more pictures. Of the pork. Of the flatbread. Of the sliced tomatoes. But you know what? This just isn’t that type of blog. 816 more words


Spiced Cod Flatbreads


Spiced cod flatbreads with preserved lemon and avocado salsa, pul biber onions and harissa lime yoghurt

A vibrant dish of aromatic spiced cod with fragrant yoghurt and zesty salsa all wrapped up in a crisp, garlicky flatbread. 506 more words


Veggie Burgers (and veggie nuggets)

These are great made with fresh vegetables and even better if you grow your own.  However, you can also make with frozen veg for a cheap and easy meal that’s full of flavour. 445 more words


Fancy a dip? 

It’s not alchemy, but trying to turn base ingredients into the elusive gold perfection of a taste memory with nothing to work on but hearsay and supposition and only a dishes’ name sees me often in the kitchen pacing about, reading, thinking, scribbling, chopping, emptying out spice drawers then walking away to do something on the new to do list that I’ve been given by Bee and returning later, like a cat pacing suspiciously around it’s prey. 642 more words