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Erasmus Fun and Games

So, I’m getting ready to go off on my next adventure. Italy and France, here I come! I’m off to Italy first for 5 months at a University in the very south of Italy, just a quick ferry ride from Croatia. 237 more words

Studying Abroad

Living with New People

Uh oh! Having to share a bathroom and kitchen with complete strangers does not sound ideal and trust me, it’s not. There are pros and cons to living with new people but it’s a great experience and you will learn a lot. 588 more words


The House Hunt

You’d think that there really would be an abundance of options for places to live in London, but when you are trying to filter that down to a cheap enough rent, in an area you want, where you have your own room, and a full week rent (not Mon-Fri), then your choices become … … 110 more words


Coming Up . . .

Hey all! I’m back from my jollies! I have had an absolutely amazing time away in Colombia, but now I’m back and raring to go! Erasmus life is calling, and I can’t wait to get there, settled in and learning. 407 more words

Studying Abroad

Rules of living with a smoker

Roommates come with habits, both good and bad. As a roommate you will have to accept both. While the good ones are welcoming, the bad ones will have to be tolerated. 300 more words


Salient rules you wish your roommate knew

Roommates can be harmonious as well as disharmonious creatures in your life at the same time. They simultaneously possess the power to bring a smile or frown on your face depending on where they place the banana milk shake glass. 253 more words


Oooohhhh s***. [Journal 7-31-17]

Delta Rae – Scared.

I talked to Ex-Landlord the other day, after nearly all our business was settled. In his words, the old roomies complaints were “childish” and “stupid.” It’s so nice to find some sanity in the world. 582 more words