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Not just furniture, but a concept...

We ordered a table. We have never “ORDERED” furniture – food yes, furniture no. We’re more the:  bring it home yourself and have a mini hissy fit when you can’t find the screwdriver kind of people. 684 more words


Lick of Paint

It’s that time of year again (read decade) when I foolishly decide to embark on a bit of decorating. This time, my bedroom was the lucky culprit. 1,451 more words

I made the bed!

Yeah, ok, that doesn’t sound too impressive. Except it should because I mean it literally and although it was just a flat-pack it was quite a complicated one with hundreds of parts. 781 more words


#BrumBurger at the Rum Runner Yard, Birmingham

via Juliet for Regency Wharf

Outdoor Cinema with Flatpack and OPM at the Rum Runner Yard

Regency Wharf host 3 days of outdoor cinema with Flatpack’s “Birmingham on Film” season and Original Patty Men at the Rum Runner Yard. 995 more words


Flatpacked Nightmares

Picture the scene before you – you know it well – the standard one, trotted out for decades now by the self-satisfied, oh-so-earnest mega-charities: sub-Saharan Africa, swollen-bellied children so far-gone into their destitution they barely swat at the buzzing flies. 911 more words

Short(er) Stories

The world’s first flat-pack truck can be assembled like Ikea furniture in under a day

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The Ox, a truck from the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT), is as easy to build as an Ikea bookshelf.

The world’s first flat-pack vehicle, the Ox can be shipped anywhere — and much like flat-pack furniture, its parts require less space for shipping.  307 more words


Still Walking, Darryl Georgiou and Birmingham on Film and TV

The Still Walking festival, now in its fifth year, has made its return to Birmingham this week, and will run until the 26th. This post will talk about the writing I’ve done for the festival, and eventually spotlight on one of the co-directors… 1,094 more words